Sunday, February 4, 2018


Dropped off knives and a  pair of scissors at the Farmer's Market to be sharpened today (because we keep forgetting to take them on Saturday!) - and then drove over to the bimonthly opening of the

There were several things that I jsut could not (would not affford) or had room for (a lovely little chest of drawers/nightstand/endtable  with the most beautiful top; a beautiful wrought iron planter; and a pair of what were probably angel wings but since they were edged in green of course they are Eagles Wings today!).

So a few of the things I did NOT buy:
 I really should have gotten this bank - cause it says it all!!!
 They had 2 of these sweaters - small, medium, and large. 3 different yarns. Deceptively simple. Lovely. This one is the large - for $120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 These are the wings I really wanted - but they were $110! Angel wings were very popular in the store today - different sizes, different materials, different presentations.

And then what I did buy (except for the rocky road fudge for husband since he only fussed a little bit about me spending money!!)
 I am going to figure this out for a plantar. Thinking maybe a little ivy - it can come out the bottom and the sides - of a viney-succulent
 Had to buy this for a prototype. I love it. Perfect to clip wallet sized photos on. Or lists, or something. The back has one of those easel stands. Looks like maybe Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
 My husband said NO - several times! - to this but I just had to have it (I walked away from the table, the planter, and wings right????). Going to pot a small plant of some sort and place it inside and hand it on patio. It is sweet. And goes along with the bird themed hanging I have on the back fence!
And this guy says it all for today = FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of them - and am hoping/wishing/hoping.....(sorry Dad!)

Meanwhile BH has the chili cooking (oh my - it smells so good!!) and the brownies are in the oven (they smell good too!).....bottled coke in the fridge (we usually get a beer but never really drink it.....)

Saturday, February 3, 2018


I dont have a place to hang this yet - but it is done!
I was very disappointed tho that the other piece - which was also supposed to completed by 1/31 - was not done yet. And still not done even tho it was supposedly being worked on yesterday.  I am starting to get suspicious and worried.....

Found out they will mount/mat/frame with your own frame so I will be taking my bird in next. Was going to do my Santa & Jesus but under the bright lights I saw some stains. So it is soaking now.

Got my Phila Eagles shirt - because it has been cold and it is still winter I ordered long sleeves. And of course this week we started with a heat wave!!!

Beautiful beautiful day today - KILLING me just sitting home but now the BH's ankle is hurting. He thinks he twisted it last week at the golf tournament. I thought he was complaining about the bottom of his feet hurting - which had been his previous complaint - but then I saw his foot when he took the sock off and it was quite swollen. SO now of course he thinks he might have CHF.......oh my .....PATIENCE is the word of the year and it is getting quite the workout.

Saw the MD for the F/U on his shoulder - and now he goes back in 2 months. He did ask him about his fingers getting locked and as soon as that doctor heard BH had carpal tunnel surgery.....well, not he has an appt to go back to see that doc. And we made an appt for cardiologist.

And people wonder why I never go to a doctor???? Who has time????????

Got all the plants moved back to their spots and watered them - they were quite dry with the increase in heat. Getting laundry done. Waiting for my order (2/3 of what I need) to do my last semester of my Senior Year at Loopy Academy. And altho I jsut got a hat and a bear done - I realized it is a new month and need to make another of both....

Speaking of which I scored some yarn today at a garage sale. Taking all but 2 skeins to the person who goes to Ethiopia every year (except for last year due to the disease breakouts and unrest). And got one of those little mini ironing boards - those table top ones? I can use it hear but also will be perfect for the trailer (except for the fact that I do not have an iron for the trailer). Missed out on a neat $5 planter by 1 minute at a garage sale.....oh well.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


So I started a binder - it is holding the patterns of things I definitely want to knit this year. And on the pocket of the back side of the binder I put a table listing the items and all 12 months.......

And I have already checked off 2 items for January. I am hoping/planning/wishing to do a hat each month for so that I will have 12 to send to them instead of just 4. And so I have made the first one - for January - and put a check mark in the box.

Every year I am determined to make a teddy bear each month for my friend to take to Ethiopia when she goes with And each year I miserably fail (just gave her 4 - a measly FOUR to take this year). Well January;s bear is in the totebag and there is a check mark on the calendar!

Do I think I will really accomplish what I have set out to do?
But I am really trying this year instead of just talking the talk.....

And at some point I have to relearn how to crochet to make the little gifts I want to do for Christmas this year - which means more than 12 of them but they are not very large .....

