Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday to you, dear many years ago? 28 years ago at the Reading Hospital Medical Center in Reading PA I gave birth to a 10 lb 1/2 oz bruiser....and now he is taller and leaner but still a bruiser (just ask his nephews!). Altho in the photo above, it looks like he has taught his nephews well to follow in his footsteps...

If you havent done so already, take a trip over to his website and you can see one of the things that makes us proud...his (link down below).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

And a clatter arose...

Ended up being on call yesterday - at least the first 4 hours. So decided to go to market with Tom. But before we left - the birdies out in the backyard were all in an uproar! Loud and continuous - what is that racket?

So went outside -without my camera darn it - and on the fences were 2 hawks. Just sitting there over the rose bush mess that the birdies hide in. Heck, they werent even drooling Just sitting there. With their attitude.

When I walked out there, one of them took off. But the other one let me walk up to about 3 feet in front of him, when he decided to very nonchalantly take off...sure wish I had my camera with me!

Got to 3 garage sales. My only brag is about 8 or so plant pots all for $5. And a pretty necklace. But then, garage sale-ing was cut short by the phone call that said "C'mon in".

Came home tho to a bathroom with doors up!!! Now, I need to start moving stuff back in there cause it is useable again!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Have Sink!

Yesterday the plumber came and moved the pipes.....and installed the vanity and the sink!!!

Yay!! We have sink!!!!

This weekend Tom will get the baseboards in - and hopefully very soon we will have the electrician over to put in the light ...

Today I looked at replacement drawer pulls for the vanity - brought home 3 sets and already ruled out one. Got some items, like toilet paper holder and toothbrush holder.

So next step we will have to do the ceiling - well figure out what to do with it!

Turn up the sound and take a trip down memory lane...

Sad news

This is sad news for a nurse - and for the daughter of an Army nurse in WWII

"Army Nurse Killed in Combat
A popular Army nurse who volunteered for duty in the combat zone in Iraq has died from injuries suffered in a mortar attack on July 10,2007. The attack took place in Bagdad's "Green Zone." Army Captain Maria I Ortiz was 40 years old. She was born in Pennsauken, NJ and raised in Puerto Rico. She will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Capt. Ortiz is the first Army nurse to be killed in combat since Vietnam. Prior to serving in Iraq, Capt. Ortiz served at an Army health clinic in Maryland. She has also served at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC. It is rumored that a part of the new Walter Reed Medical Center will be named for Ortiz and other nurses who have participated in combat zones and given of their lives."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ads from another decade!

Ok time you have a need that is not being fulfilled...jsut spray yourself with Lysol and the fresh scent will make you the most wanted woman in the room!!! I dont know - somehow all I want to say is - OUCH!!!!
No comment here....this jsut says it like it is....

I may need and want to lose weight, but I am not this desperate!! Eeee-yew!

Got this email from my hubby....and I couldnt resist sharing these 3 ads......most of the rest were cigarette ads. These 3 were priceless!

Checking In!

Amy - here are the photos of the collectible Jim Beam bottle that you couldnt download! And those 2 Longaberger baskets that were such a great find at the thrift shop - can you believe the one on the left was only $0.50!! You cant see it, but behind the bottle is the pottery shamrock candle from Longaberger I got that day too.

Well the truck is in the shop to get its bumper fixed. Ouch! So I am home today without transportation - after I get caught up here, I will get caught up on home stuff.

And the best news is - we will be making progress on the bathroom. Discussing options with our wonderful neighbor - we have decided to go ahead and have the pipes moved. IT will be best in the long run and might not cost as much as we originally thought. So that means we can get the vanity and sink in place - and maybe this weekend get the light up - the baseboards in....YAY!

