Monday, October 15, 2007

Uh oh - its coming

Well, went to the Comp Exam workshop yesterday and it all became very very real. In about a month I will be sitting in a computer lab, with 4 hours to write an APA formatted paper, without any resources with me except a reference list and an outline. And whether or not I get my MSN depends on whether or not I achieve an 80% on that pass/fail paper.

A month. 4 weeks. To research it and write it over and over again until I know the material inside and out, upside and down.

And they blew my original idea out of the water. So I have to go back to another idea - of which I threw away all my articles about 2 weeks ago. So I start from square -1.

Might not be seeing much posting. Unless I am freaking out - which I know I will do.

So I am asking you all for lots of prayers and good thoughts that I pass this obstacle...and that my poor husband survives living with me for this period of time....which of course also includes work, and role option hours, and school work...

Only a month...only a month...only 4 weeks....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thought provoking thoughts

Thanks to Birdsongs comment on my last post....I started thinking. I love the yarn I made the SCRAWL from. Not only the texture but the colors. But have I worn it yet? No - becuase I dont have anything to wear it with.

And that started me thinking. The colors I buy in yarns rarely if ever go with the colors in my wardrobe. Why? Why would I lust for/buy/enjoy/choose colors to knit with that are so different than the colors in my wardrobe?

I know in socks, most of my clothing is not purples. And I do love the deep plums and eggplants. And yet most of the sock yarns I choose are matter how hard I try to chose other colors...the ones I make are from the purples I buy.

Does anyone else have this predicament?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Some Updates

Here are two photos of the Scrawl that I finished sometime ago. It is lovely isnt it? Still dont think I got the sleeve length quite right, even after re-doing them once. If you are interested, the pattern is here:

This is an adorable kit that I found out from a friend at She has a far better photo of the bracelet she did on her site. Anyway, the kit is from They have a lot of lovely kits and their service is wonderful! Please go and look at all the lovely jewelry you can make! And you know what surprised me? They have knit bead jewelry kits for sale - jewelry that I have in my mom's jewelry case that she made decades ago! What is that saying about what is old is new again?

And this is a future present for a special little miss. Yes, it is way too big for her right now. And I purposely made it too big. It will either fit her next summer or the summer after that. Altho, after the phone call I recieved today - maybe it will be next summer! The phone call was from DD who states little Kaia is up to 9 lbs already and has sprouted 2 inches - up to 21 inches tall!!! So maybe she is going to a be a tall girl and tkae after her brother...after all, both parents are pretty tall! Anyway, that was a cotton yarn and pattern that I bought from the yarn girls at Again, I had wonderful service from them, but this was thte firts time I have ordered from them.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, I emailed United Airlines last week to ask them how they determined who recieved the travel voucher. No reply so far. Of course, I was pretty sarcastic about preferential treament towards the male half of the traveling twosome...

I am so tired. Really tired. And it is school that I am tired of. I feel like there is this pendulum swinging over my head "Clinical hours...Comp Exam...Weekly work...Clinical Hours...Comp Exam...Weekly work". Slowly and tenaciously it swings...

I have my Beap Soup bracelet done...well, almost done. The knitting is done. Just have to put the fasteners on. Should be able to get to that today since I am on call. And am ready to make more - much more quick and easy than I first thought!

And the dress I am knitting for someone special is almost done. And already found another idea. Dont know that I will have to order the pattern for that one. I think I can wing it without a pattern as long as I find the colors I want!

Next weekend I have to go to the Comp Exam Workshop in Salinas - Sunday evening. I am not complaining. Much better than having to fly down south - miss out on work and clinical hours and spend more money! Have to do that in November for the Comp Exam itself. And I am getting pretty frustrate trying to find resource material for the paper.