Sunday, January 18, 2015


The lighting is awful - and I have lost one of my sock blockers (but found a missing sock while I was looking for it!!) - but finished the first month's knit from stash sock.....

Joined a group - chose 12 sock yarns - labeled 12 bags with the different months - handed both to husband who put the yarns into the bags and sealed them. So each month the yarn is a "surprise" for me!

The group offers a pattern which you may or may nor chose to use.

I chose to use it.....The Hornet pattern by Heatherly Walker. Mine is a little different because I was just recovering when I got to a part in the pattern that I misread.....but it is ok, I like them! Just had to make sure that I did sock #2 the same way!

So now I have used one skein from stash.....used probably 400 yards from the 420 yards in the skein....Havent bought any new yarn since September so I am starting the year off right (altho I will probably have to buy some new yarn next month) !

Monday, January 12, 2015


I survived my first night back at work!

Was all ready to work Saturday night - but they cancelled me. And looking back - that probably was the best thing in the world.

Last night was very slow - which helped a lot. I was surprised at how winded I was when I got back to the until from walking a specimen to the lab. But I shouldnt have been  - probably one of the longest walks I have done in well over a week!

Talking and laughing makes me cough - but I am no longer choking and coughing up nasties - so I know I am on the path to wellness.....

As long as the rugrats dont bring anything else home!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Alive After All!

Oh boy, what a start to 2015. I am not sure I am enjoying this new year at all.....except that I am alive and here to complain about it.

Our grandson brought home a nasty virus and it made it's way thru the family. From him to his sister to his dad to his mom (who got really sick) to my husband. I really thought I beat it. HA!

Did not do much on New Year's Eve. Got a late lunch/early dinner at Amici's and i had one glass of not very good champagne (just because it has a fancy name doesnt mean it will taste good). And then somehow we managed to stay up till midnight. Silly silly mistake. We already decided to postpone New Years Day Dinner because hubby not feeling so well (altho he was feeling better) and me having to work that night.

Well that night I ended up having to go into work after being told initially that I was on call. And I started with a cough. Went home, took some nyquil, and slept all day long. Got up and felt like you-know-what warmed over. But no, super work ethic woman, it is too late to call in sick, they wont have time to find anyone to work.... And I dragged myself to work. Most stupid thing I have done in a long time (up to that point). Made it home, crawled into bed, slept until 2 PM, crawled out of bed, crawled back into bed by 4 PM, crawled out of bed by 6:30 to eat a 1/2 cup of chicken soup. Stayed up to watch Hawaii 5-0 (yes, DVRd) and crawled back into bed and coughed all night.

Sunday it just kept getting worse and worse. And yet at no time did I have a temperature! Just the bloody cough and feeling like a corpse had more energy than I did. And I felt like I was drowning. I could just feel water bubbling in the top of my chest and altho I kept coughing it out (it wasnt water, it was yellow yuck) I kept drowning. I tried everything we could think of.....and let me tell you Robitussin tastes as lousy as it does not work....mucinex worked one dose and but not the second....vicks vapor rub worked a little bit...

Hubby gave me his chair to sit in all day and he slept on the couch next to me for awhile. He went to bed about 0300 and I was very glad he was getting some sleep. I jsut prayed to sleep and I couldnt. I did finally fall asleep sitting on the couch at about 0430. And woke myself up seriously drowning at about 0430. I really did not think I was going to be able to breath ..... I now know how people with CHF must feel like.

So it is Monday morning and we called the MD. No appts until today or Wednesday and at that point I knew I could not survive another night like we headed to the ER. We went at a good time, we thought, because it was relatively empty, but it sure filled up while we were there.

The MD said the radiologist read it as pnuemonitis which he could not figure out, because that is usually only from aspiration or vapor. See - I told you I was drowning!!! But I have read that it can also be related to a virus.  I kept praying for a breathing treatment and we were just waiting and waiting.....finally husband is standing at the door and the MD walked up and said "she got her breathing treatment and her meds right?" And husband said no - nobody has been in for awhile (best person there was the first time I started coughing so badly and I rang and asked for water; this person rushed right in with a bottle of water for me!). So he told me then what the CXR was - that he was going to give me antibiotics and a codeine cough syprup and an inhaler. He also said he was going to swab me for Flu A&B since the flu shot has been so ineffective this year.

