Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

1. Each and every time we had the whole entire family together!

2. Biggest challenge? Starting a 2d new job 6 month after starting the 1st new job - going back to night shift

3. That I do know how to pull my big girl panties up and deal with things?

4. Each and every new challenge is a learning experience - just as each person you meet brings something into your life - whether you allow it to be a positive new challenge/thing or a negative is totally up to you. Time to let the past be the past and only allow positive things affect me.

Now I hope each and every person who reads this thinks about these and answers them - and if you answer them on a blog please link it to me - I would like to read what you wrote. And I know if I read this again tomorrow - I would have some slightly different answers to it!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Round Up

 A tradition is giving scratchers to everyone - and of course the kids compete to see who wins the most $! - but "Santa" bought some that were very time consuming and difficult!!!!! BUT....from one of those I won $20 which is the most I have ever won!
 Christmas Day at DD.....nice time with DD, SIL, 3 grandkids and the SIL's parents. Got to meet their new puppy
 On the way over to DD house -  wayyyy too hot for Christmas! the best present I got that day? was being put on call and staying on call all night!
 Pre-Christmas Dinner #2.....the crab fanatic being helped by the chef - eating crab sh*#
 The rest of the crew enjoying it!
 I think he likes his light up faux hawk!!!!!
 Beautiful cardinal gifts from a friend - long story behind this - but I am totally in love with the big red bird there!!!!
 We usually have a silly string fight at holidays (ok, but traditions are traditions right? No matter how silly they are!) but this year son bought everyone in the family a Nerf gun. Brought them over Saturday night after cioppino (he does not eat fish unless it is sushi!) and we had a blast!!!! But the best thing ever???? The next morning when my 8 year old grandson told me "MeMaw, you were awesome with that gun last night! You could really shoot fast!!!!" I will remember that compliment forever......
 She played tea parties all the time she was here....and we had to keep wiping up the water....oops, I mean tea.....

Ralphie's first Christmas - he was such a good boy. Never once tried to tear open a package - not even his!!!!

He met his new cousin on Saturday also and he and Lex played all day long! Not sure who had the most fun - or who was the most tired that night!
He wasn't that interested in my daughter's dogs after Roofus (AKA Doofus) growled at him and then Yuke, the big beautiful white dog with autism, came running up at him....he does not do well with dogs running up at him. But for now Lex is smaller than him - wonder how it will be when Lex is bigger than him?

That night DD#2 and her SO went to a movie. Which was fine because 5 minutes after they went to bed the 2 minions were sound asleep. Until midnight that is.....first I heard Ralph roam around but I thought maybe it was DD coming home....then I had the living daylights scared out of me when someone was tapping me on the shoulder and saying "MeMaw the clock is making funny noises" and I woke up to find a midget standing over me! Turns out the alarm clock was going off in their room - the clock her mom put in there to make sure they did not come downstairs until 0800 - well, probably one of the 5 little rugrats played with it or hit something - and the alarm was going off! Woke her right up but her brother never even budged! She went right back to sleep but it took me awhile to let the adrenaline subside....

Friday, December 20, 2013

2014 Resolution

Ok here it is - and it is all because I cannot locate a Christmas present that needs wrapping - in 2014 I am going to try VERY HARD not to buy any yarn or any books. The only books that will come thru the door will be library books or presents......and the only yarn will be if I need something very very specific and cannot find a substitution for it in my stash. After I get those under control.....oh yes, and I will FORCE husband to stick to 4 presents/child or else he does all the wrapping by himself!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Stay safe - drive safely - enjoy your family and friends - and eat as much as you want - calories don't count on Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Thoughts

Took me an hour but I made it to the Hayward Courthouse before 0900 this AM....found parking and then had to stand in a long line out front waiting to go thru the metal detectors.

They say it is just like TSA screening - except you are not allowed to bring knitting needles and TSA lets you bring them, so they lie....

There are signs to take off metal items - belts - watches - jewelry. This person behind me kept setting off the alarm and finally the deputy looks at her and says "Think it might be all that jewelry?" She looks at him and literally responds "Huh?" And so he tells he she needs to take off that 4" - 5" stack of bracelets she is wearing....all the while, I am sure the line is getting longer.

The chairs in the jury room are EXCEEDINLY uncomfortable....especially during the "HOORAH/aren't we great" video we had to watch.

I was not in the first group called and eventually was dismissed - and the funny thing is, I am kind of disappointed!!!!!

Weird day - must be that beautiful full moon (that had the largest ring around it last night that I have ever seen!). First a car comes up in the left turn only lane which clearly has a red light - the straight ahead has a green - and granted he does slow down, but proceeds to turn left on that red light....and hours later another one just decides the red stop light means for him to go! Luckily people were watching out.

Decided to top off hubby's gas for him (he let me/made me take the car for parking purposes which was good because the spaces are very narrow and most cars end up parking on or over the lines). While I was going in for my change a young woman who looks like she lives a very hard, and maybe medicated life, pulls up in a fairly new Prius. And then approaches me - and everyone else at the station - asking for money for gas.

