Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know I am a bit late with the message.....but it has been a long long week.
I ended up working 3 days in a row - because someone wanted to work my Thanksgiving! YAY!!! Well, I dont know.....they tried to kill this old woman.....3 looooooooong days, on my feet all day, no lunches, barely any bathroom breaks.....not sure why so many women decided they had to have their babies in the 3 days before Thanksgiving! Thank God for extra strenth tylenol!

Thanksgiving was lovely. A little wierd tho. First time in over 30 years that hubby and I have not cooked it. We went to daughter #1 house......she did the turkey and most of everything. We did a salad, the relish plate, an pies. Her MIL brought over some things too.

Went with the boys to see The Muppets - it was cute - the boys were good. But it was a long and noisy day....probably because I was still tired.

Yesterday we drove to San Jose to the Harvest Festival. We go every year. This might have been our last year. Smaller than usual.....mostly same old stuff....except for what we went for, and it wasnt there! I spnt less than $30 which is amazing....

Today was Small Business Saturday. We went to the donut shop for breakfast (small business), the Farmer's Market (many small businesses)....ok, had to go to Joann's to get some buttons and things and I know that isnt a small business, and neither was Safeway....then we were going to walk around downtown but there really wasnt anything there that we hadnt seen we hit some of the local thrift shops - the hospital one and the shelter one, not the chain ones.....

And at the hospital one I found:

a piece of the Balleek china I collect - for $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, it was 50% off!!!!!!!!!

Also got some yarn for the teddy bears, a couple of Christmasy serving plates, a book I have been wanting, and a wine bottle gift box.....not a bad day at all!

Then came home andfinished digging out a corner that turned ito storage way back when we painted our room and we just hadnt gotten around to clearing it out. Thought it was going to be the area for the Christmas Tree but then Old Scrooge decided - after all his bah humbugging about it - that he is going to put up his North Pole Village after we brought in the tables for that.

Been packing boxes to ship to daughter #2 in TN.....and I jsut know remembered something I havent wrapped! Glad I only sealed up one of the 2 boxes!

I really want to get all my boxes mailed this week and then I can work on cards....but I am waiting for a couple ofthings to come that need to go into the boxes....

I work tomorrow and I am achy again.....and mixed up since I usually dont split weekends...what day is this??? I work Sunday and Monday and I am sure I will be convinced that they are Sat and Sun all week long!

Just as long as I dont forget my haircut on Tuesday....and work on Wed and then 4 days off!!! This weekend is the Wine Trails which should be fun - have only done that about 3 times cause it is usually on my w/e to work....and then a family reunion for hubby's side on Sunday. That should be fun....but boy, time is starting to fly by - still need t get to Monterey, and San Francisco before Christmas - work really interferes with life sometimes!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo catch up - Blogger finally cooperated!

These turkeys are smarter than I have ever been led to believe - they crossed a busy road in the cross walk ...ok, they didnt have a crossing light, but they still stayed in the cross walk. It was a flock of aout 6 or 7 of them.

Boys never grow up do they? Yup, hubby just had to play with hs food...

Not the est example, but the one I could get. There are some glorious trees out there right now - who says we dont get fall folliage in California????

A lovely hand crocheted doily or hot pad that a friend brought back from England

Isnt this a lovely tool box? All rusty and glorious? Got it for $1 - and it is now filled with plants

A tea party baby shower for one of the nicest people at work. Thought I got a photo of the tri level tray full of goodies but didnt....that 'pillow' was filled with sweet potatoe pie die for! Their cream scones were also delectable!Co workers at the tea party....there were about 5 or 6 tables full....

The same friend who brought me the crochetted goody from England, supported my Balleeck addiction with a belated birthday present - isnt it lovely?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Interesting Day

Ok...I give up. For some reason I cannot get any photos to load.
So will have to try them later.

Woke up to a grey, cold, drizzly day.
Hubby had to get labwork done...then we went and had breakfast...and hit up some garage sales. A couple of books, 2 puzzles for grandson, a ceremic Nativity set, a very cute little duck creamer, a piggy pitcher, some Christmas flowers, and a rusty ole tool box that is going to be awesome for a planter....

Then to the market and then to gym to work out.

After that a memorial service for a colleague who passed away a few weeks ago. Old time L&D nurse. Had been around since , well, you fill int he blanks. She could predict almost to the minute, when a delivery would happen. This the second nurse I have worked with who died within a year or two or retiring.....maybe I should never retire?????

It was lovely to see so many old friends and co workers....ones who have retired or jsut quite and moved away. Sad to catch up on some - one co worker who had to retire way before she was ever ready - always sad to see her - and hear about her dad dying....another one who moved away and is younger than me but has colon cancer...OB docs (working and retired), anesthesiologists, nurses, XRay techs - so many people from work.

You know what? It is going to be a WINE night!

Got a lovely over due birthday present from a friend - the most beautiful Balleeck vase (just wish you could see it!!) and a hank made crochet dishcloth that she brought home from England!

Hubby has to get up very early tomorrow - going to be at the firing range ALL DAY tomorrow in this cold weather! And I will wake up leisurely and do some errands....including picking up a raffle prize I won yesterday at the shopping we did downtown after we went to the lovely Craft Sale at a local Church.

I love those craft shows....they have some of the BEST stocking stuffers....lovely hand made things...and some of the tackiest things you just have to laugh at!

Couldnt get my phone out of my bag quick enough (another photo that wont load) but watched a flock of turkeys - about 6 - 7 of them - walk across a very busy street - walking in the crosswalk!

He wasnt Uncle Walter - but he was always fun to watch and listen to - RIP Andy Rooney...