Monday, February 21, 2011

Have You Noticed

Yes, I am on my soap box again.
Started Friday - reinforced today.
And this is mainly a women bashing rant.

Apparently a very old game is back. Does anyone remember how to play Statues*?
Well, apparently many people do.
Mostly women.

Take the yarn market I went to Friday. Very crowded. Very busy. And yet at almost every 4 way intersection of aisles there were clumps of women playing Statue right in the middle. Just standing there, talking, and totally blocking the aisles so that no matter what direction you were walking you could not get around them.

Or the ones who were in the booths and just standing there - blocking it so that people could not look at the vendor's supplies - yet not buying.

Hubby told me that day at thegrocery store it was the same - women stopped to talk, totally blocking the aisle and being very snippy if people tried to get by.

Today we went to Whole Foods. Walked thru the door, into the produce, and there was the very first person playing Statue. (Also very odd, almost every person who walked by our shopping cart would slow down to look into it - noticed that the shoppers at this place were thoroughly checking out other poeple's shopping choices - very odd).

What is up with this?????

* This site has the most thorough explanation of this child hood game that I have ever seen or ever heard before:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am old

Gosh I feel old....and grumpy. But I realize I am very old fashioned and getting more so all the time.

  • A person I know is having her 3d baby. The same sex as the first. And the other on is only about 3 years old or so. And she is having a baby shower. I am old fashioned - why does she need another baby shower? It has not been a decade since the other baby - there has not been a huge life style change - it is not a different sex.....Yes, I know any baby should be a reason to celebrate - 8 page registry at Babies R Us????? As well as several pages at Target???? And no, it is not all diapers that she registered for.....
  • Another little yuppy who feels entitled to things is having a jewelry party. You know, come and spend lots of money on things you really dont need so I can get something free. She cant have one for her friends because all their husbands are out of work and most have had towalk away from their houses (but that is okay cause they didnt like living where those houses are anyway) so she is having one for her work friends - because of course they can afford to spend money on the crap.

Can you guess I will not be going to either one? Actually, I still have my house, but I cant afford and should not spend money on that crap either - and more importantly, I do not need it. Remember, I am trying to get RID of stuff (just went thru one of my jewelry boxes and set aside a bunch of earrings and things for my granddaughter!! Dont need to fill up those spaces!).

Another friend has announced she is getting a divorce after 20 years. Says she has come to the realization that her marriage is not worth it - it is based on convenience and not love. She affirms that her husband is a great guy and she does, and will always, care for him but she is not in love with him. Said she has come to the realization that she no longer knows who she is or want she wants. Of course my hubby says there has to be more involved. I say - hey - why waste his time and her time in a marriage if it is only based on convenience.

Unlike another friend who puts up with a verbally & emotionall abusive husband who destroys her sentimental family items when he is ticked at her - because she does not want to lose money on the house that is no longer worth what it was - and does not want to hand over 1/2 her retirement when she is almost near retirement age. I say - yeah, stay with him, and when that anger overflows into actually abusing the grandbaby that lives with him - saving that house and retirement will be well worth it.

And the other one who is keeping her marriage going because she does not want her step son to go back to the mother or have her children raised without a father because she will not be able to support them while she pays him alimony....yeah, these are all great reasons to keep marriages together.

But then again, I am only hearing one side of these stories - and I have always maintained there are 3 sides to these - hers, his, and theirs.

Ok, done ranting for now, off my soap box. Now kids, turn that damn music down!!!! I am old and grumpy!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Art work by grandsons!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's That Time Again!

My 3d year of walking - the 6th year for this walk.

May 7 - 10K walk - wearing my bra on the outside - and proud of it!

Every year I have a good mammogram reading, makes me all the more hyped to do this!

My fundraising page can be accessed thru

If you cant donate - maybe you can walk - at the very least - remember to get your mammogram and remind all those you love that they need to get theirs too!!! (and dont forget that breast cancer is NOT gender specific - males can get breast cancer too).

UFO continued

So as I slowly continue to dig out "my" was further along before Christmas than it is now!....I find these UFO's that really excite me!

The denim colored vest - one side almost done....
Theblack tick/thin yarn with sparklies....

And one by one I bring them down to work on....

As I worked on the denim vest I realized that the dye was coming off on my hands. Very much so. Ok, so get thru it, finish it, and you can rinse the dye out of the finished project and set the color. But then I discover, if I dont stop periodically to wash the dye off my hands, it becomes more difficult to wash off....

So I dont want to knit when I have to go to work later that day...or the next day...or when I am going to be touching something that I dont want to get denim colored dye on....see where I am going? I have the 2d front almost done but am dreading the back. It will be more yarn which will be more blue hands and more frequent stopping.....sigh...

The black project is either a wide scarf or thin rectangular shawl. Not sure which. Think I bought it eons ago at Stitches is easy - garter stitch on size 15 needles. Much easier once I switched to pointy needles (it is a lace weight with slubs of thick sparkly yarn after all). It calls for 2 skeins, which I have, but I cannot imagine how huge that will be! Have aout 12" done so far and realized that no, I hadnt bumped into anything or touched anything....yup, the black dye comes off on my hands....

Sigh. I think I will make some more bunny egg covers instead!