Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Weather

Wow - the weather has been crazy lately hasnt it?! Mother Nature is truly expressing her opinions of what humankind is doing to her planet.

The tsunami had very little effect on our areas of CA (not so in Crescent City) except for the Santa Cruz Harbor. AMAZING to watch what the power of the ocean can do.....the size of the waves wasnt what was the strength and speed of that amazing wave action! According to the news, we have had rain 16 days this month....that is a lot of water. They
are having to let water out of reservoirs and all because their is not enough storage. So lets see....last year we were almost in a complete drought....this year we have too much water and the snow packs (which are apparently very deep and wet this year) havent even started to melt!
On the few days - or partial days - we cant even go to our favorite park for a walk cause it is closed because of the run offs.
My daughter posted this photo of her patrol car in Berkeley the day they had the 3" of hail!!
Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a wedding. For the sake of the wedding party, I hope the rain takes a break in the afternoon!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Now if only I had found this recipe earlier, I would be having these for dessert tonight:

Dont they look yummy!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I may not like baseball, but I love t-ball!

This was the 2d game of t-ball season for my 5 year old grandson - the first game I have gotten to go to.

Besides sitting in the dirt and goofing off with friends, the best part of t-ball is the snacks at the end of the game!

Apparently this is how he percieves the pitcher stance to be...

Hey Aunt Titi - I'm a little tree hugger!

Hey Batter Batter!

Hmmm, maybe I can figure out all the mysteries of baseball if I crouch down here and stare at the dirt long enough....

If I make a ferocious face, maybe I can scare the batter from the other team.

" No, I dont want to play baseball...I'm an airplane!"
"But Luke, when you are older, do you want to play baseball?"
"Oh, okay.....fine"

I'll just practice my winning dance ....

The peanut gallery.....hey, where's the peanuts?????
Nice day today - everyone had fun.....the other best thing about t-ball? The games are really short!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 recent finished projects

This is a UFO from who knows how many years past. It is one of the ones that when I started knitting it again - I realized why it was a UFO. Very easy knit. Beautiful thick/thin yarn with a sparkle. And yep, the dye rubbed off onto my hands. So I washed it and tried to block this very very long shawl - nothing big enough to block it on. I am hoping that the one wash was enough to 'set' the dye.
This is how I ended up blocking it - which means it wasnt blocked very well. But that is ok....for now. Am hoping that an email I sent to hubby will result in a birthday present that would make life easier when it comes to blocking knit items!
Oh, where is the 2d item?
Well, it is a present that will be mailed out in a week or two. After that time I will post the photo - dont want the recipient sneaking over here to sneak a peek!