Thursday, February 28, 2008

Philisophical Rantings

Did you know that I have finally come to realize something? Yes, laws are not made for the safety and well being of citizens....they apparently are truely made to be broken....teenagers are right....

You know - red lights don't mean stop and wait for the green....they mean, stop and if nothing can or will hit you, then go!

And what were bike lanes made for? Not bike riders - and especially not those "professional" bike riders - you know, the ones that wear those really silly looking clothes and travel in packs? Yeah - talk to the hand if you think that THEY are supposed to stay in the bike lane and away from cars! HA!

And those are just the two most recent things that irritated me! Oh yeah, what about the person in the 'luxury car' who decided they wanted to park in the shade today (cause it is an unimaginable 70 degrees out there) so instead of utilizing the diagonal parking place in the shopping center parking lot - she decided it was ok for her to park horizontal and take up THREE parking spaces so that she got all the shade (I jsut hope my brownies from Panera Bakery didnt suffer too much becuase of that...$^#@$%$^%(@$!$#@%$$$ person.)

Now to the good news....mixed with some oh no! news....the scheduling person just called to tell me they have to reschedule my procedure. The bad news is, I will have to wait another week. The sad news is it is becuase the really good mammo tech quit. Now the good news is - the Tuesday it is now scheduled for is Spring Break and I dont have to worry about someone filling in for me!

Went to Mervyns cause I wantd to get a bracelet they had advertised for sale - a silver cuff that states LIVE LOVE LAUGH. Cause that is one of my philosphies. But they didnt have it (probably becuase I decided I wanted to get a bunch of them for presents...LOL). But I am wearing one that is now my total philosophy and one that I hope everyone adopts: CELEBRATE LIFE. Cause that is what is all about folks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Isnt it interesting - that when you need something done to or for your body - everyone elses schedule takes precedence over yours?

2 weeks ago I saw the MD who stated I need to have the stereoptic breast biopsy done.
A week after that I started calling the office to see why I hadnt heard anything about scheduling it. And the office person was very very nice - an very upset that I hadnt heard anything. So she said she would call.

Days pass, and it is Tuesday after that Thursday call to the office. Still havent heard anything. So I call the office back to see who to call. Call that person - and they dont have the doctor's schedule yet or the assistant's. But they should get it Tuesday or Wednesday.

So today I get the call. And of course it is on a day I cannot miss out on work - it is the first day of orientation for the next rotation of students! I have no substitute. So I turn it down initially even tho the scheduler is surprised - becuase she "thought I would want it done as soon as possible". I did refrain from asking her why it then took almost 2 weeks to get back to me...

So I thought and thought and called her back to tell her I changed my mind...I would work something out...while I was leaving her a message on her voicemail....the doctor's office called me. To scold me for turning down the appt. and also to ask why they would be calling the doctor's office about it?

well, while I was talking to the doctor's office, the scheduler called me back.

So here I am trying to call in some favors to cover part of my orientation schedule (which I will re-do in order to only have to have someone administer a test or whatever) because the doctor only has that one time slot that month.

Hopefully that means he is really good at what he does becuase he does it all the time....

But this is also at the hospital I work at where the motto is "service excellance" - HA!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sunny day!

After a stormy weekend, it is another sunny day! So we got more water (rain) which we needed, but now we get to dry out a little so that the ground can soak up the next rain (if there is a next rain).

After the faculty meeting on Friday, I drove over to the Santa Clara Convention Center to Stitches West market. (All of you non-knitters can skip this part). It was overwhelming! And I am ticked at myself for not buying a certain pattern - and I meant to go back and get a couple of things for gifties but I forgot. But I was very good - and bought yarn/pattern for a swap - and yarn and pattern for myself. And that was it!!!!

I bought some yarn to make the newest grandchild a kimono sweater - if it is a girl. If it is not a girl - then they will be socks for me! Cause I love the colors! Some of the other stuff was gorgeous - but so outrageous - the glass knitting/crochet needles are to die for....but $35??? I dont think so...especially since I just broke one of my beautiful little wooden DPNs that I love but did not cost nearly as much as glass ones!!!

