Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oil companies are screwing us over

I know - its a no brainer. But how long do we let it go on? And how do those stockholders and management types sleep at night knowing that they money they are recieving is blood money?
And why cant we do something aout our politicians - who allow their hands to be tied when it comes to this?

I usually try to group all my errands but it is not always possible. Went out this morning and gas (the cheapest around and the lowest grade) had gone from $3.99/gal to $4.07/gallon. So I decided to top off my tank. This was at 11:00. So at 1:30 I had to go and pick up hubby's prescription refills - and the same gas station - same gas - is now $4.11/gallon!!!! 2.5 hours later!

The problem is - I do group my errands. So it would be hard to downgrade to the bike that I keep threatening to do. A lot of my errands could be done on the bike but not the grocery store. Still, I jsut might have to do it. Hubby says to have my bike brought up to speed would cost more than buying a new one...I think I will keep my eyes open!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

First of all I would like to pay homage to my dad, who was career Army officer and served in WWII (European theater) and Korea, and my mom who was an Army nurse in WWII in the European theater. And my father in law, who served in the Pacific in WWII. And all our friends and relatives who have served in the military. They - as well as the police officers who put their lives on the line daily - are my heros.

Went to Yosemite Area (Oakhurst and Bass Lake) as usual. And froze our tails off! It rained almost all weekend and was cold!! Glacier Point road and Tioga Pass were closed in the Park we heard, cause when it rained down where we were, it means snow up there! I truly felt sorry for all the campers - after all, it is one thing to be cold at night - but not cold and wet all day and night! And all the vendors at Coarsegold who thought they were going to start off the weekend with a bang! And that photo above? One of the least cloudy times of the weekend!

We did get a couple of good things. Tom got another Anniversary clock to add to his collection (#5? #6?) for $5!!! I think the guy was ready to call it quits for the day! And I got a metal garden set that I have been wanting (see photo above).

Saw the new (old!!) Indiana Jones movie for only $6! And watched gas go up by $0.10/gallon in the space of one hour....

It was a nice time cause it was away from work and phones (hubby left his work phone and computer home!) but I was glad to get home to sunshine and warmth - I dont even mind the wind so much today!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So far, 2008 pretty much sucks. Hubby unhappy at his work. Me and the breast scare. Family problems I wont go into here....and now we get a notice from the State that...well, we thought they wanted more money from us. I guess instead what it is - they said we never paid our state income tax bill.

Uh huh. Mailed the Feds their part of our savings and the state their part ON THE SAME DAY. April 12 to be exact. Both addresses here in CA. Well, the Feds apparently need the money cause they cashed the check on April 15. But CA apparently doesnt need the money as much as they say they do cause they held on to our check until May 9, when they cashed it....oh yeah, maybe that is the game. Hold on to the money so that they can then charge us interest and penalties on top of what we owe!

So to make myself better, here is what I am doing....on the hottest day of the year so far, knitting a wool cap for This person is going to the Ukraine in the fall and wants to take 300 caps to the orphanages with her (I am betting she will take more than that as well as this is being advertised!). So my knitter friends - I challenge you to visit her site (or if you are on Ravelry - Kristys Hat Quest) and sign up to make some caps!

Friends of ours are having a rough time too - family issues I wont discuss here. But they are also having their first grandchild this year and I hear it is supposed to be a girl! YAHOO! After being a mom to three boys MMx2 deserve a little girl in their lives...

Our #5 is supposedly another boy...which is fine to all concerned except for her sister who was determined that she would have a girl (so she could send back all the cute girl clothes her sister sends her!)...but the ultrasound is not very definitive...DD would like to know so she can decide whether or not she needs to re-paint the room that will be the baby's room.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Nurses Day

Happy Nurses Day to all my Nurse friends....and those soon to be nurses!

And here is a summer time appropriate warning for all us women of a certain age....