Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful Saturday

The day started early - at 0430 there were cats under our open bedroom window caterwauling! And did it bother the dog? Nope....we hoped he would bark and scare them off. Not a single sound from him. But boy, a person walking on the sidewalk across the street minding their own business? WWIII!!!
Then we walked over to the HS because 2 of the grands were in a track meet there for CYO (I keep calling it CYA - LOL). A little cool and overcast to start with - but then it got prettier!
 Too young for track - he isn't interested anyway - altho I think I have him convinced to try the high jump when he is old enough.....he was doing his flips and his jumps.....of yeah, and push ups!
 I was going to post photos of the boys running but it was hard to separate them out from other children....I swear this boy ate from the time we got there until....well, until we all left the restaurant after lunch! and look how skinny he stays!
 Photos are ok IF he asks you to take them!
 But he couldn't run away fast enough so I got this one anyway!
Playing with PaPa - or, as he called him, his FartChair. Yes, this boy likes to drop SBDs....and boy do they stink!

But when he wasn't playing with PaPa - or doing his flips and all - he actually sat on the chair and knit with me! He held the needles, and I held his hands, and he knit with me!

After all this we went to a thrift shop and hubby got a couple of cute things to plant in (will post photos tomorrow after they are planted) and I got a watering can and 2 Christmas stocking kits. Oh and a beautiful little white iron plant stand!

And then to OSH to use our $5 off coupon - got the plants for the 2 items plus 2 cucumber plants. Also went to Alden Lane Nursery and got some things for Easter baskets, as well as one more tomato plant, some more strawberry plants, and some corn. Husband said he has totally given up on corn.....but now he thinks he has an idea of another place to plant it. And if it is where I think it will  be - I think he has forgotten about the crows! Now we just have to come up with ideas of how to water all these plants!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March? Already?

I feel like I am playing catch up. Last month we took a mini-vacation to Disneyland. Our daughter was going to meet us there for Sat and Sun but she had to fly out Sunday. So we did California Adventure with her and her two kids. Got to enjoy the new Cars Land! Poor hubby had a bad knee - he had hurt it before we went down but didn't count on abusing it as much as we did - according to the steps counter on my phone we walked more than 12 miles just on that Saturday alone! Needless to say, it is still not back to what it should be but getting better day by day.
Last week was a killer - I worked 3 nights in a row - had one off - and then 2 more nights in a row. But it "earned" me 5 nights off! And they have been pretty productive altho spring is hitting me hard (allergies, you know).
Thursday night was just recovery. Took the car in for its "A123" service (translated that means - expensive!) and they decided it needed new front brakes too. Ouch.
Friday we ran around and di a bunch of errands. And then headed over to daughter's house to see the 3 boys, and the oldest one in his 5th Grade Play - Little Mermaid. He played the "Pilot" and did so well!!! And he enjoyed it much more than he thought he would! The play and the actors were very good - my only complaint were the folding chairs!
 He loves that mustache - keeps it on as long as he can until it starts to itch!!!
Could not get them both looking forward at the same time!

Saturday was yard day (after going to market and a couple of garage sales - nothing exciting from them) - hubby did a bunch of weeding - I did planting.  Hubby also cleaned off the back porch - this is where, while we were in DL, our dog decided he would "do his doody" because it was raining out. Hopefully he gets the message now...

Because of the water restrictions we are going to have to keep our veggies down this year. I planted some more radishes and carrots ..... the first planting is going strong, as are the lettuce, onions, and garlic. Then I bought a "cold hardy" tomato at the market - put it in a container since the garden is not ready for planting. And planted little red potatoes - today I planted the russets until I ran out of dirt (told hubby I would but her didn't think so.....HA!). I also planted one purple potato.....apparently I did not harvest all the potatoes out of one container last year - went to turn over the dirt and reuse the container and found 3 plants growing! Wonder what they will be like?

So far the plan for the rest of the garden is one more tomato, cucumbers of course, ONE squash and replant the strawberry plants that survived his digging up the garden. And maybe add to it. No experimenting since we wont have the water to do all that....

Today I got our taxes ready for the tax man tomorrow. Went to OSH for an extension cord cause it is sales tax free day (wish I had known about the dirt before we went!).....and now I am going to go do some laundry and some knitting.

I have the first project done for the first swap of the year.....not due until the end of April so now maybe I can get going on a gift for the 2d swap! LOL. Wanted to make a little boy sweater for a friend's grandson but cant find a pattern I like - and cant find yarn I like! So right now I am working on some socks for me.

The bits and pieces for my bra for the Bras For The Cause Walk in May are coming together.

I do need to get to work cleaning for Easter in April - need to clear out the kid's room and do the sheets and make the bed in the other room. But today does not feel like a cleaning day.