Saturday, June 15, 2013


There are days that are magical. Nothing special or out of the ordinary happens but something jsut brings peace to the soul and heart.

Today was one of those days. Got up - drank the juice hubby made - and then took a shower, got dressed and out the door.

Saturday breakfast - splurge at the donut shop (the best one around here but absolutely no competition to Red's Donuts!). Saturday morning trip to the Farmer's Market - sorry fish stall, not going home this morning so cant stop there.

Then to the swim meet. Missed the one and only swim by the youngest, but got to watch the other two swim. And they are good! Connor's breast stroke has come such a long way since last year - and Jack just keeps on improving! Sun was out but the sitting place was in the shade with a breeze - almost too cold!

Lunch at daughters - watched the boys ride their bikes - stopped by the grocery store for the items we (I!!) forgot yesterday. Blanched and peeled the apricots we bought this AM to make a pie for tomorrow....catching up on the internet while hubs watches the US Open.....watching the grand dog swim and out dog play life guard...and realized that today is just a hands down lovely day. Nothing special - nothing out of the ordinary, but my heart and soul is smiling...

Except for those certain special milestones, it is days like this that makes life what it is all about,eh?!