Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A week or so ago - seems much longer now - we took a mini-vacay....of course I wanted ocean but we couldn't decide. So we went to Jamestown cause the has a new behind the scene tour where you can see all the shops and train repair.
We stayed at a wonderful place in Jamestown - the rooms were lovely - the beds comfortable - we did not run into the resident ghost - also did not eat at the wonderful looking restaurant, we had to eat at casinos......the first night was at right out there on Chicken Ranch Road. What a dump. But I have to say, the food want too bad - I had "chicken fried chicken" made in a way that I have never seen before - but it was good and I ate every bite of it. And the second night was at This place has grown up quite a bit since we last saw it - it has a HUGE bowling alley in the basement! But of course, on Tuesday nights the GOOD restaurant is we ate at the other one that we have eaten at before. The food was ok but the service was AWFUL! I would not recommend it.
We had lunch at oh my! Years and years and years ago we camped near Sonoma and in our wanderings we found a place with Mile High Apple Pie - to die for! And I am not even an apple pie aficionado.....but then it closed.....sigh.....But the last time we were up in Jamestown we found this place - and it is a must! This time we had a lovely sandwich and a slice of pie (because we forgot to bring a cooler to bring a pie home) but then I had THE BEST EVER MOLASSES COOKIES!!!! I bought one for dessert - and then we ended up buying 6 of them... it was a sad day when we ate the last one...
 So on the way up there we went to this town....never been there before...lovely little town full of (pricey) little shops and lots of tasting rooms. We stopped at and tasted their lovely wines - hubs even tasted red wines! And we bought a port that was lovely (note to self: do not leave wine bottles sealed with wax in a hot car).... Had a great chat with the person pouring that day.....
 Another great shop does not appear to have a website which saddens me. Called Tea and 'Tiques - had a lovely assortment of teas!

There was also a very pricey yarn shop that somehow we parked in front of - and husband was very surprised that I did not buy anything while I was in there! Too overpriced for me!

 I just thought the man sized footprint along with the cat sized foot print was interesting.
 There are tools everywhere - including this huge wall of tools - some came with the different pieces of machinery - some were hand made by the blacksmiths because they were needed

Love this one - Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - yep - the railcar that took the big wigs up to see how the money was being spent - leather seats and all - but see the stretchers on the side? Also used to bring wounded back to medical treatment

Also spent time in Sonora going thru antique stores - got some Christmas shopping done. And there is the most lovely yarn shop there - 2d time I have been there and it as gotten better over time!
Love how they arrange their yarn by color families! They had a very nice sale section and I stocked up on some Christmas presents there too!!!

Unfortunately not much in Jamestown anymore. The Jamestown Hotel was recently bought by someone from Discovery Bay who is apparently discovering what a moneypit remodeling an old building is. Most of the more intriguing (i.e. the only ones!)stores were not open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - even in summer.

Oh here is a laugh - we went into the little grocery store/deli to buy a paper. And I was saddened by a sign - stating the Fixodent was behind the counter. Now the foothills is an interesting mix of retirees, druggies, and down and outers. And I thought it was so sad that the elderly could not even afford their Fixodent and had to steal it. Was telling hubby that I wish I could have pre-paid for a few boxes of it. Well, he started laughing at me. I am thinking of Fixodent the paste......but apparently not too long ago there was an expose on the use of Fixodent powder to cut drugs with!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandson #3!!!