Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all - Happy Holidays - a belated Happy Hannakkuh - whatever you celebrate!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

RIP Jack 199? - 2011

Many years ago we got suckered in by this crazy dog at the TriValley Rescue. Didnt know how crazy he was. He was - according to them - literally on the table to be euthanized when this group - who is a non-kill group - rescued him from the shelter he was at (which wasnt a non-kill group). He was then adopted out twice - and flunked both. Turns out he liked to chase cows - and people running or biking by! The first one is something that is really nt good when you live on a ranch!!!
He was not a huge swimmer like son's dog (see next photo) but he would swim if someone was in the pool. And when the kids were there, I think he thought he was the lifeguard...

He was patient and accepting of other dogs....except for that little little dog my daughter had - Rufus weighed just a couple of pounds and when he entered a room, Jack ould turn tail and run out the other way! Very hilarious!

If I was home alone - he was at my side....he was my buddy....he loved to run and jump and skid...we called him Jumpin Jack ...Jack-the-Dog once we had Jack-the-boy (grandson) ...ADHD...lots of names....
(I wont mention the ones hubby sometimes called him!)

He was patient.....he may have growled a few times over the years but never bit anyone.

In April he was diagnosed with rectal cancer. We discussed and read up about surgery/chemo. Found out that IF the surgery went perfectly, he would probably have another year after the surgery....

So we chose quality of life. And in the past week or so, he started going down hill. Incontinent of urine and stool. Not eating. Sleeping to the point that he wouldnt even notice if someone came into the house. But when he was awake, he was running around like always....

But he was giving me what I call the 'thousand yard stare". And when he dirtied his 2d bed, we decided it was time to talk to the vet. I cried most of the night before - and almost all that day....I didnt want to do this too soon, but I also didnt want to wait and let him suffer too much.

The vet was the one I really dont like but he was fine and he said two things that made it so much easier....He said that if we had noticed enough of a change just over the past 4 days that we were there asking, that hewould probably be going down hill much more quickly.....And the reason he would act so much like himself is that dogs are pack animals....and as such, do not like to show their weakness/illness/injury to the rest of the pack ....

My buddy.....I will miss him.....and I need to stp grieving caus realistically HE WAS JUST A DOG! But he was my companion and one things dogs have is unconditional love for their people....He joins a group of good dogs on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Nice weekend - even if it took days more for the wind to finally die down.

Went to some of the wineries around town yesterday for the Holiday Wine Tour, or whatever it is called. 'Bottled' 2 bottles of wine at the lovely El Sol winery for Christmas gifts....bought some fancy salts and some rub....and some more champagne splits - yum! - from Chouinard.

Today drove down to Monterey with oldest daughter and her 4 boys for hubby's family reunion - the Russo side - his grandfather's side. He learned some stories he had never heard before - and said he came away feeling old - cause now he is part of the older generation!

This is a barn out on Palomares Canyon Road that I always have wanted to photograph. Didnt have my good camera with me this time - but had the time. Also didnt get the best photos because of the dratted sun! LOL

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wind Wind Go Away

Actually, we live in a windy region. It is always windy/breezy here....but these last few days have been horrendous. While hubby was out last night I kept my cell phone at my side in case the lights went out - it has a flashlight app to!

I made 3 of these scarves. SO CUTE! SO EASY! And yet I did not remember to take a photo before I wrapped the other two. They each have a different button - I didnt realize it would be hard to find 2" buttons but it was! Actually my favorite one was the garnet colored one on which I put a white button. I think I might have to make a few more of these...

And see, I still know how to cross stitch! Arent they adorable? I might have to get few more sleds and make some mor up for next year!

Hubby is working on his Village - the one he wasnt going to put up this year. He is redesigning the landscape - something he also did last year....

Cashed our recycing in today....and took a large bag of presents to Sleep Train for their Foster Kids Secret Santa program...

Now hubby has a chicken in the pot cooking and it is smelling pretty good....think a glass of wine will go well with it? I do!