Saw Harry Potter movie on Saturday. It was a bit slow. I am so far behind in reading the books - they are not my type of book to start with - but once I start reading one, they are a very good read. Might just deal with the movies tho...
Sat we got a lot of garage sale-ing done. It is good when you can get your hubby hooked! Got a very nice umbrella stroller for my daughter - and a little play wheelbarrel. And my two huge and exciting finds - a Balleek Christmas ornament for $0.25 that usually costs about $20 - $25 and a beautiful antique mirror for $5!! Still havent decided where to put that - have it 'narrowed' down either an upstairs bedroom - the dining room - or the front entry hall. Maybe I should read about feng shui and let that decide??
Now hubby is ecstatic over his finds - and he spent quite a bit more money than I did. He got two huge tools - one is a pneumatic (I think) jack hammer, not sure what the other is, and a tool box full of assorted things for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we bought a platform type ladder (almost brand new) for our son for his mural painting for $60....and on the advice of our not-to-be-replaced neighbor went back and bought a nail gun for $100 that our neighbor said easily goes for several hundred dollars. So hubby was happy as a clam!

Went to SF on Sunday and walked our feet off! Had a great day - picked up a couple of Christmas presents. The weather was gorgeous - going over on Bart we thought it was going to be a bit foggy but it wasnt - sunny everywhere and nice and warm! Had a great dinner. Came home tired as could be...and the next day at work I walked my feet off some more! Yesterday was a very slow day at work - finished my library book an hour and a half before the end of the shift....that really made time crawl. But my feet were happy!
I am on the downside on my Scrawl - which means the middle portion is done, and I am on the last 1/3 of it. Cant wait to wear it! It is really pretty, even if it is tedious knitting!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Photos knitting things

Here are some more knit roses. That is a Longaberger vase that I kept collectible needles and some lavender in. Took the lavender out and used some of those collectible needles (especially the single ones) as stems. The roses are from the Peruvia rose pattern - and one of those is the original one I used as a memoriam to the Red Cross Nurses from the poem earlier on the website.

So, a while back I read this hint about getting those spongy interlocking mats to use to block knit items. Looked for them for awhile - found online but not in store - and forgot. Then a few weeks ago when we were making all those dump runs from cleaning out the decrepit storage shed that was here when we bought the house...I actually found two of them buried in there! I think they belonged to my son, but I am not sure.

Cleaned one off today and got out my vest to block - I wanted it a little longer than it turned out. So washed the mat...washed the out my T pins...and there is this big ole hole inmy vest!!!! I kinda fixed it - I guess I will be putting a pin or something on my vest to cover the area up. Also found out - I really dont like those buttons on the vest. Maybe I will look for one great big awesome button for the top of it...

Can you see the pucker? Guess I can cause I know it is there...

PS. That is one of our bathrooms doors underneath it all - they need a 2d coat but it has been too windy this week to do that!


Texas has been the subject in this house a bit lately. First of all, I still have some family there and also some friends - so I hope they arent getting moldy and mildewed.

And then some good things have happened in Texas to my family - my son was flown to Austin last week and he ended up with a great commissioned job. He is excited about it. Also, as the same time, he got another job via the internet. If you are interested in what kind of work he is doing - see his website Hoping his webmaster will get it updated soon!

This week hubby is in Ft. Worth for business meetings. He really hates going to those meetings. Even tho he has been able to visit and do some great things in Texas over the years because of these meetings, he still hates to go. No way for me to tag along but I would have loved to - again over the years - to be able to visit family and friends. Oh well.

He had to get up at the un-godly hour of 0400 yesterday. Ungodly for him, and even for me. I had worked the previous 3 days so when I work, I am up at 0530. And once I am up and the eyes are open, that is it, I am awake. So once he left, I got laundry done, checked email, got some knitting done, and then by 0900 I was done. Went to bed with my book to get warm and rested and woke up at 1130!!!!!

Didnt get 1/2 as much done yesterday as planned, but did get to the PO and to the gym! I hate to think how few times we have made it to the gym this year, thanks to the bathrooms, but I will be back there today!

