Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a couple of photos

Dont you just love baby hands and feet? Altho at over a year old, I guess he no longer is the baby...altho he is the youngest grandchild!
Our little Polish Girl - or Apple Annie?

I wanted to try the wet water....
I hope this cough eventually goes away...and that I get my energy back. As hubby keeps saying about his cold "So THIS is retirement??????"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Disneyland - Thursday

Tuckered out from Trick or Treating - our little Yoda and Obi Wan gave up.....

Disney does such a great job on decorations!

We took the kids to the Trick or Treat Party in California Adventure. Thank goodness we chose Thursday night to do it - could not believe the crowds there on Friday (as we observed from the other side!!). This was great fun for the little kids - trick or treat stands giving out candy - music, dancing, charachters, some rides....

And Kaia had the high point of her week when our little Snow White got to meet THE Snow White! She stood there and talked and talked - and was so thrilled she almost forgot to stay around to pose for photos!

I know I am prejudiced, but she had the cutest Snow White costume we saw all night!

Could not get our little Yoda to pose - he would keep running off. So here are the rest of them, all dressed up and ready to go!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainy Monday

So we go back to the MD to chcek on how my last ankle Xray turned out. The radiologist proclaimed it as just about completely healed - hurrah! But the office has this very low and soft couch in it. Hubby had to help me up from it - and the very young MA giggled and commented on what a cute couple we are.......thanks a lot.....that made me feel really old....ancient.....
Got our errands done before it started raining. Nay, pouring. But on the way home saw the Rain Bonnet Brigade. Dont know how many of my readers remember them, but all the women would keep rian bonnets in their purses. I know every once in a while I will still find one of my mom's floating around somewhere. But usually the bonnets were freebies from drug stores and beauty supply stores. And the women kept them in their purse so if it rained, who cared about the rest of them - but their coiffed hair stayed dry! And here were 3 elderly ladies walking down the street in front of the senior housing, and they all had their bonnets on.....a very nice, nostalgic memory!!!!
Still coughin - still tired - but feel much much better and my appetite is improving every day.
Hopefully will get some more Disneyland photos posted soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

First of all, I want to brag about the hotel we stayed in - the Radisson. We booked online and hoped for the best -a nd that is what we got! It was everything the website said it would be. It was within walking distance of the Park - it had a pretty decent breakfast buffet (altho I just dont get why the Japanese eat salad at breakfast) - the rooms were spacious and clean. Didnt try out the pool. The only thing I didnt get was the Sleep Number beds. The commercials make them sound like the best thing since sliced bread, and I jsut didnt get it...
So here we are walking to Knott's....after stopping at an McDonalds...we finally got there. We had bought tickets online and so we checked the kids heights as we went in and sure enough, everyone was within the height signs....until we got up to the ticket taker. She made Connor go over and be "measured" in a very scientific manner - he had to lean sideways to have his height checked next to a line which was under some sort of cabinet and standing 2 inches away from the wall becuase of a curbing. So she said he was too tall and we would have to pay the difference. We told her we just checked him out front and he was fine - and that this was not a very accurate one to use. She made us get out of line and go over to another line which was very slow. Well, hubby is not a patient person so he went down the line until he found a supervisor - made her walk over to us and see Connor stand next to the sign that was there, which proved one height- and then made her go with him to see where the person was making him be measured - and of course told her there needed to be some standardization.....blah blah blah. We got into the park without having to pay the difference! Boy the games they will play to try and make more money.......
Hi "Noopy!!!

The place was decorated like crazy. They have a Haunted House - I think something like their 37th year. From what I read, and what we heard, it is definitely not one to take little kids too. Lots of rides were closed in the park. And we were very disappointed they did not have the train running - cause we had promised Kaia a train ride (instead they had this stupid looking thing - a little one so I guess it was cost saving, but it looked like a cross between a refrigerator and a washing machine!). The food prices were totally unbelievably expensive! Much more than I expected or remembered....a hot dog, bag of chips, and drink was $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very hard to get them to stand still long enough for a photo when they are so excited....lucky to get at least 2 of them!

The 3 amigos

See, even the little guys got to go on rides so there were not quite as many melt downs as expected!

And even the big cousin didnt mind riding some of the time with the little girl cousin!

The 3 amigos again.....triple trouble!

So no one fell asleep in their plate this time....but there was some sleeping at the table by the time dinner was done. Woke right up to get his ice cream dessert tho - which was a good thing since we still had to walk to the hotel.....
It was a fun day. The little ones got to ride a bunch of rides - the big ones got to ride a bunch of roller coasters - and the old ones got the fried chicken they love!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The beginning

For whatever reason, DD#1 was determined that we go to Universal Studios CityWalk. And so we did. Drove down Tuesday - had a less than memorable lunch at Madonna Inn (who can resist the tackiness of those decorations?) which seemed to last forever and a day. Eventually got to Universal Studios and had a HUGE dinner at Buca di Beppo...

We then drove to Buena Park and checked in at the Radisson. What a pleasant surprise. Beautiful place - altho I still do not appreciate the Sleep Number bed....and we were able to walk to Knott's the next day....

What a way to end a vacation...

Our first reservations for Cambria were cancelled this year because I broke my ankle. This time we decided to stop there on the way home to decompress. And have a chance to smell and visit the ocean which I have not had a chance to do this year. Instead we ended up getting there so late Sunday that everything was closed - and then I got sick. So instead of driving home Highway 1 we jsut caqme straight home Monday and by Tuesday hubby was sick also.

I will start weeding thru almost 300 photos and start posting about the trip - it was a wonderful trip. Lots of near misses - but no real accidents - only one drink dumped in all the resturants we ate at - many melt downs but when it is 5 kids age six and under, what else can you expect?