Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Napa and Cline Family Cellars

 Monday we walked around Napa. I spoke about it in the other post but forgot a few photos

This one cracked me up - apparently there is a new day of the week I had never heard of before

This was in downtown Napa
Lots of beautiful rose trees in front of the tasting room - but this multi colored one really caught my eye

Monet's garden? No - Cline family Cellars. I really love this place. First of all, it is comparatively reasonable. Looking for wineries most of them are charging $50 - $100 PER PERSON - and to get that money back you have to buy 2 - 3 bottles of their wine.....

Here it is $25 and you just need to buy 2 bottles of their wine to offset the price. It was actually difficult to only choose 2 bottles - but we have too many bottles at home right now! The day was beautiful - but for some reason 2:30 PM feels more like 4:30 or 5 PM! I guess with the earlier sunset the sun is lower in the sky at 2:30 than I am use to....we sat on their beautiful veranda and just enjoyed the weather and the views - they very good wines - and a lovely charcuterie tray! I really didnt want to leave!

The public course tom played on. Turned out to be one of the two times/year that they have an unannounced $1 day! $1 to play 18 holes - how much better could that be???? Of course, when he left for his tee time it was all of 36 degrees out....brrr....said they had a delay in the start because of the frost....but you can see above how the rest of the day turned out!

A (partial) Week in Napa

 So because of the pandemic we had some points we had to put into RCI if we didnt want to lose them. Well, tada, they expire at the end of this year (yes, we had forgotten about them....) plus DVC is not partnering with RCI after this year.

So we started looking around for some where to go with the limited number of points we had - and we didnt want to have to do plane travel at the end of the year.....finally found a studio in Napa that met out schedule and travel so we booked it... arrived on Sunday and we are leaving Friday.

Mentioned to our daughter we were driving by and we had something to drop off for our grandson - so she invited us to dinner. And a very good dinner it was! Pork chops (which husband loves) with apple slices, stove top stuffing, green beans with a very good lemon and pine nut sauce, and an apple spice cake for dessert! And I have a lovely small glass of wine - Primitivo by Garre Winery (Our Story - Garre Vineyard & Winery ( Needless to say we arrived in Napa way after dark.

And this place is HUGE and confusing and it is dark out.....LOL. Got checked in - and ducked out of their sales talk that of course they want to give (this is a Wyndham resort - Meritage - and we had a frustrating and irritating sales talk with Wyndham in another state - so no thank you!).

The 'front door' complete with doorbell!

The actual door into our room

The studio room is lovely - there are some irritating things, because nothing can be perfect - but the room is nice considering it is a studio. (I will hold off posting this so I can add photos). The first irritation is that online they do not list/show that the studios have a washer and dryer but they do! The very very small irritation is that although they supply 2 packets of soap - no dryer sheets! Which I would have brought if I had known....

Another irritation is that the evenings/nights/mornings are COLD! But to warm up the room you turn on the heater right? Well it is SO LOUD - it is like standing next to an airplane warming up its engines! so you literally cannot hear TV or each other when it is on!

My other irritation is on me - when we packed on Sunday I checked temperatures for the week. And so I packed for temperatures in the low 60's. I should have known better - come on - how long have I lived in California?! Today is supposed to be 69 degrees, and tomorrow 71....

So it is just a kick back week. Nothing really planned. Husband is playing golf this morning (it was 36 degrees when he left!).

Yesterday we walked around Napa. Some beautiful buildings and houses, some interesting factoids. But lah-de-dah stores which are just not our thing. I picked up a few (a very few) tchatckes for presents....

Had lunch at Gotts Roadside at the Oxbow Market (Menu | Gott's Roadside ( and eh....

Nice to know they cook the food when you order it - took over 15  minutes to get it. I had the home made lemonade - very ehh, It wasnt too sweet or too sour - it was jsut kind of tasteless. The hamburgers were great! The order of french fries were cold - and cold french fries are nasty (can I jsut say we did not finish them?). And the "large" chocolate milkshake was smaller than my regular sized lemonade! He said it was ok - I tasted it (even though I dont like chocolate) and thought it was gritty tasting.

