Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Stay safe - drive safely - enjoy your family and friends - and eat as much as you want - calories don't count on Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Thoughts

Took me an hour but I made it to the Hayward Courthouse before 0900 this AM....found parking and then had to stand in a long line out front waiting to go thru the metal detectors.

They say it is just like TSA screening - except you are not allowed to bring knitting needles and TSA lets you bring them, so they lie....

There are signs to take off metal items - belts - watches - jewelry. This person behind me kept setting off the alarm and finally the deputy looks at her and says "Think it might be all that jewelry?" She looks at him and literally responds "Huh?" And so he tells he she needs to take off that 4" - 5" stack of bracelets she is wearing....all the while, I am sure the line is getting longer.

The chairs in the jury room are EXCEEDINLY uncomfortable....especially during the "HOORAH/aren't we great" video we had to watch.

I was not in the first group called and eventually was dismissed - and the funny thing is, I am kind of disappointed!!!!!

Weird day - must be that beautiful full moon (that had the largest ring around it last night that I have ever seen!). First a car comes up in the left turn only lane which clearly has a red light - the straight ahead has a green - and granted he does slow down, but proceeds to turn left on that red light....and hours later another one just decides the red stop light means for him to go! Luckily people were watching out.

Decided to top off hubby's gas for him (he let me/made me take the car for parking purposes which was good because the spaces are very narrow and most cars end up parking on or over the lines). While I was going in for my change a young woman who looks like she lives a very hard, and maybe medicated life, pulls up in a fairly new Prius. And then approaches me - and everyone else at the station - asking for money for gas.

So I say no and now I am still feeling a bit guilty. Who am I to judge? Maybe she is really down on her luck??? Hopefully this does not respond in bad karma for me (just happened to my son - he went to mail an envelope/package at UPS and they wanted to charge him 3 times what he was charged the week before for the same size package/same weight/same address and of course being who he is - as well as being under stress - he cussed them up and down; and was especially unhappy when they called the manager who was too busy at the movies to even talk to him). Well, on his way to SF he blew out one of the tires of his car!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday - Happy Veteran's Day - Week Wrap up

 It was chilly last night and I am cheap.....didn't want to turn on the I lit a fire - all by myself! At first I thought, uh oh, something is wrong, pellets are not falling down - oh no, I don't want to tell Tom his baby is broken! But then I realized I forgot to hit the button to have the pellets fall!!
 we watched the boys overnight Sat night.....look at Luke photobombing Connor's photo!
I cannot believe that my first grandchild is 11 ELEVEN years old today!
He was a surprise - and a total blessing in our lives when he finally decided to be born - after many many hours....Our lives would not be the same without this very very loving young man!
 Happy Veteren's Day to LTC (ret) Daniel Leo Sullivan Jr
 and to LT Yola (NMI) Sullivan, RN
 Here is Jack doing his reading.....
 Went to the monthly opening of the Paris Flea Market - one of those shabby chic stores that opens once/month. And now they have a little area that really is a flea market - and I got this full to the brim sewing/knitting basket! Lots of glitter, and sequins, and knitting needles, crochet hooks and embroidery hoops - also lots of elastic if anyone needs some - and some replacement pockets for slacks!
This guy was very tired Sunday after the boys left - and after I took him on his walk. Kept finding him in his bed!

Friday and Sunday I went to several of the stores that were in the Downtown Livermore Open House. One store was so cheerful - friendly - accommodating even tho I did not buy anything ; another could not be bothered to deal with potential customers so even if I had wanted to buy something, I wouldn't have! and on Sunday when I went to the last store, I heard a lot of complaining about one of the stores not being open on Sunday even tho the Open House was advertised for all 3 days???!!!! I spent a little money so that helps the Small Business Shopping - but I think this was earlier this year cause I usually buy some See's candy for presents and it is way too early to buy it (cause I would eat it all!)

Today I bit the bullet and went to the Mall. I HATEHATEHATE shopping (unless it is thrift stores....yarn stores....or book stores!!!!). So I usually go once, at the most twice per year. I was not in there more than a few minutes before I had a headache from all the perfumes and all the noise.

I did get a stocking stuffer for one daughter....I had found a Macy's gift card I had forgotten about and so went there to buy a Christmas present for my other daughter. And they did not have what I wanted. So I spent a long time searching but finally bought myself a purse (with the coupon I even got change back!!).

I also stopped at Nordstroms cause I have a partially used card from there and thought I could get a new wallet.... HA HA HA HA! The cheapest one I found was $88!!!!!!

So then I came home and rested a few minutes (after the mall I went to Walmart - and ended up not being able to get 1/2 my list! What is up with that????).

Decided to take the dog to wash him. He has some hot spots I need to call the vet about and he is really sticky - I think from the boys! Got to Pet Food Express and their bath area was closed. But while there, one of the sales associates was playing with him and noticed his foot was bleeding! She cleaned it up and since it was around/near his nail put some steptic powder on it - he never cried/winced or anything - not even limping.  So now I am afraid to give him a bath (it is such a fight and I don't want to hurt it more) or take him for his walk!

He was good in the car while I ran into the store for 2 items - yes, I broke down and got him a new (stuffing-less baby while at PFE). So went to the PO to mail 2 packages.

The APS was working so I got the postage for both boxes and went to put them into the bin.....and the bin is locked. What??? I go today to beat the crowds and now I have to go back again tomorrow anyway??? RIDICULOUS!

I am felting my mystery knitting project (will post it after Christmas cause I am so thrilled with it - looks so good pre-felting and looking good felting) I know I am going to have to make one for myself!!!!!