Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a beautiful weekend!

If battery hadnt died on my good camera, and I didnt have to resort to my 'tourist' camera, you would see how beautiful this Perrigrine Falcon really was...
The newest member of the family, Gordy. Just couldnt resist his face so of course he had to come home with us!

I love rocks and the colors they are as much as the ocean...

The waves were unbelievable this can see why my battery died!
All these wave photos were taken at Point Lobos State Park. The sad thing was that my battery died before I could get back to the car to get my 'tourist' camera, so no photos of the patch of wild iris, or the doe who was not intimidated or scared of us at all....

This was Carmel Beach....we played tourist and walked around Carmel for the first time in a long time.

More Carmel Beach....the colors and scene remind me of oil paintings I have seen....
Still Carmel Beach

From Carmel Beach looking at Pebble Beach

I am such a rule follower....the rules are no cameras, no cell phones, no back packs at the AT& I didnt (and I was one of the few who didnt) do here are some of my photos of the AT&T Pebble Beach course taken from Carmel Beach
Am going to post some of the over 400+ photos I took...gotta love digital, you just keep clicking and then later you weed thru them! But it was a lovely weekend - the two of us away from home - the weather was fantastic - felt like I ate way way way too much but when I really thought about it, it wasnt that bad at all! (Ate at a favorite restuarant - a lousy restuarant - and an over rated restuarant)....and came home with a new friend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a Busy Weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy President's Day!

And Happy Chinese New Year!
We are going away for the weekend - and I dont care if we can afford it or not! I need it - he needs it - we need it! And I can't wait!
Hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share when we come back!!!!