Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's The Little Things... life that bring joy. The artichokes are all eaten (3 of them - I didnt even think we would get one this year), the birds got the majority of the blueberries, but the strawberries are still producing & our dwarf orange tree has teeny tiny itsy bitsy round green things on it....
Our eggplant has pretty flowers....

Our corn is growing!!!

All 3 tomato plants have tomatoes on them....

AND WE HAVE BEANS!!!!! Our beans last year had a few sparse flowers on them....this year they are growing and flowering and making beans!!!!!!

Our odd little pepper has photo but our maybe it is a cucumber plant is growing and so is our other what the heck plant is it out front - it is either a watermelon or a pumpkin (I am thinking pumpkin but we will see)

And our zuchini is flowering and making squash!!! YAY!!!!

County Fair

OK, I admit it.....I love the County Fair. And the Alameda County Fair is an awesome Fair - 99 years old this year! My only complaint is....the food. Not so good....

Grew up attending the Monterey County Fair. It was always so awesome to me. But sadly it has grown smaller and smaller over the years. USe to have the Horse Show with it - lots of big names appeared there - it was big (ok, so I was a little girl and it probably wasnt as big as it seemed to me). But the food was awesome and still is - altho I miss the Castroville HS fried artichoke trailer! Yummmmmmmm

So here are some shots from the Alameda Fair this year...

This is kinda how I felt at the end of the day. Done in. But it was a great day - the weather was perfect - the kids were great.

So I am partial to hairy animals cause I am a knitter. But ya gotta admit these area a great looking trio!

The baby goats in the Petting Zoo were so much fun. They were soft to pat. And this one kept falling asleep in the oddest positions!

Kaia got to feed a bottle to a baby!

And so did big brother Owen.

Actually got to pet a Wallaby - there were two and this one was the most shy but the most photogenic.

The llama was awesome. So patient. I dont think he ever moved more than open andshut his eyes (they don't drug them, do they???) I found something out. Right between the ears is THE softest lace to pat them. In the background you can see Connor, Owen, and Jack. Didnt have time to take many photos when I was in there alone with Luke.

Gosh - dont we often feel like everyone is just walking all over us??? All the baby goats seemed to think this pig was sleeping there just for them to play King of the Mountain on! And it was ok with him, all he did was open his eyes occasionally!

Luke wanted to "see a cow - see a cow - see a cow". So, shhh, dont tell him she wasnt real. As soon as he saw her and rang her bell, he was satisfied!

Saw this shortly after we got there. Meant to go back later and check to see if anyone was buying. I was disappointed - never did see the fried butter or the tacos on a stick (didnt look too hard either) and was curious to see what deep fried peaches were like but resisted...

They always find the lego table.... I had fun watching the solar powered cars and bugs!

Is this cake awesome or what???!!!! Kaia told her mom this is what she wanted for her birthday.....dont hold your breath Kaia! LOL

As always, lots of awesome quilts. And I didnt take photos of them all! Loved this one - if you look closely enough you will see the flower petals are actually embroidered words.

No prizes this year....sigh, I am slipping....well, except for the free fair ticket you get for entering! I wanted to spend more time looking cause I only saw one other pair of hand knit socks (and that one - rightly so - won a prize but not first prize). I am not sure about the judges this year. I saw a lot of things that justly won prizes but a lot of things that did not win. There were everal AWESOME knit hats - and the one that won as a plain stockinette knit but was kool aid dyed yarn - the ones that didnt win had cables, lace etc. Whats up with that????

This was what you saw as you walked in the front door. The sock monkey display with this huge monkey which appears to be hand knit!!! Kinda scarey.....

Friday, June 17, 2011


See this man? I am so proud of him! And aggravated too. He knew I have hated the color of our bedroom since it was last painted. I have been saying "let's repaint" for years now.....This spring he said ok, lets do it. Took a month but we finally found a color. Then we were going to get going but he got some respiratory crud that hung on forever. So finally this week we (he!) has been doing it. He gave me the respiratory crud somehow - weeks after he got rid of it. But till, we cleaned out and prepped the bedroom on Monday and Tuesday. Then I worked on Wed and he did the ceiling and he was ready to quit it killed his shoulders and neck so much. But - ah hem! - not too badly to play golf on Thursday!