I am starting to love/hate the Scrawl I am working on. I cant wait till it is finished cause I know I will use it a lot - and it is a very easy pattern ( but it is becoming tedious....and to think I bought yarn for two of them!!! LOL

I made more roses last night - hope to felt them today. And was wondering where I would get needles for their stems. DUH!!! How about in the storage box under my bed?? I have all those millions of needles ofmy own and my moms...and I rarely use straight needles. What a wonderful way to recycle them!

It is a bit chilly this week. And they are even talking about a bit of rain tomorrow. I know my few plants wouldnt mind that. Have a class to go to tomorrow - darn, I forgot the name, but it is about alternative medicine type things - and we will actually be learning a bit - yoga, tai chi, touch, meditation. I am really looking forward to that class!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chit Chat

Well, sounds like our neighbor has come up with the best solution for the bathroom vanity deal. So I took it off craigslist. And we are going to spend a few hundred dollars more - and get the pipes moved. And utilize the vanity we have. And maybe have a finished bathroom by the end of summer!!

For you knitters out there -there is help and a 12 step program just for us:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Try it

Got this email from my hubby today - who got it from someone else:
Fly a helicopter- this is fun.

WARNING FOR ALL OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVES out there - DON'T whatever you do, start this unless you want to write off the rest of your day.

THINK YOU CAN FLY A HELICOPTER ? Read directions first before you start.. You must hold the left mouse button down to go up...release to go down...MOST DIFFICULT Some people have worn their finger out on this. If you are working for a living, do not forward to your co-workers.. The rest of the day will be useless to the company.. Think you can fly a helicopter? Click on the link below and give it a whirl!

Knitting Stuff

Apparently Mittens for Akol is trying to meet a goal of a lot of socks for Christmas. They want to collect them by mid-September. And they want them warm and large - i.e. approx woman's small and in as close to 100% wool as possible. The site is at if anyone wants to check it out and knit a pair!

Also, there is the most awesome kids sweater pattern (a free one!!) at this site:
You gotta go look at it - it is gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Rant

Havent seen much news lately. Which may or may not be a bad thing.
But I did get to see the news article on TV about the tax money endowed tea pot museum that is being built in the south. I forget where - one of the Carolinas?

Anyway, they are not historial teapots. Nope, Revere did not make one or use one. They are teapots collected by this well off - well connected family. And they decided they wanted to 'share' them (AKA recieve a tax deduction while still 'owning' them). So they contacted their buddy Hanes - yup, that Hanes - the underwear king. Who arranged through some of his elected 'friends' to have 1/2 million dollars donated so that a museum could be built to house the teapots...Tax money you know.

In a town that could very well use the tourist trade. But it is not near an airport or supposedly anything else that would attract lots of visitors...And unless you jsut drool over looking at lots of teapots owned by someone else...there doesnt seem to be much reason to pay to go into a museum to see them.

I like teapots...I think that there are many teapots out there that are downright beautiful.

Do I think that our tax money should be used to subsidize a museum to hold the teapots collected by well off Americans??

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That 1/2 million dollars could be used in so many other clinics...foster name it....

Just another case of your tax dollars hard at work to benefit the few and otherwise, not needy...

Things do get better

When we moved into this house umpteen years ago, we found we were blessed with a wonderful neighbor. One who does not complain - one who watches out when we are not here - and one who is truly the go-to person for when you need something.

He had a job where he "knew" a lot of people....tradespeople who also worked for cash on the side. So most of the work on our house has been done via cash trade...and when something needs done, we check in with our neightbor first.

So after the toilet fiasco, hubby went next the time I came home from work Monday night, not only was the toilet flange fixed - the toilet was installed!!!! And all for $55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
So we are still on the hunt for the vanity...but at least another hurdle has been passed (and we dont have to trek upstairs in the middle of the night either!!!)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

And the gods laughed...

Wow - this last week was something else. I picked up 2 - 12 hour shifts and an 8 hr PM shift to off set using my PTO for a vacation week I no longer wanted. I worked 8 hours out of all those hours...

And it was hot...hotter than hot....miserably hot....anyone know of cheap air conditioning installation? They said it topped out at 107 here on Thursday...

