Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phooey on Blogspot

Well, again I wanted to post a photo but cannot figure out how to do it with the changes here. I have clicked to connect with my phone so that I can download photos from my phone....and all it keeps saying is "downloading" but doesnt ever do anything. And there is no way to choose to download from my computer anymore...

I won an awesome prize package from the blog of a person I read from England.....and I wanted everyone to see how awesome she is!

Anyway she sent the handmade mug cozy that she promised....but then she added some adorable little scissors....a mini Christmas crochet book....some great buttons....a stitch marker....wonder if I forgot anything????

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend wrap up

Saturday on our way out to Market, later than usual, I went to put something in the garbage can - yup, that little bit of rain Friday night caused the lid to be frozen shut! And this is California folks - as my hub loves to say - all of California is NOT Baywatch!

Today we did some gardening - this was late morning - and I dumped some standing water out of a saucer under a pot - and dumped out a couple of chunks of ice! And hour later, when it was around noon time, that ice was still intact on the ground!

Our little winter garden is looking good. Dug up a couple of potatoes we didnt know about - one was already rooting. I think - well, I am pretty sure, I lost both my little jade plants but a lot of the other succulents have made it.  And tomorrow morning is supposed to be even colder than this morning was! Brrr....

Well, I was going to include some photos from my new sidebar - the completed items of 2013 but blogger has changed and I cannot figure out how to upload from my computer, so those will have to wait on other day.

Can we just hope for some semi-decent weather for this upcoming Saturday please????

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Just Cant Figure It Out

So many changes in the last few clocking in and out - just show up, do your work, and go home....kinda like an honor system. After so many years of being married to timeclocks, that is hard to get use to - wierd to walk out without doing anything to clock out!

And commuting. Whew. I cannot figure out rhyme or reason as to the traffic issues.

For instance:
Monday I expected it to be bad - so I left at 0722 - and it took me an hour to get to work.
Tuesday I left slightly later - at 0730 - and it took me 35 minutes to get to work!
Wednesday I had to leave at 0700 - and it took me 45 minutes.
Today I left at 0705, and it took me 40 minutes.

Coming home it usually takes about the same length of time no matter what time I leave for home...

But everyone told me - you will get the rhythm of traffic (for instance, Monday is worse than Friday but there have been Fridays that have been worse than MOndays!) but I dont think there is any rhyme or reason!

I just now that it takes longer for me to get from my house to the freeway than it does for me to get to work once I get onto the freeway and yet the distance is about the same.

That is because the little road I use to get to the freeway should be used only by locals but lots and lots of people from the Valley use it as a short cut to the freeway I use rather than the other freeway they should be using. And the trucks! They really need to be banned from this road - they are slow because of traffic and because it is a hilly road that is 1/2 one lane and 1/2 two lane.

Ok, enough whining for time I will be whining about types of cars and the personalities involved (no insult meant, but I really am starting to hate Lexus drivers!)