Thursday, September 15, 2011


Altho I love being on vacation - who doesnt? - it is stressful....will somehing go wrong with the flight (I hate flying)? Will something happen at home while I am far away? Will my son really remember to take care of the dogs - especially since one has a disease and the other has a "condition"??

Once I get to where we are going I am fine....

What is the worst tho is packing.

Not the actual act of packing, but deciding what to take. And hoping we dont forget anything vital. Non essentials - those are easy to replace wherever you go.

And I ALWAYS start off with - "I know I pack too much, so this time I am going to whittle it down"......and it never happens.

Even when we go somewhere that has a washer/dryer.
Cause you just never know what the weather is going to be like or what you will feel like wearing...

And shoes! Hubby is easy - sneakers and sandals. But this time he is also taking water shoes and golf shoes....hee hee hee, he will pack as many as I will! Cause I need my sneakers if we go hiking/walking/exercise....and I want my beach sandals....and I will take my water shoes (last time we were in Oahu the beach we were at was rocky and we didnt have them - this time we will have them and not need them!) and of course my sandals.....and you know what? My sandals are just going to have to do it for day and night (but.......)

And then there is my knitting.....books and magazines and kindle (cause you know you cant have the kindle on for take off and landing - STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!).....and my walking sticks....oh and a hat and swimsuits and....and...and...

...I am not packing light after all.

At least it will be lighter than the last trip when we packed for walking and touring and beach. But still.....I envy those people who can pack a backpack and be set for the week....Oh, and my emergency glasses and the binoculars.....

sigh....This time tomorrow I will be much happier camper (I hope!)