The good thing is, two hot days in a row and by the 2d day, even tho it was hotter, it didn't feel hotter.

That was until I got into an accident. Yep, in the Post Office Parking lot. Just stopping off to mail off a birthday present (happy birthday tomorrow Amy!!) and as I was pulling into a parking place, someone chose to swing out of the one next to it. Thought I only received some cosmetic damage, but my hubby pointed out where the bumper had been pushed out of alignment. The other car got a lot of damage...not sure how she couldn't see a big ole truck pulling in next to her....oh that's right - I never saw her look in my direction once!! But of course she, and her passenger, insisted it was all my fault - I hate when people try to make me out as a liar when I am not lying! And then I find out - she is leaving the country that same day! So I immediately got on the phone with my insurance company - and was then 15 minutes late for my hair cut - but LeeAnne did a great job anyway!!!

First accident I have been, decades....I am NOT happy about this at all!

So then Saturday we got the bathroom painted and I am thinking, hmmmm, not sure I am liking this shade of green at all....very light...too light??...hmm....

A friend of my son's believes in conspiracy theories, and I am beginning to believe in some also.

Let's see - we were looking for replacement shower doors. Not pivot ones - not 3 sided ones - not tub doors - big a** shower doors. And not clear glass either - those you can find anywhere but after living with clear glass ones for all this time - no way, so sir, uh uh! So the ones we liked? Yup...special order...28 days + shipping time....$560!!!!!!! Conspiracy theory #1 - they want you to buy only the clear glass ones so you spend oodles of dollars every month in trying to find something that will keep them perfectly clear (17? years later, I have yet to find anything ...)

So back we went to Expo and bought the $300+ ones that I sorta liked. At least they were in stock and a little cheaper. Got them up today without a crack or a chip or a break!!!

Stopped at Home Depot this morning and got some more odds and ends, like baseboard. So after we got the shower doors up - decided to pull in the vanity (ha! - lug it in I mean- so heavy and awkward) and check out what it was looking like. You know, the vanity we bought about 2 years ago on sale...and that we ripped out of the carton and threw the carton away a couple of weeks ago when we made all those dump runs?...yeah - that one. Anyone need a brand new, never used 36" oak vanity?????

Yep, it wont work. Cause the piping in this older home is made for vanities that, if you have drawers, the drawers have to be on the left hand side - just like the ancient ugly one we got rid of. Meanwhile, sometime in the past who-knows-how-many years....the cabinet builders and plumbers got together and decided - hey let's both make some money - we will decide that all pipes now have to be moved to fit vanities with drawers only on the right hand side!!! Conspiracy theory #2!!!!!!!

Yeah, you can find vanities with drawers on the left hand side - SPECIAL ORDER!!! MORE COSTLY!!!!!! So now the choice to be made - no drawers??? Buy a whole new vanity and sink (which means we are then stuck with a granite sink we don't need) which has no drawers whatsoever?? I found a great one that would work perfectly on the 'net...ONLY $4,000.00!!!! Anyone wanna send it to me as a late birthday present????

So, after making trip #2 to Home Depot and OSH, and #1 to Expo and Lowe's (this were the trips today that is!), we came home and decided to take a deep breath...put the vanity issue on the back burner and put the toilet back in.

I mean, c'mon, how many toilets have we installed over the years?? no I went outside to clean it and cut my thumb...and then we struggled to get the sucker back in (they are not lightweight you know) and put in place...twice....cause the first wax ring didn't work I was tightening the nut on that long screw like thing that sticks up out of the flange to help hold the toilet in place, it broke off. Not the screw, or the nut, but the part of the flange the screw sticks up out of. Rusted off and broke. Even tho hubby diligently checked for that when we took the toilet out and when we brought it back in.

Guess I am stronger than I appear even to myself! So now...we get to wait for a plumber to assess the issue which translates in more time running upstairs every time to use the bathroom (and it is summer and hot which means we drink too many liquids...) and even more money out of pocket than we planned...

