Saturday, May 22, 2010


You come up with these ideas to keep a retired person busy, and somehow you get roped into the work too. Oh: How a $1000 garden will result in hopefully, at least, $100 worth of vegetables!
Our supervisor worked very hard today.....this was him when we called it quits....
Look! One bed is done and ready to plant!!!

The bed to the right is the one we had last year, jsut repositioned. The one to the left is the new one hubby built this year. You would swear he was from Texas....just 'another' bed turned into a humongous bed. One that we still have to dig out. But after about 4 hours of work today we are achey. And now hubby volunteered us to babysit tomorrow.....this garden is so behind schedule becuase of all the rain we have been having!

This was the original pile of topsoil. We used about 1/3 of it for the smaller bed so should have enough for the 2d one......
And our shelving is done!!! Now the work of deciding how to fill it up......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun May Things

A year or so ago - this little guy was very shy! You woldnt have believed it last night when he was front row center - singing up a storm! (The little guy in the grey striped sweater)
Yes - he is wearing a sweater. It was nice and warm yesterday morning - I was wearing sandals and a short sleeve top when I went to the nursing school to do evals. Came out and it was cold and windy and off/on raining!

My first group of students gave me these as a thank you gift. Hubby wants to know if they think I am a wino or what. I just think that they thought they drove me to drink....

My second group gave me this awesome orchid. I just hope I can keep it alive! And there it is on the plant stand my daughter handed down to me! LOL!
Tonight is the Work Bonding experience at Campo di Bocce. I didnt get to go last year because I was new to my crutches....I just wish it was going to be warmer this year! But it should be fun - even tho I dont have any idea how to play!
And next week is the Pinning Ceremony for my students from last year. Alas, two of them will have to wait till next year ;-(
Now to get ready to go buy the dirt so we can hopefully get some things planted - before it freezes again!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bras For The Cause Walk 2010

Busy Busy Weekend. And I am dragging today - which is better than what I was doing yesterday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend also. The walk was Sat evening. And guess what - I DID NOT trip!!!!!! YAY!
Walked with my son (the shy one!), my daughter, and a friend I made when her son stayed in the NICU with us a little over 2 years ago. It was an awesome night. But boy was I sore the next day - probably because I did not get much time to train due to all the rain.

Pleasanton is filled with these very realistic statues - and I think my son stopped at every one of them. Most of the pictures are on his camera tho.

This was the cutest couple! Sorry I didnt get both of them - but was trying to take photos quickly so that I could watch where I was walking!

The bra we walked under to start the walk! Glad it wasnt my bra....

It was so big I guess I wanted you to see it twice....

My shy son.....everyone loved him....he was the hit of the walk....with everyone! One family was sitting outside as we walked by and the matriarch (!!!) yelled to him "walk like you own it honey!!!!"
He discovered that the bra makes a great storage area!!!!
At the gathering after the walk, they talked about a person who had recently died from breast cancer and had been involved with the walk since its inception. And how she was an angel watching over us and cheering us on while we walked. Well, Sunday I found out a former co-worker who had fought a long and courageous battle with breast cancer died Saturday evening. I would like to think she was cheering us one too. God bless Chris....
Sunday was a lovely day - a brunch at my one daughter's house with her hubby, and their 3 sons, and her MIL and FIL. Then a quick trip to Costco. Home to veg on the couch - and feel how achy my thighs and lower back were. My ankle did great and even my feet didnt hurt past that night!
We went out for pizza and home in time to watch Tom Selleck on TV!!! This morning, well, I dont know how long the alarm was going off before I realized it was meant for me!! LOL. So I am tired, but no longer stiff and hurting!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

So, this project for the fireplace and the shelves....will it ever be done? So the idea is to hang the TV over the fireplace. And I am getting a brand new mantel where I could actually sit things on my mantel.....but it is looking like, with the size of the TV and all, I will have this nice new wider, more useful mantel - but wont be able to put anything on it because the TV will be so low!

On my way home today - hey honey, I will be home earlier than I thought because I do not have to go back for the staff meeting....I get this ambiguous "oh ok, dont worry, everything is taken care of now and fixed".

Hubby cut the hole in the wall (which I am not happy with at all) to put the wood in to hold the mount that will hold the TV....and seems he cut thru some electrical wires that he did not know where there!

No fire....but more money paid out to the awesome handyman who did such a great job on the tile - and whom hubby called to save his butt. Wonder if I will ever get to post completed photos of this project?

My bra for the walk. Boy, even without it being on, looks like saggy boobs! Knit the bra and it just didnt fit right. So sewed it onto the pink bra. So now it is supposed to be covered with pink ribbon charm except for the fact that I CAN'T FIND ANY!!!!!

Left it too late to order them becuase I thought there would be no problem finding them....Bought pink ribbon today to make pink ribbons to put on it....
This bell pepper is looking healthier. See the frame for the old garden there> Took it out to rototill and will put it back together along with another one!

Apparently our hot weather hasnt been consistent enough for the tomato plant to grow yet...

But we have a strawberry! I am sure not for long unless hubby listens to me and gets some type of netting over it to keep the squirrel from enjoying it!

One of my County Fair entries. A little girlie capelet - yes, it will be for Kaia after the Fair is over!

And here is my shawl. The variegated yarn does not show up well in the photo. Finally found 3 buttons for it - could find 1 or maybe 2 that I liked - finally found 3 by going to two different Joanne's Fabrics. I am not as happy with this as I thought I would be.
Now I am working on a vest for for Kaia - when she is a bit bigger. Not as happy with that as I thought I would be too....
And - the nose is fine - but my eyes are itching like crazy!!!!!!!