So of course we werent hungry for dinner. So we walked across the street to the "grocery" store (think resort + Napa = pricey). We bought a sandwich and a salad to split and they both were very very good!

No wine tasting yet - we do have a reservation today. Yesterday we were in Napa too early in the day - wine tasting did not appeal to us at that time and many we were not open (tasting rooms downtown I mean). A bottle of red wine came with the room - we havent cracked it yet  - decided the white wine we brought with us went with turkey sandwiches better!

Tomorrow we are going to drive over to Sonoma -  we havent been up here in maybe 4 years? So we are going to wander around and check out the State Park things again - and there is an Italian Restaurant there that we enjoyed the last time we were there - so we hope to visit them again! No other plans - wherever our fancy takes us tomorrow!

Wouldnt you think - when they charge $499 for a studio - that they would have a duvet that would fit? because there are no blankets on the bed - just the sheet and duvat. And this is more of a queen sized duvet for a king sized bed. We were cold! Of course the next morning we realized they had tucked the duvet in the bottom of the bed which is why we couldnt even cover our shoulders with it.....

Complimentary bottle of wine from the winery on site (???) Actually not bad.....

Deep deep tub. Considering the ages of most of the customers I have seen here - this is not safe. And there are no safety handles...
The only ice skating rink in the Napa Valley
The view out our winder - well, if you look to the left. All we see in front of our balcony are cars and then a street and another building. But this is a pretty view
I dont remember ever seeing poppies in November!

This tiny little sliver of a soap cracks me up. There are 3 of them ....each of them this tiny little size - a true sliver, they are so thin! Use them once and the break up because they are so thin!

Husband has a tee time for Thursday too - but he is talking about cancelling it - I dont know - we will see.... (edit: he cancelled it - said he enjoyed the public course more than the private one with too many rules)

Last week we had the cutest visitors in our front yard - a small doe and a small buck. I dont know - they looked so young I am hoping they are brother and sister! They wandered around our front yard - headed across the driveway and headed away. Bucky stopped to nibble on our little tree but he was not impressed - and when I looked at the tree the next morning he must have literally just tasted it and did not like it - I didnt see any nibbled leaves!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Critter Country

 Where to start....oh yeah, the radishes. I planted radishes this year. And they were coming up GREAT. Starting to see the little globe of radish under the dirt....the green leaves taller and larger. And one day I went out - and there was a whole row of them gone. Just GONE! No leaves - no radishes, nothing!

But there was still another row of radishes. Until the next day. And that day, 1/2 the row was gone. And the following day there was not a radish to be found! No leaves anywhere. No partially eaten radishes. They just disappeared!

So we planted a zucchini - 2 tomatoes - the bell pepper that we forgot to pull last year was loaded with little peppers. Carrots were coming up from seeds we planted last year! And we planted 2 cucumbers. All within our netting enclosed veggie garden.

Then one day husband went out to water and found 2 little bell peppers outside of the enclosed garden, on the ground. Strange. And the day after those 2 were gone.

And the next week I went out and saw something zipping past me at the end of the garden with a little red bell pepper in it's mouth! A squirrel! A smallish squirrel. A squirrel I had never seen before. I chased him (her?) but he was long gone but he had dropped the bell pepper.....but apparently came back later that day to get it.

Then we noticed something was nibbling on the leaves of the cucumber plants. And then we noticed something ate ALL the leaves on the cucumber plants and just left little nubs of stems...

So we went back to Home Depot to get cucumber plants. They didnt have any. Then we went to the nursery and paid (well, husband did) >$3 for one cucumber plant. He planted it. We put some old fashioned type bird cage over it thinking maybe it would make the squirrel think twice. We fixed up the netting (we thought). Went back out several hours later and the new plant was GONE! MIA. GONE. Nothing there inside the birdcage. And the nubs of the other plant? Even more nubby!

BTW we have been eating the carrots and they are quite good - although some are quite large! And I wonder why the little shit doesnt eat the carrots? Or at least the carrot tops?

Meanwhile I have been finding Ralph nibbling on the zucchini leaves!!! He must be taking lessons from the squirrel!!

