Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wow - where has the time gone?!

February is almost over! And what a month it has been - days in the 70's, days in the 40's, snow surrounding us.....Whew, busy weather for a short little month!

Well, taking hubby to see Bruce Willis' newest godawful movie paid off. We went to Stitches West today - and I discovered that Sunday is THE day to go!

Not only is it less crowded - so that I truly could enjoy myself - but a lot of places had sales going on!

Wish I could figure out how to upload a photo and I would show you what I bought myself with some fun/yarn money that I recieved at my goodbye party.

Anyway, last year I went planning to buy the Namaste Boardwalk bag - a backpack bag. Until #1 I found I could get it somewhere cheaper - and then I found out it wasnt quite like I wanted....

Stopped by their booth today to look at that bag again, and while I was there I looked at another one. It was nice. I looked thru the whole show and came back. And found out they were giving a 15% discount today. But at first I thought they only had the orange one. And orange was nice, but just not my color. So the sales person showed me the different colors - and that they would ship it to me for free and still honor the 15% discount.....and then she pointed out a red one! AND I LOVED IT!!! So I bought it - at 15% less - and a free little belt bag.....anyway, look here and pretend that it is red and not eggplant (and I really thought I would go for the eggplant!):
(you can see a real photo on m y facebook page...)

I did see a beautiful bag that I fell in love with at And the new bag is not on their website yet - but they have some beautiful other stuff. Anyway, it was a large summery tote bag, that comes along with a large, maybe 8x10" needlepoint pocket all kitted up......LOVED IT! But I didnt love the price tag, even at the show was ONLY $195.00!!!!

Got some buttons I needed, and lots of little things for gifts! At one place I got kits - pattern and yarn, in a great reuseable plastic bag - for $5 each!! So I grabbed 4 of them - one to make for me, one to make for a gift, and 3 to give the entire kit as gifts!

I am really irritated with myself because I didnt take any photos! And there were several things that I fell in love with - most of them I didnt buy because of the price!

I ran into the mom of a coupld of babies I took care of at my previous job! That was so much fun (and that photo is on facebook too). She made me feel so good - especiallyabout a couple of things I did not even remember! Almost made me cry!

Well, if you enjoy those things - hope you enjoy watching the Oscars....I will be forced to watch it cause hubby loves it and I owe him that too....but maybe I will be playing games on the computer when I jsut cannot bear to watch anymore even while knitting!