Sunday, November 25, 2012

Feeling Happy About the Little Things

I have finished 3 projects for gifts this year. And I only remembered to take a photo of one before I packaged them up...

Not that I could show them to you until after Christmas anyway.....but I can tell you about them....

1. I finished a %^#%$&#^$# for a friend - something I started a couple of years ago - something easy but not my usual cup of tea so I quickly got bored with it, put it away, and of course, forgot about it. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I hope she is too!

2. And then there is the ^%#&%#*^%# for my swap partner! Something that turned a little bit more challenging than I expected - did not come out quite as well as I had hoped but still, it is done, wrapped, and close to being ready to mail!

3. And then there is a kit I recieved for Christmas last year - a cute little $#&%@#$^@ for ^&$%^#&%$#......just finished it off tonight. Will wrap it up later this week....

See? The little things can make you happy!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I thought I had some Thanksgiving type photos saved, and I dont. So will use this fall one from the Liverty Tavern in WDW and my beautiful granddaughter - this was a rough Thanksgiving for my daughter - but she says it is countdown time until she sees her family again - one month!
We had a lovely dinner at my daughter and son-in-laws house. She did most of it - we brought pies, 24 hr salad, and stuffing. Her SIL brought a salad and french bread - and her MIL brought her special stuffing. But the rest they did - and it was lovely! 
And not - there was no shopping on Friday - oh, I take that back, we did go to the grocery store! Also went to the movies - 3d time in a week - and all 3 were good!
Last weekend we were in Monterey area for a wedding. Rained on Friday and Satuday - all the way up to 2 hours before the wedding! It was a nice time.
Spent time yesterday and today rearranging the living room in anticipation of decorating for Christmas. Did some shopping on Small Business Saturday - local donut shop! Farmers Market, library bookstore, and went downtown and spent money at one store.
Came home and sewed the %%%^#$*&^ for the hand knit %$*^^$ that I made for a swap partner! Sorry, photos and info will have to wait until after Christmas. Can I just say tho, that I hate sewing. My mom did not instill that in me (and she was great at it!)

Now, whoever reads this blog, please send some prayers, good thoughts, healing powers for this guy. This is my granddog who just last week was diagnosed with lymphoma. Altho Hyde is 11 years old (so hard to believe) the vet and my son have decided to try chemotherapy. It is expensive, but as my son says - this is not jsut a dog - it is his best friend, who has been with him thru bad times and thru good - has helped my son survive some of those bad times. And the vet said he is otherwise in such great shape that it is worth a try. Had his first dose last week - and my son was warned that that evening and the next day were going to be bad. But they werent. Hyde only thru up once - otherwise was tired but that was about it. This Tuesday he gets labs and hopefully his next dose on Wednesday. So yes, even with all that is going on in the world today, I am asking this for a 4 legged animal. We couldnt save our Jack, or our granddog Althea, so lets hope we can save this guy - at least for a while longer!