Yesterday I sprinkled chili pepper flakes all around the basil, the zucchini, and the tomatoes (so far we have flowers and 2 tiny tomatoes) and today we are going to look for something that has been recommended to us - Critter Rid.

Now, while hubby was fixing the netting I decided I should water one of the new plants in the upper level that I had planted in a pot. I opened the gate, glanced down and there was something on the ground. Mind you, my hands were full and I just glanced. First thought - oh no, a dead bird! WRONG!

It was the head of an opposum! The snout intact, with all the teeth, the eyes, and pretty much nothing else. Reminescent of the horse's head scene in The Godfather (we have been watching the series The Offer - very good series!) minus all the blood! There was no body - no entails - no blood - nothing. It was not old (I had planted that plant less than a week prior). The only thing we can figure is something killed it (mountain lion bobcat? coyote?) somewhere else and something brought the head into the yard. A cat? Or a bird?

Husband thinks it was the squirrel sending us a warning.....

Then husband wakes me up - well, makes me get out of bed - yelling about some noise he is hearing "in the walls". I get up, and sure enough - you can hear this clanging metal noise in the area of the wall between the hall and living room and the kitchen. It was sporadic. And really didnt seem to be traveling much. And it was just clanging noises, not really movement noises. And it stopped.

Didnt hear anything the rest of the day, or the night or the next day.

But that following day, in the afternoon, we heard the same type of sound but from a different area - the living room wall - the outside of the house - where the pellet stove is. So I go outside to investigate. I see nothing. I really thought it was the squirrel!

Get around to the side of the house and something made me look up - and there sitting on the stovepipe coming out of the chimney from the pellet stove - 2 big old crows! (Or ravens - I didnt take time to figure it out - we have both). One was trying to crack a nut open on the top of the stove pipe! One flew away as soon as I yelled at it - the one with the nut took a bit to fly away but of course he made sure he had his nut when he flew away!

So thinking it over, the area of the house were we originally heard the noise, there is the fan exhaust hood right up where we were hearing the noise! Bet it was the same Heckle and Jeckyl there too!

We put a motion detection light on the corner of the shed. Dont know that will deter anything - but at least in the evening I know when Ralph does go back there to go to the bathroom before bedtime!

Now we wait and see what other critters we will see - the plum tree across the street is full of fruit - when they ripen I will not be surprised to see the deer coming back to strip it!

Havent seen Mr or Mrs Waddles in awhile. Not sure the dead oppossum was the one we have seen before or if it was from somewhere farther away. Hoping it was not a mama oppossum otherwise whatever killed her got some nice hors' de oevres with their meal. Only down to 1 occasional cat I am worried that there is some cat action in the area that is taking care of the wildlife. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More Catching Up

 I think I need to change the title of my blog to Catching Up With My Life!

A lot of catching up to do so this is going to be totally out of order unless I do some rearranging.

Just finished another MKAL - another gnome. Love Imagined Landscapes MKAL. She makes it so much fun and so easy. And Wednesday I start Summer Camp with The Loopy Ewe and with Colorado Cross Stitch!

And we went camping for a very very relaxing 3.5 days!

Can anyone guess where this church is?
And where I might have taken the photo above?

Of course we went to Cover's Apple Ranch! Twice in fact! We went Tuesday and got our favorite cookies - and a Dutch Apple Pie - thye were out of their Mile High Pies. And I have to tell you, apple pie is no where near the top of my favorite pie list but theirs are SO GOOD! When we went back for lunch Wednesday they did have a Mile High Apple pie but we restrained ourselves from buying another pie - but we did get more cookies! Oh the reason I posted this is I was shocked to see Apple Beer at this place - I always thought this was run by a religious family.....They also had Apple Soda you could get with your meal but I chickened out!
Black Oak Casino RV Park. You can see our baby right there...wish I knew how to add an arrow of something! Beautiful park - and perfect timing. The weather was GORGEOUS! And we left Thursday so we left before the place became packed - we overheard them say that they were fully booked for the weekend. So not being there we missed a free BBQ but that is ok. We enjoyed ourselves! $5 casino voucher per person every day you and there.....and the nest pool I have been in for a long long time! IT was so nice and warm I could get right in without taking many many minutes to ease myself into the water!
For some reason it will not let me delete this duplicate photo

These last 2 photos are 2 of my favorite items from the Garage Sales we went to this weekend. Other than these 2 items, I also got a book, and we got a pack of disposible grill trays that will go into the trailer (as will the quilt)!