So today I took a class and he has been finishing it up. It is a lot lighter than we both thought, and now he is kicking himself for not priming it as he knew he should but letting the people talk him into primer + paint in one....but it is getting done.

Now, I didnt think of this...but when he went to paint the ceiling he encased our closet doors in plastic. Which meant Thursday I had no way to get clean socks for work (thank goodness for my emergency pair in my locker) or any shoes except my decrepit house/yard birkies for class today!!!! Oh welll......

A week ago he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. He was very suspicious for some time....Anyway, the MD has him checking his blood sugars 4x/day. Here is a man who is so deathly afraid of needles he cannot even watch them on TV...but he is manning up and sticking his finger 4 x every day!!! I talked to a dietician at work - and because of that talk we are watching our carbs, and since he is feeling better he is working out to the max. A week after his diagnosis - he has the majority of his blood sugars in the 90's!!!!!

The doc had already ordered pills for him but I told him not to take them with his sugars that low - he needs to talk to the MD about it first.

On our way to Nevada - did we take a wrong turn somewhere and end up back in PA???

My other handsome guy in my life....on our trip to (or from - I am not sure) to Nevada.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

They Say Its Your Birthday....

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy 6th Birthday Owen!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

So today I dropped off my 2 lame projects for the County Fair. Oh well, it is all good cause it gets me a free ticket into the Fair! I scrapped the vest. I really hate knitting with cotton and dont know why I tried it.It came out to fit a short but very wide kiddo...

Hubby has been diagnosed with what is probably pre-diabetes. Even the dietitian wasnt sure why the MD has him testin ghis lood sugars......but he is. The MD also was supposed to call in some drugs - one of which I am curious to see cause I do not understand why for that - but there were none at the drugstore. So we are following the advice of the dietician - and we are counting carbs. I figure it cant hurt me since I so obviously need to lose weight too. Plus I cant pig out in front of him - just not fair. I will save my "cheating" for when I am at work! LOL

It was time that I could upgrade my phone. Remember, I drowned mine and was using hubby's. He convinced me to get a fancy one - I think he wants to use it too!!! So we talked and talked and talked with the guys at RadioShack.....and decided there is no way in hell I am spending several hundred dollars on a phone - utterly ridiculous. So decided the iPhone 3G was the way to go.....but turned out they did not have any in stock...neither did the other store or any around. So I got an Android.

They are Called Smart Phones for a reason - this one is outsmarting me! I have gotten phone numbers installed. And I discovered the calendar is much easier to use than any phone ones I have ever had before. Now I jsut need to sync my hands free device (finally found where to do it - had found it before and lost it - now hopefully I wont lose it again).

Hear a lot of talk about Apps. So I tried to download Kindle.....apparently AT&T doesnt support the Kindle - crap. So I was looking at other free apps - and I jsut cannot figure out how to do it. Gotta get someone savvy to show me how....

Went to see Super 8 today. Now we already went to the gym this AM but I got my workout watching tis movie - I jumped so many times I think hubby was hysterical!! But it was very good - very suspenseful.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Trip to Nevada

Sat AM - very early - we drove to Nevada for Grandson #2 6th birthday party. Pouring rain all the way to....the Nevada border! But very very little traffic so we made it in great time!

Here is the cake my daughter and her SO made - it was a "Zombie" party and they handmade the decorations on the cake!

And they - I think he - made the brain pinata. The one thing I forgot to get a photo of was the zombie decorated bathroom!

They planted seeds - all of which had some type of connection to the theme but I am not really up on that. Also Pin the Brain On The Zombie....and of course, cracking open the pinata which was almost too well made!

More of the decorations my daughter and her SO made.....the papier mache ones and the live ones! LOL

It was fun- nice to see the kids. I know the parents were very exhausted after the party - but it was well worth it - Grandson kept saying how much fun he had at the party!!

The drive home took a little longer - but the weather was better. One part near the Nevada/CA border with bad rain - the rest of the time was maily overcast.

But I know all 3 of us - hubby, me, and Dog! - were tired afterwards and I was very thankful I did not have to work today!!!