Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you Mona!

Ok, this doesnt have anything to do with the subject line, but I just love this photo. This was taken at Luke's 2d birthday party!

This is the first Multnomah Shawl. Made it for myself out of some awesome yarn. I loved the pattern so much that I signed up for a swap on Ravelry, where someone made one for you and you made one for them.

So I made this one for Mona up in Oregon. The yarn was some yarn I bought in Oakhurst - a hand dyed alpaca from North Forks. I loved how it turned out. Loved it much more that the one I made for myself...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I dont get it

I really dont.
I am not being judgemental - I just dont understand.

You have a baby who is born prematurily. And is in the hospital for about 2 months so far...

And yet the parents do not come everyday.
So ok, dad is back to work.
And maybe they only have one car.
And they have a 2 year old at home.
I understand that all that can make things complex.

But when the baby was born, there were *&%^LOADS of family visiting.
Most of whom live somewhere in the area.

And the other thing I really really dont get?
We gave you the direct phone number.
And it is not long distance - or in another country - and you rarely if ever call.

I cannot think of anything that explain that one. Cause we know you have a working phone. We have had to use it a few times.

I cannot imagine anything except illness that would keep me away from my baby. I would be there daily - somehow. Whether I had to ride a bus - or beg people to drive me. I would be there.

And when I could not be there?
I would be on the phone - daily - maybe twice daily.

I just dont understand...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Part 1

These are not in the right order because I got distracted by a piece of pie and ice cream.....but bear with me and I will try to tell the story...

Friday we planned to go to Sacramento to the Goldrush Days celebration. Never been - but it sounded fun. It was going to be hot at home - so might as well be hot there - right? Well, on the way there I got the feeling that hubby was not as interested in it as I was so I told him - if you are not that interested, want to go to the foothills? And we went east.....above is some of the scenary you see in the valley and foothills in the midst of heat....golden hills of CA.
Back when we first moved back to CA we went camping in the Sonora/Columbia area. And we discovered this place that sold "mile high apple pies". It was a working orchard with a sales area - a little steam train - barnyard animals and all, called Csonka's. Many many years went by and hubby and I were staying in the area and went looking for Csonka's only to find it had closed. Well Friday we stopped by one of those Tourist Information buildings to ask a question, and found out that the original family had bought back the land and re-opened the bakery. So of course we had to go. They only had frozen pies, so we bought one to take home...

CA bear. The symbol of the State. Seen on a building in Sonora.

The yarn store in Sonora. Did not stop this time. Have been there and it is really nice. And the people are friendly.

I enjoy visiting old cemetaries. Hubby does not. So I snuck off into the Jamestown cemetary. Look at the carving at the top - isnt it beautiful??????? This place was soooooo unbelievably quiet and peaceful. Very nice.
Columbia State Park. Old buildings, being used these days - hotel - places to eat - stores. Very quiet when it is not summer. So there were no takers for the stagecoach.

Love this church in Sonora. The street/highway makes you feel as though you are going to run right into it.

Arent they pretty? And isnt it sad that they are waiting to be auctioned off for slaughter. Once I found out that in 4H you raise the animals to auction off and slaughter, I knew I never could could do that......I know it is different if that is how you are raised.....reading the article about 2 angora goats and how the one was bottle raised from 2 weeks of age and follows her person around like a dog....oh, I hope they arent being auctioned for slaughter!
They are from the Monterey County Fair. Drove down there today. It is nothing like it use to be - but they do have 'grandma cakes' which makes my hubby happy. So small - but the best thing is they do sell some veggies for very very cheap - we bought a bagful for $2!!!!
While down there went to my favorite yarn shop - Monarch Knitting and Quilting in PG. Joan has such a wonderful selection - she is so nice - and love her animals!
I made 2 of these shawls.....this one is mine. I made the other one for a swap. I wont post that photo yet because I havent sent it off. And I LOVED making this one - the feel of the yarn - and the color - but I really like the other one better! LOL
Tomorrow and Monday is the Livermore Harvest Wine Festival. Hopefully it is not too hot or it will be miserable...