Got to pat a lot of yarns...and now I think I understand all the talk about the Malabrigio yarn...yum that stuff is soft! But I DONT NEED ANY MORE YARN! I need to use up some stash...and speaking of that, I finally made myself some St Patrick's Day socks with some KnitPicks yarn I bought a couple of years ago! As you can see, I dont mind fraternal twins at all - in fact I think they are fun!
Our decade long bathroom remodel project is slowly drawing to a close....have had the mirror and shelf up for a week or so now. Tom is touching up painting....and now it is on to replacing the garage door project. But that means moving a lot of things around because some of the shelving (which was already in the house when we bought it) needs to be permanently or temporarily removed. And that means that digging out the junk room to turn it back into the "office" will come to a standstill while a lot of that stuff gets put into there for awhile...argh!!!
Speaking of socks, you ought to see the great Alligator? Crocodile? socks I bought from the Childrens Hospital/Oakland gift shop last week. They are so cool! Looks like the croc is eating up your leg...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cool contest for my knitting friends

I am cleaning out my "favorites" which means gong thru blogs that I really dont have time to read. So instead, after getting rid of several, I added another one! This is a cool site and she even has a contest going on right now:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For the Knitterly people

You have to go see the felted goodies here...from candy corn to Easter Eggs and Chicks!
They are sooooo cute!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching up

Did y'all see that brouhaha with Berkeley? How stupid can a city and people be! I mean, c'mon, that city doesnt need any more publicity - and it jsut ends up embarrassing itself as well as the state. But it is apparently a very rich city - considering all the OT they paid out yesterday - my daughter racked up 12.5 hours of OT and I am not sure how much my son-in-law got, but he got quite a few hours too. And that is just TWO of the cops!! And whyever would a City Council allow all those people who are NOT citizens of the city waste their time by talking in Chambers? They didnt even start that part of the meeting until 10 PM - guess they thought people would give up and go home? HA!

I tell you too, if I found out the school took my child/ren to a public protest like that WITHOUT MY PERMISSION I would be in the office as soon as it opened this morning....but then again, it is Berkeley.

I laughed at the one lady complaining of getting pushed around and went to a protest not a tea party! What did you think was going to happen there????

Ok. Now the personal side of business. In December I found a funny lump on the outer aspect of my left breast. But then didnt notice it again for awhile. In January, I felt it again and talked to my doctor - it was time for my mammo again anyway. But where it was situated, we decided an ultrasound might be good too.

So had that done. They think it is just a cyst or lipoma. Watch a little bit and then maybe take it out. No big deal - office visit time. BUT....back in 2005/2006 they found some micro-calcifications in my right breast. Watched it closely until January 2007 - no changes all that time, so okay to go back to yearly mammos.

Now it is January 2008 and those micro-calcifications have grown in number, size, and are all different sizes now. The good thing is, they are not spiculated. The radiologist talked to me first about a stereoptic removal (in radiology, done by a radiologist). Made sense to me- except the part about needles and wires in my boob! SHUDDER...

Then my PMD decided to send me to a surgeon - after all, just go in, take it out and take out whatever else looks suspicious. Hmm, that makes sense to me too.

So am back from my visit with the surgeon who said....have it done with the radiologist...He kinda looked at me funny when I started laughing! Here I am going around in full circle. But what he said made even more sense....He said if they surgically remove the area, they will close it up and wait for the pathologist report which could take up to 3 days. Meanwhile, doing that could mess with the lymphatic system which they do not like doing. And that is because, if it is suspicious, they then put in dye so they can locate the immediate lymph node for biopsy. And if they have already messed with taking out tissue, they might disrupt the lymphatic system which means they might not get the primary lymph node which means they might get a false reading on whether or not there is lymph involvement.

So what does that mean? I am sitting waiting again while they check with the insurance company and then with radiology to schedule this. This that I want over and done with right now! Just like any person with this hanging over their head - I want answers now!