Monday, January 16, 2012

What A Way To Start The Year

Hubby did allow me to play with this machine - got to do one of the bedrooms with it. It is a monster! You can see the sanded vs the old floors in this photo.

All sanded!

Why does fixing one thing lead to three more things? Sanding the floor led to taking the bar down...which led to painting the wall it was attached to...which led to painting the ceiling....

10 doors - TEN DOORS - that I carried from the house to the garage, sanded, cleaned with orange oil, and then stacked out on the patio....they got to be pretty heavy after awhile!

We called it camping....see our chairs??? And that box was our table....this bottle of wine helped a lot Friday night....also the night we discovered the joys of Tylenol PM!!! Pain and sleep treatment all rolled into one!

The first of 3 coats of polyurethane....still wet... As I said on Facebook, one of the joys of an older dog....and one of the drawbacks...she was fine with everything going on - probably because she couldnt hear 1/2 of what was going on!

Our first 'camping trip' down there - this is what we slept on! Not a good thing for older people - especially older people who ar working hard and in pain - very difficult to get up out of bed in the mornings! So prior to our 2d trip, we bought cots....slightly better...slightly easier to get out bed....but I have to tell you, after 4 nights on a cot, I cant wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!!!!

And now the back story.....

So, when my dad passed away we decided to keep my parent's house with the idea that we will eventually retire there. Small - paid off!! - cheap property taxes - and in the area where hubby was born and raised, and where I spent about 1/2 of my growing up....

As soon as hubby's great aunt heard we would be renting it - we had it rented to his cousin and soon as they moved out, our neighbor heard that it was empty, and it was rented to his daughter and son-in-law.....and when they moved out it was immediately rented out to friends. So now they have moved out and our new tenants dont move in until Febuary 1. So we have a month to do all the work that we have needed to do for the past 14 years!

It is midway thru January and a lot has been accomplished.....instead of fixing the roof, we replaced it and the gutters (it was the old fashioned tar & gravel roof, which we discovered was more expensive than a new roof!)......trees trimmed...old shed torn down....side gate fixed....and then we wanted to save the beautiful original hardwood floors. So we decided to sand them and refinish them ourselves.....and in doing so we decided to take down the bar my dad built decades ago, which meant we then had to paint the wall it was against, and then that made the ceiling look so bad we had to paint that....also decided to take out the ancient wall heater in the bathroom and had to repair that....took all the doors in the house down and cleaned them up with orange oil.....We still have a window that needs replaced (on order) and to paint the bathroom now. And then little we will be back down there two more times this month and then maybe, just maybe, in February I can actually get back to the gym and start getting in shape for the Bras For The Cause Walk in May!!!!!!