BUT - now that we have the floor tiles uncovered, they really bring out the green in the paint and I like it better....and the shower doors are up without any issues and they look pretty....and yesterday I finally picked out the lights...

And we saw 2 movies this weekend.

AND my son just told me some people are flying him to Austin Texas this week to meet with him about some of his painting and mural work - that is very good news!! (That is his website below - Midnight Murals - check it out!).

My family doesn't call me Pollyanna for nothing! I will always find something good to cheer someone up - even if it isn't me who is cheered up.

Just when you think things are starting to come together and the end is in sight...the gods will laugh at you...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I can't believe it - but the baby blanket did win first prize! That is a thrill to me!

And even more unbelievable - the bootees won second prize AND judge's favorites! I threw those together at the last minute - no real idea what I was doing (I was trying to match them to the blanket) and didnt think I did a very good job! Thank you judges!

Saw lots of beautiful entries - so many from people I recognize from the Vintage Stitchers, the local EGA group I use to belong to.

What a week!

What a week - it feels as tho we got soooo much done - but - there is still so much left to do!
So today vacation ends - sorta. I am still supposedly on vacation next week - but I picked two days up because I then changed my mind about using so much PTO!

So what did we get accomplished? The shower has been re-done by the wonderful man at - found out biscuit was not the color we wanted so stuck with white. But because it is a shower and tiled all the way around - he suggested a matte finish. Not sure I am 100% happy with that but am sure I will be glad not to slip and slide on it!

The floor is in. And it is lovely. As usual, the grout colors I thought I wanted at Home Depot were all special order. But a nice young man helped us chose another color that I am quite happy with.

Thought I had decided on the color of the walls - but we brought the sink and vanity inside and I am not sure the shade that I chose to go with the floor, goes quite that well with the sink. Oh well....start over again. Have to decide by Tuesday so I can hopefully get the paint then so we can paint Wed.

And we made 5 trips to the dumps. What an experience that is. We had this falling down shed that came with the house. And hubby - and kids- kept putting things in there 'just until I go to the dumps'. Well, after umpteen years, that 'just until' came this week. Quite a learning experience - it is so disheartening to see the things that get taken to the dump and placed in landfill. So many items that are recyleable - unfortunately there are all these signs 'No Salvaging' and people there to make sure you dont salvage!! Plastic water bottles - cans - Rubbermaid totes in excellant condition that could go to a thrift shop - the sme wiht furniture and kids toys....It is sad to see what we are purposefully doing to Mother Earth. We went thru the junk before we took it out - and actually have a couple of bags from it going to the thrift shops.

Jessyca (daughter #1) cooked me a lovely dinner on my birthday. Paella which was delicious - a wonderful white sangria that she made - and Tom bought me my favorite cake (white cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries in the filling - I have had this as my birthday cake since I was a little girl!!). Jessy and Earl and the boys gave me some beautiful roses and a lovely Balleek vase to add to my collection - a nautilaus shell. I need to find some place to put it - unfortunately my collection has outgrown its storage!

Tom game me a Jim Shore figurine of a nurse angel that he bought on our trip to Mendocino in was supposed to be a Mother's Day gift but he had forgotten about it!! You can see the figurine here:

Friday we went to visit our friends Mitch and Marilyn. Mitch and Tom played golf on Friday and Saturday. Marilyn and I did the garage sale thingie on Saturday. She gets the best buys! You should see the furniture and antiques and all she finds! This time I found a bunch of things for the grandkids (thanks Marilyn!) plus a bunch of pots I needed and an old schoolhouse desk. I also made to to the yarn shop (see the link at the bottom!) and bought the yarn I needed for the Scrawl I wanted. And Joan was absolutely right in the one colorway she thought I would love - I bought it and started it last night! Unfortunately, I also bought another one 'just in case'!!! LOL

Today we are going to the Alameda County Fair with Jessy and Earl and the boys. I will see if my baby blanket truly won first place as Grace reported - and will take a photo to post!

I will be posting photos this week - as we get further on the bathroom and all!