Anyway, this must not have pleased the MD because I could all of a sudden hear someone calling out to have RT come and do treatments now for my room and another room. After a few minutes RT showed up and started a treatment, and then a 3d nurse, whom I never seen before, was in there interrupting and shoving a probe up my nose (I think she is really an alien - one of the most uncomfortable procedures I ever have had!) and shoving meds into me. Antibiotics, and then something for nausea, and then liquid Norco. At this point I am so exhausted, and so overwhelmed, I could not even think. At this point, I really dont think I should have had pain meds or antinausea meds and wonder if the mistake was from the MD or whom....

BTW, that breathing treatment was wonderful. I could finally take deep breaths again!

No sleep, anti nausea med, pain med. Pretty soon I am loopy as can be and say to my husband we need to get out of here while I can still walk. He goes out and asks someone when we can leave. Nurse #4 comes in
and asks if I am ready to home.....and that she will be right back with the paperwork.

When she comes in, she kind of looks at me odd, and says I think I will do a set of vitals before you got home. She listened to my breathing (she, the MD, and the RT were the only ones that did) and seemed to be very surprised at how bad I sounded. So she did a blood pressure with a cough too big, that took 4 times of inflating/deflating before it showed a BP very much higher than normal for me, and higher than I thought someone with no sleep would have. But I finally got out of there with a fistful of prescriptions (no pain meds at all!!) but feeling very dizzy and all of a sudden sweating and hot.

Got home and crawled into bed and slept off and on for the next 4 hours - having some of the wierdest dreams ever - ans still feeling dizzy - but having no pain whatsoever! Even tho all the time I kept telling everyone the only pain I had was from coughing......So I walked out to the living room. Husband started talking to me about the meds he picked up, and handed me the mail, and I just totally erupted - Mt Vesuvius - with vomit - right in front of my grandkids having after school snacks! Walked around the couch on the way to the bathroom, and did it again.....poor kids....I am sure I traumatized them! Threw up a few more times in the bathroom and I think I finally got rid of all that Norco and felt so much better after that!!!

And today? Well, I SLEPT ALL NIGHT! Lying down flat in my own bed!!!!!!!! Still coughing stuff up but not painful and I am no longer drowning!!!

We got the tree down. Tomorrow will get the other ornaments packed away. I think this is the longest our tree has been up and it has been driving my husband crazy! But I will admit I will be sooooo glad to get my chair back in the house!

I also want to brag about the care my husband has been giving me....he has been awesome...even if I will have to hear "I told you so" for a long time to come. First of all about going to the ER (he told me later he was made at me for not waking him up and having him take me to the ER in the middle of the night when I was just happy he was sleeping!) but also that he guessed it was pneumonia......but I can live with that (for awhile)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can You Believe It Is 2015?

Hope everyone stayed safe - and warm - last night!

We did manage to make it to midnight - but no one else felt like champagne so the glass I had with our early dinner at Amici's was the only champagne. Lots of fireworks going on - first at 9PM and then at MN.

Our New Year's Day dinner is postponed until this weekend when, hopefully, our chief cook will feel more like cooking.

Does anyone have special good luck things that you do/cook on New Years Day? We have black eyed peas.....which no one likes no matter how I make them.

I am fighting the crud that everyone in the house has had/still has. So I dont know about my 2015 word; HEALTH!!!! I have a cough but it isnt too bad - hopefully it stays that way!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank you for a lovely Christmas!

 These to were allowed to open these on Christmas Eve - and immediately ran upstairs to put them on!
 From a friend - not pictured is the wonderful homemade toffee she makes every year (because it is all gone!)
 From another friend
 The beautiful bracelet my grand daughter bought for me at the Santa Shopping at school~
 yes he is wierd....but we love him anyway.....the Walking Dead pillowcase I made for him
 And the Princess pillowcase I made for her (you can see that they immediately put those on their pillows!)

