Thursday, October 28, 2010


Finally - after approx 20 years in this house and hating the palm trees all that time - we are finally getting rid of them. We started off with 5 - 3 in the front and 2 in the back. Not sure why ANYONE would plant that many on this small of a lot.

Got rid of one in the back many many years ago and it really traumatized the guy - cause it was so full of animals and birds and nests and baby birds.....Never could really find any one else to take down the rest that we could afford.

The most difficult one is left to come down. And that is cause it is growing up between a bunch of wires.

Our new front door is in. Will be delivered Tuesday.
Guess we have to find the hardware for it. And also order an address plaque for the house since we will not longer be able to use "the house with the 3 palms in the front yard"!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


new driveway poured - check

new weatherstripping for door....ummm, I mean, new front door ordered - check

lots of pellets in the garage for winter - check

guy giving us the estimate to cutdown all those godforsaken palm trees in the front yard - what do you mean you cant do it now? Your cousin promised came over and assured us you could do it, you just needed to price it out....


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Isn't this pretty? This is in front of the house along Carmel Beach - I was parked in front of it for lunch.

Ok - I cannot believe how crazy these kids are! Swimming in the cold Pacific Ocean in October!!!!!

Up not quite so early Sunday - no free breakfast for us - HAD to go to our favorite donut shop to p/u donuts to 'pay' our son for dog sitting - so might as well eat there!

Then dropped off some 'maters at a friends house and sat an caught up with him and his son for awhile. Decided to head out for the BBQ - walked outside and it was pouring down raining!!!

Went to the BBQ anyway - there was some covered areas there. It was pretty miserable to start - cold and wet and all. But the rain eventually stopped and it got better. The food was pretty good too!

Headed home late afternoon - vegged out at home - and slept in the next day. Too much partying for this old gal.....and when I thought back over it - the entire weekend - I had a total of 4 glasses of wine! WOOHOO! Party animal!!! LOL

(BTW, I finished that scarf - which I started Sat - Monday night - and meanwhile ordered 3 more skeins of the yarn to make 3 more Christmas presents!)


So up bright and early Sat AM. Breakfast at the complimentary breakfast in the lobby - not too bad. And headed down to Carmel Valley to drop hubby off at Rancho Canada for gold with class mates.

I went to a garage sale in Carmel. Nothing great. And drove around the beach a bit. Then into Pebble Beach for a garage sale - another great buy on a Longaberger basket - $1!!!!

Wanted a rusted out old lantern - thought it would look cool with a potted plant just sitting in it. But they wanted $5 for this hunkajunk.

So walked away from that and drove around 17 Mile Drive taking photos and enjoying the view.

Did end up at the yarn shop - Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove - GREAT shop!!!! And a couple of thrift shops. Then decided to get a sandwich from Troia's and took it back to Carmel - sat at the beach, ate, and started knitting a new scarf.

Then picked up hubby - back to hotel - shower time while hubby took a nap. Then to the reunion. Was able to wear heels only because I wore boots which covered up my elastic ankle support!
The food was pretty darn good for hotel type food! Actually had a pretty good time but stayed up way too late for this old lady!

Reunion Weekend - Friday

Coast photos 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach - yes it was an overcast day.

One of my interesting signs....turn left to go into Rancho Canada Golf Course....right to go to Church....if the end were really near, I know I would choose to go right!

I love fog. Talking to people at the reunion who now live in hot areas, their one concern about moving back to the area is the weather....fog and overcast....all the lovliness of living by the coast. I would hate to give up the fall and spring weather when it is warm during the day but cool at night. But I definitely would take the fog over hear any day!

So - it was hubby's high school reunion this past weekend. His 40th. Yeah, I made fun of him until I realized that next year will be MY 40th reunion! OUCH!

So we went down Friday. Had several errands to run including getting the new lease signed by the tenants. Checked into the hotel (same hotel as the reunion was at). To find it over run by women dressed in red. A convention of Republican women - OMG!!!!!! Even hubby walked around muttering about wishing he could find a Jerry button! And I was wishing I had some blue clothes with me!

And speaking about clothes....I am unpacking my stuff while hubby is chilling on the couch watching something on TV....when I realize I do not see the clothes he was going to wear the next night! The clothes he HUNG BACK IN HIS CLOSET cause he didnt want to wrinkle them before he hung them up in the car!!!!!!! Yep, they were still hanging in the closet - AT HOME!

So made a trip to Del Monte Center and Macy's. Found him some nice pants and 2 different shirts. I really really REALLY tried my darnedest not to laugh too loudly about all this....

Enjoyed dinner at Ablonetti's (as usual) and then back to the room to watch some b'ball. Went to the bar to watch the end of it and nighty night for an early morning the next day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winter preparation

Well, we took a break from winterizing the house - maybe cause it is summer again? Yep, temps in the high 80 - low 90 this week. Went with daughter and her 3 sons to the corn maze. ( again. Look what someone had the time and inclination to do - braid some of the corn hair!!! It was fun, but a bit hot out there in the midst of the maze.

One of the issues is the weatherstripping at the bottom of the front door is worn out. An easy repair, right?????? HA!!! 3 trips back and forth to Home Depot......finally got a bottom thing on, but with the rubber stripping inside, the door wont close! So we now have a nice gap at the bottom. So hubby's wish is coming true...we are shopping for a new door. And he is insisting on a new sidelight too. The only reason I am giving in is the framing ( or jamb or whatever) around the sidelight and all looks awful. But it is killing me how much it is costing....

The other thing is our patio cover. Anyone know of any contests to win a re-do of the backyard??? We have the ugliest backyard ever. Have hated it since we moved in and not only have not had the money - but just cant come up with ideas of what to do + the time and energy to do it.
So we have this long patio. Which could be nice except for this rather low tin roofed cover. And last winter we ended up having to put the outdoor chairs on top of the tin to keep it all from blowing off. So this week we took care of it - mostly hubby but he did get me up on (shudder) a ladder to help out. He nailed down the worst spots and replaced some rotted roof.

We are looking into getting the palm trees chopped down finally. Have someone who may be reasonable - but the problem is our new waste management is outrageously expensive - which we knew was going to happen when they came in with hybrid vehicles etc. And these palms are very tall (never did figure out how to kill them off when they were shorter) so they will result in a lot of waste. They are lovely homes for birds, rats, and squirrels so we will hopefully be turning into bad landlords and evicting them all without notice!
Next weekend is hubby's 40th (yep, that is FORTIETH) high school class reunion. I was picking on him and making fun of him until I realized that means mine is next year - OUCH! So next weekend we will be down in Monterey ( a rough life, but someone has to do it) - golf for hubby on Saturday morning - the reunion that evening - and then a BBQ on Sunday.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


What happened to the comments under my last 2 photos in the last post??
Guess i have to try again.

The shawl is the GORGEOUS one Mona made and sent to me. The colors are way off in the photo - the purples are much darker - if I was picking out yarn - I would have gone straight for it. It is perfect.

The other photos are what else she sent. Some chocolate I still havent eaten. Had to pop it into the refrig when it came - duringthe hottest week all year!

The other are some awesome stitch markers. Recycled aluminum! So they are nice and light! And an ingenous design - they are reversible so they can be used on all sizes of needles!