Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a downer

Got a phone call from my aunt today. That is never good.

She called to tell me my cousin has passed away this weekend.

My older cousin. He grew up in Texas and I grew up in Illinois and California.

But we were there at least every other year.

And I know I drove him nuts following him around.

And he devilled me.

Of course he did. He was older. I was the youngest cousin (at that time). And the only girl (at that time).

So sad.

That side of the family is getting smaller and smaller. His mom and dad are both gone, as is his step mom.

This is my mom's side of the family and I only have one uncle left. At one time there were two girls and two boys (of the surviving children). Now there is only my Uncle Bill, his wife Aunt Sybil, their daughter (the youngest of the the cousins) and my cousin Bob.

Bob's parents are gone, as are mine.

Sad, and hard, when your own generation is slowly becoming the elders. (On my dad's side of the family there are only two sisters left).

But he has quite the family waiting for him.....and family here missing and mourning him.

Rest In Peace Ken. Your life was not an easy one, hope you had lots of happiness to balance it out.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


NYC at Christmas time is on my "Bucket List".
Would love to see the Thanksgiving Parade.....the tree at Rockerfeller Center.....lot of things but especially the Rockette's Christmas Show.
Guess what? They were touring the west coast this year - mentioned it to hubby but he didnt sound very excited plus we had already bought tickets to see Shrek: The Musical.
But he knew I wanted to see we went. And I really didnt have any idea what to expect. The show was fun. Would I see it again? Definitely in NYC! If they tour here next year? Probably not.
What amazed me were the people who came in late and were so rude about it....the woman sitting next to me (and by woman, I am saying she was in her 40's probably) who was texting the entire time - never once looked up at the show - and only put here phone away when the show was over and it was time to leave. Why bother to even attend???
So mcuh fun to see all the little grls dressed up in their Christmas dresses - coats - gloves, etc. So cute!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birthday Month...AKA December!

Happy happy birthday to son in law.....daughter.....and hubby!

LOVE you all!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Left my heart.....

Not as cold as usual, but still had to stop here so Tom could have his Irish coffee! Justifies the cable car ride which we both love!
Gotta get our calamari.....

when we visit here.....also a stop at Boudins for some Christmas cookies and my Panetonne (have been enjoying it toasted for breakfast the last two days...YUM!)

We often do something random. One year we did the whole tourist thing and did a bus tour of SF. Saw areas that we hadnt seen in....well, decades. And learned new stuff. This time we read about the Holiday Light Tour and how the wheeled (but authentic) cable car takes you around to see the decorations.....not quite what we expected.....but you know what, we still learned some things about SF we hadnt it was okay. Recovered from the noisy little yuppie/preppies in the car with a drink at the Starlight Room after. And wanted to tell this middle aged couple - enough with the PDA! - I personally think it was an affair.....

Hubby wanted to see this. So we went. And it was enjoyable and funny......the one phrase we both have taken away from it (because we both think it describes ourself) is "crackpot magnet"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some photos from our annual December trip to SF! More to come. Had fun - got lots of shopping done - some prety good food too!