 He recieved a Star Wars pillowcase....
 And Batman of course....
and soccer one to go with the Liverpool soccer team pajamas

 The Nabozny + Emelson gang.....our 5 grandkids and their 4 cousins on Christmas Day
 and here are the adults
 Present from oldest DD
 My surprise Disney bracelet.....the two Frozen charms are from middle child DD#2

 I meant to get a photo of this when it turned to 100,000 and totally missed it - our 2001 Toyota Tundra
 a beautiful table runner made by another friend
my first box of stash reductions being mailed off next week - to a program in Northern that works with Native Americans - they make gift boxes to give to the pregnant moms - this is a blanket - 5 pairs of bootees, and 5 semi-matching baby caps

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wow - Baby Its Windy Outside!

I went out to get Magical Chicken Soup for hubby for dinner.....only to find the restaurant closed. :-(
So ..... I guess there will be no last minute cures! Funny to hear him without a voice!

The temperature gauge in my car said 50 - 48 degrees......but it felt soooooo much colder. Because of the wicked winds we are having! The dogs are not happy with all the winds - and Imust say they are making me a bit nervous too.

Hubby has his post-op appt today. You know, where we (and the insurance) pay a large amt of money to do something I could do but husband wouldnt let me - take out his 4 stitches! But the surgeon showed up the photos he took of his knee - very interesting. And he was very pleased with husband's progress. Said he could start going to short walks - and after next week go back to the gym to do some stationary bike riding and elliptical. Said call him in 4 - 5 weeks if any problems - otherwise - good luck!

I have been reading some blog post and discovered the idea of picking a word to live by for the year. I stopped doing resolutions long time ago - but this was an idea that resonated with me. One person said to have the word engraved on a necklace so that you have it with you all year long. Dont know about that - maybe a charm for a bracelet or a keychain? (here is one site that talks about this idea:

I thought of several words......all of which would be very good things for me to concentrate on: gratitude....kindness.....PATIENCE.....tolerance.....but what I want to pay attention to in 2015 and concentrate on is HEALTH.....

Physical health yes, but not just physical health....mental and emotional and spiritual health also. Reading about the minimalist movement - a movement I greatly admire but know that I jsut would never be able to achieve it - and how organization and simplification can bring spiritual health. I do try to think several times about things - and decide whether or not I WANT an item or NEED an item.  It has kept my shoe buying in check.....maybe not my yarn buying altho I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I physically was in a yarn store!......and even book buying (well, I dont go to book stores as frequently as I use to but....)

I am slowly weeding things a book and it is out of the house. Try and use yarn that I have before I buy new yarn (altho there are times I just need the yarn for a specific project). Finish up UFOs in between other projects.....weed thru the clothing I never ever wear (which I need to do again).

I am waiting for the two cami's I ordered from my friend - who I am meeting with on Sunday to discuss fundraising for my 8th? Annual Breast Cancer Walk. I am excited about that. The clothing line looks similar to the types of clothing I like.....and the prices arent too outrageous. Take a look at and you will see what I mean. This is a local company which is very supportive of breast cancer. I jsut hope I can get enough orders to make it worth her while!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Had to have it because of the Hawaiian Islands.....
 Probably not original light - but I liked it.....made it to the Antique Show in downtown Pleasanton
 Got me a pretty bracelet
 The back fence is done!
I dont like sewing. But did buy myself a new machine this year. I regret never learning more from my mom - she was such a wonderful seamstress and I never took advantage of her knowledge. Anyway, I found this material and was ready to donate it and then thought - I could make some bags! So I did!
 A tam for Amy for Christmas
 Decided to try my hand at some jewelry and easy but I need more practice!

Miniature golf for the September brthdays!
A trip to Calistoga and area.....this was dinner after a wonderful lunch on the Napa Wine Train.....snacks in the courtyard of the motel we were staying at
On the Napa Wine Train....relaxing....and WONDERFUL food!
train ride up in Jamestown....
yep, Wente's as usual......can you believe 41 years?????!!!!!
Universal Studios and granddaughter got picked to participate in the Animal Show!

lunch at Big Thunder BBQ

Knott's Berry Farm
Snoopy came to tuck us in each night!

my Mickey Shawl!