Saturday, April 22, 2017


Today was a productive day - did not work last night after all (also did not sleep well) and hubby apparently wasnt scheduled for his volunteer work as he thought. So we got a lot of errands done altho I totally forgot about going to the Quilt Show I wanted to go to today.

Went to several garage sales and got lots of things for the trailer - from measuring cups, to a plastic bowl, to a complete set of knives (brand new in their butcher block for $3!!!!!!!), corkscrew etc. Then we also hit up Walmart and did some pricing on things we will need.

And then we picked up the trailer and put her out in storage. It took a while to get her into her spot - not because hubby had trouble backing up, but because she would not straighten out! I think it was the gravel that kept her from moving easily - but the manager told us to make sure we park her between the two posts and that we did!

Have been sneezing and snuffling and scratching my eyes all day. Dratted wind. And you can just see all the crap blowing around. Tomorrow is youngest grandson's first Communion and daughter decided to switch the party afterwards from her house to Heather Farms so it will be another miserable day.....praying the wind dies down.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What to Do What to Do

So a day shift job will be coming up and hubby thinks I should put in for it.....but I think the cons very much outweight the pros:

1. It is dayshift
2. The demolition and building at the old school behind out house
3. get away from some of the night shift people
4. the shifts might go by more quickly

1. no shift differential therefore less money
2. Go from highest seniority on nightshift to almost lowest on dayshift
3. way busier
4. bosses and bosses and bosses
5. the day shift people
6. the dogs would spend more time outside by themselves
7. more call and cancellations

On a lighter note - we picked up our trailer today!
Isnt she beautiful????? I still cannot get over how beautiful she is inside and HOW HUGE the bathroom is (major selling point for me and most of the women according to the sales people). No inside photos yet but this is the link for the schematics:

Easter was lovely - and less tiring than Christmas for some reason!
Trying to round them all up for a photo is worse than herding cats! And then of course is my son on the sidelines telling them to all make various different faces! Trouble maker

Friday, March 3, 2017

What a PITA

Guess it proves I have been off this too long when it takes days to figure out how to get on here and do another post!

And now I cant even find the photo I want to upload!

This is a PITA

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Almost A Year?!?!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I visited here.
And yet I get irritated with blog writers that I love not posting in a couple of days!
Oh well, I dont have a large following anyway....

This is my 2d semester of my Junior Year at Loopy Academy and I am flying through the projects this time - even the one I dreaded. We have 3 projects we must do in 3 months.....I have completed the Buttonhole project:
Which is going to be a baby present for a friend - her baby is due in July - this will be for the following winter or spring - and it is green because she and I share a love of emeralds!

And another project was colorwork - yuck - but I finally found some socks to do - and not really happy with them so tried something different on each sock - but the second sock is wet and blocking right now so I do not have a photo of the pair; this is the first one:
And next I will be casting on my beaded project - a scarf that will turn into a Christmas present.

This weekend is Stitches West. After all these years of attending I found that someone on Ravely makes a vendor map - and then there are posts from the vendors of some of the items they are offering. So I have already been mapping out ideas of things I want to look at.

Sunday we will go and watch our youngest grandson perform with his gymnastics group.

Last Saturday my daughter and all 3 of her sons participated in the SFPD Special Omlympics Polar Plunge - very proud of them even tho I think they are crazy!!!!

And I think  I will end today's post with this thought: