Thursday, February 23, 2017

Almost A Year?!?!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I visited here.
And yet I get irritated with blog writers that I love not posting in a couple of days!
Oh well, I dont have a large following anyway....

This is my 2d semester of my Junior Year at Loopy Academy and I am flying through the projects this time - even the one I dreaded. We have 3 projects we must do in 3 months.....I have completed the Buttonhole project:
Which is going to be a baby present for a friend - her baby is due in July - this will be for the following winter or spring - and it is green because she and I share a love of emeralds!

And another project was colorwork - yuck - but I finally found some socks to do - and not really happy with them so tried something different on each sock - but the second sock is wet and blocking right now so I do not have a photo of the pair; this is the first one:
And next I will be casting on my beaded project - a scarf that will turn into a Christmas present.

This weekend is Stitches West. After all these years of attending I found that someone on Ravely makes a vendor map - and then there are posts from the vendors of some of the items they are offering. So I have already been mapping out ideas of things I want to look at.

Sunday we will go and watch our youngest grandson perform with his gymnastics group.

Last Saturday my daughter and all 3 of her sons participated in the SFPD Special Omlympics Polar Plunge - very proud of them even tho I think they are crazy!!!!

And I think  I will end today's post with this thought: