Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy BIrthday Girls and Boy! Abd Happy Anniversary too!

This is what happens when you forget how quicckly squash grows!

September is harvest time in the valley. Look at the pretty fall colors!

This is quite the week - the 'littlest' grand turned one this week - the only granddaughter turned 2 - her mommy turns????? today - and my other daughter and hubby celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

It has been so much fun the last couple of weeks - our tomatoes are finally becoming edible - and it is such a great feeling jsut to be able to go into your own yard and pick veggies! Tomatoes and squash this year. Lots of plans for next year - a new and improved garden for then!

Work has been going okay. I am very glad I listened to people and started back just the 8 hours. Especially since I am finding the ankle brace the MD wants me to wear just not doable. He specifically told me to get a lace up one. And I did. And it was fine. Until I went back to work and was on my feet more. It laces up thru metal eyelets - and then has 2 straps that cross over it in a figure 8 - and so some of the eyelets are under the straps. And then putting a tie shoe on has been killing the top of my foot! The other day I even tried 2 pairs of socks under it but that didnt help that area of my foot. So I found a similar type of brace to try - to ties - just the figure out part. It is a liuttl e shorter too which means I can actually wear the shorter socks I prefer. We will see how this is. Got it yesertday and today I am on call (maybe I can make it to Luke's party after all - cross your fingers for me!) so might not get to really try it out until Wednesday.

Had a great "thrift" day yesterday. Bought a beautiful bookcase for $15 to put under our stairs to hold all of hubbby's DVDs. The only thing is - when we got it home, it was too tall! Damn. Guess we should have measured instead of just eyeballing it!

Then there was a freecycle event - a house that was being emptied out - come and take what you want! Talk about visions of my parents house! Got a lighted CHristmas decoration - a frame - a lamp chimney to see if it would fit my lamp (it doesnt) - an old juice decanter (remember the ones with oranges painted all along the bottom?? I am using it to water plants!) - a beat up basket that made a great carry for all this and I am now using it to collect mail for was fun!

Then at another garage sale I spent $5 - got a Minnie Mouse Wilton cake pan (I dont think it was ever used), a fantastic denim Williams-Sonoma apron, a copper tea kettle, a piece of milk glass and 5 light cotton baby t-shirts with embroidery (I am going to save these for when Kaia has baby dolls that need cloths).

Went up to the Room With A Past Parking Lot Sale. Hubby 'let' me splurge on a complete old plastic cannister set! And I got a teddy and a cow made from recycled quilts.

But the best thing was the thrift shop across the street. They have great stuff there. I was disappointed because they had no yarn - and I can usually get some great yarn there - and the book selection wasnt good - but I got 2 lightweight ankle length skirts, and a denim shirt/jacket for $7!!!! In fact, I am wearing one of the skirts right now - supposed to be in the high 90's today!
And what is with this weather? We are looking at the next several days supposedly over 100 degrees. That is sooooo wrong! After this past week of perfect weather - nights in the 50's and days in the 80s!!! Had the most awesome thunder and lightening storm last week - those are so rare were we live - and if we get them they are usually a disappointment. But this one was definitely not disappointing! SInce I got to drive to work thru it, I really got to enjoy it!
Took the dog for a bath and shots yesterday. Oh no - we dont need the cost saving package cause he is current on his rabies! Come home and cannot find the documentation that I jsut know I have to prove that! So looks like I will be taking him next week for his rabies....


~~Carol~~ said...

I LOVE that red canister! It would fit perfectly in my kitchen! And that squash is huge! You'll be eating it for a week!
Happy VTT!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Celebrations all around. Thanks for sharing!
Living it up at Lakewood,