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Do Not Buy THIS Item Part 2

But for a different reason!
I am afraid if I recommend a trip to Trader Joe's for these delicious croissants - then the supply will be wiped out (which has happened for my husband's ice tea there - and the dog goodies we like!).

Got these on a whim to try - believing too good to be true - and they would be all dough and no filling - but I was wrong!

But I will warn you - it is hard to eat just one!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


 You see that photo? Well, apparently that mug is from a dollhouse tea set. Because one pouch does NOT make a mug/tea cup full! It barely covered about 1/4 of the mug. And look at the calories and the carbs considering this is not even equal to one slice of cake - and there is NO frosting!

And check this  one out! Let me make a comparison for you.....a package of Sugar Babies - SUGAR BABIES - sugar and corn syrup etc - is 190 calories!!!!!!!! And ONLY (in comparison to these) 44 carbs!!!

Really folks - if it wasnt still hot when I was trying to eat it - it was probably MAYBE 4 spoonfuls to eat.....

2 pouchs/box and they were $2.50 at Walmart.

Can we spell RIP OFF???????????

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bit The Bullet

And took 2 items into be framed - the kitty cat which will be a Christmas present for granddaughter and the USA one since that is the holiday represented in my stitching the comes the first.

Holey Moley!

So expensive even at the supposed 70% off!!!

The person helping me was very low key and no pressure.....explained everything.....was patient as I tried different things.

I think I will be happy especially since she said of course they stitch the pieces onto the board since they are stitchery - but I could have them taped if I wanted but they do not recommend it. I remember when I first started having things framed at Michael's there were no choices.....then you had to request and pay extra for the stitching. Glad to see they have upped their expertise!

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 - year of clearing out!

Yup, time to start clearing out. Already started when we were putting our Christmas stuff (as little as we put out) away. Went thru the 4 bins and sorted things to be thrown out and things to be donated.

Now I have found a whole lotta things that need to be finished. In most cases it is cross stitch from the 90's that needs to be framed. Some need to be finished. Found one of a pair of socks but no pattern and doesnt look like enough yarn for a 2d one.....found the pattern for a pair of sock 1/2 done - Yahoo!

Threw out an awful acrylic stocking I had started. Kept the remainder of the yarn....

Have started a binder with projects that I plan to make this year - cause I get these ideas and forget until the very last minute. And on the back I put a table which I can check off what is done. I am always saying I am going to make a teddy bear each month for Sharon to take to Ethiopia....well, that is on the table with monthly blocks to check off.....and I only made 4 hats for the Little Hats/Big Hearts campaign, so that is on the table for monthly check offs too.

Will I be 100% successful? Probably not - but it is a start at changing some habits!

 Now this doesnt look finished - but do I think I can find the pattern??? Ha! If I was invested in this enough I could add some sort of border......and I should.......and then it could be made into a picture or a pillow
 Wonder what I had in mind for this flock of ladybugs? Maybe scissor fobs?? Any suggestions?
 This was hard to photograph because it is so pale - creams, peaches...but it is lovely. I think it will be framed instead of made into a bell pull type of hanging

 I should definitely get this one framed first!!
 Cant remember which magazine this came from....and it was once framed....but the frame broke. So time to reframe it
 And look at this - who knew in 1991 that this would be perfect for a granddaughter??? I think I made this in honor of Pretty Kitty/Kat because it look like her. Anyway, will get this framed and give it to my granddaughter for Christmas or her birthday. But of course it is on white so it is dirty so it is soaking right now (already pressed everything else pictured here)
 Who knows where this pattern came from???!!! And those must be stems for something....shamrocks? Flowers? I will have to come up with something to finish it and then get it framed
 I think this - and the next two - were supposed to be Christmas ornaments. And I do have several of those little pillows that you place stitched pieces into. Just have to go out and buy some fray check for the edges.....if I had a sewing table set up (ha! referring to my Christmas 2017 list....) I could jsut whip stitch/zip zag the edges....

 I know who this was made for....but I think it was supposed to be for a picture for his office. Guess it will become a pillow instead....
I think I have the frame for this. if I can find a board for the frame I could do this one myself. If I cant find a board looks like I will be looking for a new frame.....I think this one is so sweet

I might have to get a 2d job to pay for all this framing.....

Who knows what else I will find? I did find some lovely sock yarn that will go with one of my patterns for my Sock Challenge for the year....