Beyond Pissed Off

Gave husband my gift list.
Told him specifically NOT to use my gift card credits (I had amassed over a hundred dollars).

Went to order something today from Amazon, and clicked on the how to pay screen to make sure I did not use my GC money and guess what?









all of it.

So you know what? I will be returning my Christmas gifts this year

So Merry NOT Christmas to me - and gee thanks honey for ruining it for me.....thank goodness for grandkids

December 5

So it was a lazy morning. We slept late and just not motivated to get going. And once we did, I didn't really feel like going to a Holiday Festival and walk around with a lot of other people.

So we went to the PO and mailed the last of the Christmas packages, and a bunch of Christmas cards! YAY!

And then we went to the cemetery and put wreaths on the graves that we didn't have enough for before.

And went to a cute little shop - - that I had read about but we didn't get to on Small Business Saturday (today it wasn't raining!). They have a lot of local items - and we gave in to some honey from a family in Gilroy who were severely impacted by the shooting there earlier this year - and some yummy artichoke spread. But I want to do some Christmas shopping there next year! Cute ornaments, local jellies, etc

Hubs got the outdoor lights hung - most but not all. The wind came up - the temperature dropped - it got dark - and so we thoug…


The stupid smoke alarm woke us up at 0530 this morning.....and then I could not get back to sleep.

I got the Molasses Raisin cookies baked. The only trouble is - having to substitute butter for shortening turns them into DVD discs! But they taste good!

Got the caramels cut up and wrapped and oh my, are they good! Kinda soft though. So I HAD to make another batch - to use up the rest of the condensed milk of course.....

The Nut Mallow Goodies are good. I don't think I have ever made them although I have had the recipe forever.

Sold the one headboard/footboard that we got from our neighbor across the street in Livermore. I really liked it. Wood - very Craftsman-like. But the headboard was too tall - we would not be able to open the shutters if we used it. And since we already put the TV up, we couldn't really move the bed...

Was hoping to go to the Aquarium tomorrow but sounds like husband is going to go help our friend again. So I will make a trip to the post office and mail off…

Should Have Been Sunday....

Rain rain and more rain....but not the pouring rain they predicted, and not the winds they predicted.

Managed to get to storage and get the tree and ornaments.....but where is my Advent wreath? I know I have seen it recently! And all our statues....most importantly - WHERE ARE THE STOCKINGS?

The battery run lights I bought for the wreaths did not work - none of them. Not any of the 4 they have to go back.

And I just saw a wreath hanger - and now I cant find it! And I have 1 more wreath I could hang!

More rain today. So I really don't want to go out.
I need to do laundry. And I could make some cookies. But I feel lazy....

Small Business Saturday

I tried.
I really did.
But didn't do as well as I wanted to.

Primarily because hubby spent too much time yakking at a friend's house - not that I begrudge the time cause we love the guy - and then service at lunch was so slow...….yet so good!

We each ordered soup and salad - the guy who seated us said the soup was clam chowder.
When it came out it was red....hmmm, NY style?.....wait, since when does clam chowder have pieces of beef in it? Yeah, it was beef vegetable - but oh my was it good!

Then the first place we went had nothing that I was willing to spend the money on. Did go and see some doggies. And went to the thrift shop that supports said doggies - and I bought 3 items there. I spent $7+.

Crossed the street to the yarn store and bought a new pair of knitting needles.....could not buy anything else. Finally had to admit to husband I have a BIG yarn order coming soon.....but first of all it was on super sale - and it is enough to make 5 shawls/lap blankets for www.alices…

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as ours was!

Got up Thursday morning and drove to daughter's house - traffic was light. But we went from sunshine to overcast and cold! Took us just over 2 hours because we stopped for gas!

And oh my - the food! There was so much! A turkey, ham, and salmon; TNTC side dishes.....pumpkin pie and caramel apple pie (I didn't get any of that - but the grandson who doesn't like pie gave me a thumbs up - so of course I had to leave the last piece with him!!)

So daughter, her husband, and 3 boys hosted. My other daughter and 2 kids came. My SIL's parents were there - it is always a joy to see them! And my SIL sister, BIL, and their 4 kids.

Now I must say - the nice thing about older kids and electronics is how quiet it can be compared to years past when they were all much younger and more boisterous!

So we spent the night. And I slept on our concrete slab air bed. My husband puts it on firm which just hurts everywhere - but considering th…

Day Before Thanksgiving

So - cannot blame anyone but myself - but had to go back to the grocery store AGAIN.
For 5 items.
5 measly items.

But you know it turned out ok, it was not as bad as I expected!

On the way home was the most beautiful rainbow - intense colors - distinct colors - and a complete rainbow! And of course, I had left my phone at home....but it was still there when I got home so I was able to run out and take a photo - which of course does not do justice to it.

 I was home less than 5 minutes and the heavens opened up and it POURED!

Got my baking done - 2 pumpkin pies, and a caramel apple pie. Made the 24 hour salad - plain and with nuts. Made the new recipe - apple cranberry sauce. I have not tried it but smelling it there is just too much ginger. So then I made a batch of the usual regular cranberry sauce. Also tried a recipe for a new dip - Benedict. It is, ehh, good. Rather bland. Hoping that maybe tomorrow it will taste better.

Finished my first project for GiftAlong2019. Very fun and ea…