And look, now it duplicated all the photos again and it is not letting me delete them. Sorry folks!

Stopped at Anderson's Pea Soup for lunch on the way home. I use to hate that place when I was a kid. Now I love it! And then over the Pacheco Pass......I burnt up the heavenly prayer lines on the trip home - not unusual on this Pass - because of the winds and one really big gust that scared me to pieces! I hate that pass.....One more trip this summer to go over it.....sigh....

Monday, April 25, 2022

A Big Thank You

 My internet friend is home from the hospital and doing much better.

She still doesnt have all the answers she wants but....

Late last night our friend who was #2 of the transplant list received his new heart.

According to his son the MD said the surgery was "phenomenal" and John is doing very well.

Unfortunately the son cannot go up and visit because he has come down with an awful cold. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Oh My, The Plate is Full

 Full enough to put things into perspective and make me count my blessings.

Youngest grandson left today on his first solo plane ride to Southern CA, for a weekend of waterpolo camp. I am just the grand mother - I can only imagine how my daughter is feeling! Luckily he is with team mates and not completely alone.

Our friends is in Stanford still. Wednesday they places an intra aortic cardiac balloon pump. And he is on the heart transplant list - supposedly #2 so that shows how dire his need is. And I guess 70 isnt that old anymore if they are willing to do a transplant. But other then this heart failure, he really doesnt have any health issues.

And today I found out a "friend" on a Knitting list who hadnt been feeling well earlier in the week was taken by ambulance to a hospital (and she lives in the back of nowhere so wonder how long that ride was) because of breathing issues - and she was found to be in heart failure. What are the odds of something like this happening? From what I know, this is new onset. For our other friend it has been years.

And now we are shuffling around trying to figure out dog care. Small potatoes in the bug picture of thngs. But we are supposed to fly down next weekend for a waterpolo tournament with grandson and his mom. And our very dependable dog sitter is the younger son of our friend - who is divorced, and has 2 sons who are dependant upon him in different ways. So with not knowing what is going on, we are trying to figure out contingency plans. Worst comes to worst I would stay home. The plane tickets are not refundable but we could eventually use the credit for the one....

We had hoped our other daughter could take the dog - we could drop him off and pick him up - but her new lease says she cannot have any more pets at all at the house....

Oh well, this will work out. And I guess he will be going camping with us this summer! We had already planned on taking him on the short May camping trip as an intro back into camping.....but we have a 2 week trip to Hawaii coming up in September.....everything booked. Everything paid for..... But you know what, things will work on in whatever way they will work. 

\So prayers please for our friends who are hospitalized.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Happy Easter!

 We had a very very happy Easter!

Even with the gas prices, the girls drove down, and we had a lovely Easter meal with them and all 5 grandkids!

And you know what? I did not think to take a single photo!

The food was delicious - we made enough peirogies - and the tri tip was tender - the sausage was good. Not much of the asparagus was eaten and now we have LOADS of asparagus left over....

The chocolate bundt cake and the carrot cake were good! And DD #1 brought a lemon merangue pie.

Hubby made a donut run that morning and sent them home with donuts.

Grandson #2 was prompted to share with us that his name is going to be on a plaque at the HS because his GPA is 3.5!!!!!!!!! This is the one who has spent more summers in summer school than I want to count!

Grandson #3 drove all the way down here! The longest drive he has done - and he was tired out! Mom drove home!! LOL

Even the dog got exercise - Grandson #4 ran him all around the backyard and then Grandsons #1 and #2 took him for a walk! Which was a good thing since he did not get to go for one the day before because of our cooking and the storm!

Grand daughter has asked me to knit a hat for her (stuffed) frog.....which I just printed out a pattern for...

Napa and Cline Family Cellars

 Monday we walked around Napa. I spoke about it in the other post but forgot a few photos This one cracked me up - apparently there is a new...