Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Report

Busy weekend. Saturday was our one and only garage sale day. We were worried that the weather would be too hot - after all it had been 105 degrees just a few days before!

Instead, a nor'easter blew thru - wild winds - cold weather - and as soon as we finished setting up at o'darkthirty, IT RAINED! For a few minutes - much more than a drizzle but less than a deluge - would you believe it! Spent a lot of the day exercising by chasing after things being blown away. The sun did come out about 2 hours before we closed up shop...

We sold a bit. Not as much as we would like - but we have a charitable organization coming by Tuesday to cart away the leftovers. A few things we sold - I missed as soon as they were gone! But what were we going to do? Keep them boxed up forever?

And of course, today was bright - blue - sunny - warm but not hot. Took a nice walk in Sycamore grove and then we went on the Wine Tasting Special Train at Niles Canyon Railway.

We first went on this in 2008 and really enjoyed it. Didnt make it last year due to my friends the crutches. Remembered it this year in time to make the last Sunday it was scheduled for.
Get to try local wines - some of which we would never try otherwise. Really enjoyed the Semillion from Cuda Ridge - but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the Port from Cedar Mountain. I would normally not even try a port, but I am glad I did - I just added it to my Christmas Wish List!

These ruins are off of Highway 84....would love to know the story behind them...

Monday, August 23, 2010

This week

LOOK! Our first edible corn! We tried a few weeks ago - according to all the advice we could find on the internet - but it wasnt ripe yet. And look at the beautiful cucumbers - we have been getting lots of beautiful cukes - and they are so bitter and nasty that they are inedible.
HOT! today and tomorrow and wednesday - maybe some of our tomatoes will ripen? Saw this chicken yard on our walk in WC the other day. This has gotten to be the popular thing this year. Wonder how many people eventually are able to eat their chickens? I bet not many. I am sure most people only have them for the eggs - and with this egg issue in the midwest I am sur emore people will do it. If we had a larger yard - and they werent stinky and noisy, I would like to do this also...

Isnt this beautiful? Both the boys - but also the scenary!
Sold one of the items on Ebay....9 items up - and only 1 sold so far. Am going to repost a couple at slightly reduced prices.
More pricing of stuff for the garage sale. But too hot to go thru too much more in the garage and upstairs. Luckily (so far) it is not supposed to be that hot this Saturday....well, whatever we find after this will go into the next sale...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Many Faces of Jack

He had fun making the faces....and I had fun taking the photos! Wearing Luke's hat and being an "old man"
Another "old man"

Being a monkey

Ahhh....he cant eat his cupcake yet....

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

Altho this is Luke, and not Jack, can you guess the theme for Jack's 5th birthday party?

Here is another clue!

The best clue of all!

Jack being tickled by his Uncle John

Until he was helped to go down the big slide, this was Luke's favorite part of the water slides...

Connor having fun

One of the few photos of Jack alone on the slide. Have lots of great shots of kids having fun - but I won't post photos of other people/kids without permission. And Jack usually went down the slide with his buddy!

My daughter goes all out - see the decos?
Unfortunately, once the boys arrived and found the Star Wars and Nerf guns....all the UP games went out the window....

She made Scout type sashes for everyone with their names on them...
And here is the little guy who wants to play with the big guys but sometimes gets left behind!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garage Sale-ing

I love it! Even got my hubby hooked.
But I do not like getting ready for the one we will be having in 2 weeks!

Last week was great - we got some garden tools for DD and SIL at a great price - got to see a lovely home - and hear some local history.

This week - I got a platter for my dinner set - some books I have been wanting - some gifties for friends and grand daughter - books for grand sons.....some great garden pots - and hubby scored a Mickey Mouse golfer watch (dont know why - he doesnt wear watches!).

But you know what is the best thing about garage sale-ing? Seeing parts of the town/area that you have never been in before. Learning some local history. Meeting some interesting (and yes, some strange) people.

Getting ready to take dog for bath and shots (oh yeah, hubby scored a huge bag of balls for him). Tomorrow is Grandson #3 - 5th Birthday party. So two days off from going thru and pricing junk! YAY! Cause I work the next 2 days. Of course, that means I then have 3 days off in a row which will be spent in de-junking....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wow - or should I say whew?

Its been a long time coming, but we are finally going thru JUNK.

My junk...his parent's junk...his parent's junk....leftover kids junk. And trying to deal with it all.

Toss it? Keep it? Give it to the kids? Sell it? Where and how?

You see a lot of the stuff in antique and collectibles shops...but does any of it sell?

He sold the first item on Craigs two listings on Ebay did not sell. Do I try again with a lower price? Or wait awhile to see if the market picks up? Should I agree to sell overseas even tho they each weight ALOT???

Too too too many decisions.

And it is physically and emotionally exhausting.

And then there is the totebox full of old financial records that was leftover from my dad. I am starting to believe that we should have just paid a shredder company to handle it. We have a huge tote full of shredded paper and I do not think I am even 1/2 done. Anyone shipping anything soon? Got lots of shredded packing paper available!!!

The fun part of today was garage sales.....Spend $17.75 and got some garden tools, a kids game, and 2 little gifts for friends, oh, and the wooden file cabinet I have been wanting (the two beat up metal ones can go into the garage sale!!!). Then to the library for some research. Home to more shredding....Made a peach/nectarine/blueberry cobbler and hubby is making (yum!!) eggplant parmigian!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Comment Moderation

Sorry everyone - I am going to start moderating comments. I have been getting only unintelligble - to me - postings that all appear to be written in some Asian language. On investigation, Blogger says this is a type of spamming. So I initiated comment moderation along with word verification. Sorry for the inconvenience...