So I say no and now I am still feeling a bit guilty. Who am I to judge? Maybe she is really down on her luck??? Hopefully this does not respond in bad karma for me (just happened to my son - he went to mail an envelope/package at UPS and they wanted to charge him 3 times what he was charged the week before for the same size package/same weight/same address and of course being who he is - as well as being under stress - he cussed them up and down; and was especially unhappy when they called the manager who was too busy at the movies to even talk to him). Well, on his way to SF he blew out one of the tires of his car!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday - Happy Veteran's Day - Week Wrap up

 It was chilly last night and I am cheap.....didn't want to turn on the heater....so I lit a fire - all by myself! At first I thought, uh oh, something is wrong, pellets are not falling down - oh no, I don't want to tell Tom his baby is broken! But then I realized I forgot to hit the button to have the pellets fall!!
 we watched the boys overnight Sat night.....look at Luke photobombing Connor's photo!
I cannot believe that my first grandchild is 11 ELEVEN years old today!
He was a surprise - and a total blessing in our lives when he finally decided to be born - after many many hours....Our lives would not be the same without this very very loving young man!
 Happy Veteren's Day to LTC (ret) Daniel Leo Sullivan Jr
 and to LT Yola (NMI) Sullivan, RN
 Here is Jack doing his reading.....
 Went to the monthly opening of the Paris Flea Market - one of those shabby chic stores that opens once/month. And now they have a little area that really is a flea market - and I got this full to the brim sewing/knitting basket! Lots of glitter, and sequins, and knitting needles, crochet hooks and embroidery hoops - also lots of elastic if anyone needs some - and some replacement pockets for slacks!
This guy was very tired Sunday after the boys left - and after I took him on his walk. Kept finding him in his bed!

Friday and Sunday I went to several of the stores that were in the Downtown Livermore Open House. One store was so cheerful - friendly - accommodating even tho I did not buy anything ; another could not be bothered to deal with potential customers so even if I had wanted to buy something, I wouldn't have! and on Sunday when I went to the last store, I heard a lot of complaining about one of the stores not being open on Sunday even tho the Open House was advertised for all 3 days???!!!! I spent a little money so that helps the Small Business Shopping - but I think this was earlier this year cause I usually buy some See's candy for presents and it is way too early to buy it (cause I would eat it all!)

Today I bit the bullet and went to the Mall. I HATEHATEHATE shopping (unless it is thrift stores....yarn stores....or book stores!!!!). So I usually go once, at the most twice per year. I was not in there more than a few minutes before I had a headache from all the perfumes and all the noise.

I did get a stocking stuffer for one daughter....I had found a Macy's gift card I had forgotten about and so went there to buy a Christmas present for my other daughter. And they did not have what I wanted. So I spent a long time searching but finally bought myself a purse (with the coupon I even got change back!!).

I also stopped at Nordstroms cause I have a partially used card from there and thought I could get a new wallet.... HA HA HA HA! The cheapest one I found was $88!!!!!!

So then I came home and rested a few minutes (after the mall I went to Walmart - and ended up not being able to get 1/2 my list! What is up with that????).

Decided to take the dog to wash him. He has some hot spots I need to call the vet about and he is really sticky - I think from the boys! Got to Pet Food Express and their bath area was closed. But while there, one of the sales associates was playing with him and noticed his foot was bleeding! She cleaned it up and since it was around/near his nail put some steptic powder on it - he never cried/winced or anything - not even limping.  So now I am afraid to give him a bath (it is such a fight and I don't want to hurt it more) or take him for his walk!

He was good in the car while I ran into the store for 2 items - yes, I broke down and got him a new (stuffing-less baby while at PFE). So went to the PO to mail 2 packages.

The APS was working so I got the postage for both boxes and went to put them into the bin.....and the bin is locked. What??? I go today to beat the crowds and now I have to go back again tomorrow anyway??? RIDICULOUS!

I am felting my mystery knitting project (will post it after Christmas cause I am so thrilled with it - looks so good pre-felting and looking good felting) I know I am going to have to make one for myself!!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013


 It was chilly yesterday when I was sleeping - even after I closed the window! And then even chillier last night. Slept all day - ended up on call and still able to fall asleep at 11:00 PM! The night before really did kick my butt! Tucked Ralph in his bed when I went to bed - after all, he has a pillow there and his blanket.....after getting up to let him out at about 12:30 AM it was even chillier - he jumped on the bed after we went back to bed and I could feel him shivering.

Got the phone call about 4:30 AM which was ok....cause I just knew there wouldn't be any traffic cause it was Saturday AM right....yeah, after I hit the freeway and all the traffic even at that time in the AM I remembered it was Friday and not Saturday.

Nice to have a weekend off with hubby (his weekend is Friday and Saturday - so now I really am messed up cause kept thinking today was Saturday!). Weather is chillier so we went and got our first pallet of pellets and stacked them in the garage,,,,which then reminded us that we had not gotten the stove cleaned and serviced this year. Made the phone call and really got worried when the guy said he had gotten 15 calls - but have an appt. for next Wednesday morning so not too bad since next week is supposed to be cooler!

Got the truck washed and the truck and car filled up.

Went to Alden Lane and spent $$ on soil supplements for our garden so we can get it all prepped, plant the cover crop, and hopefully do better next year! So came home and we unloaded 10 huge bags of soil stuff and 2 very heavy 50 lb bags of gypsum....

Aren't these the cutest things? These were at Alden Lane.....

Then we went to a movie. I don't think we have been to a movie since August!!! Which is no big deal for me but amazing for hubby! Saw Captain Phillips - and yes, we knew the outcome, but it was very good and kept attention because you were "living" it with him rather than just reading about it or hearing about it on the news. What his family must have gone thru - I just can't imagine.

Was going to come home and walk the dog but his cousin was here and we told him he needed to play with his cousin cause I wanted to get into my sweats and slippers - I am starting to feel a little sleepy now!!

Tomorrow we will go to a swim meet - yup, fall meets - and hear all about our oldest GS's first Science Camp - a week away from home! And hopefully find out what he wants for his birthday next month!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Winding It All Up (or Down)

In no particular order because the system is acting up.....these were all from the last two days of our stay. Checked out of Aulani Saturday morning, and spent Saturday night in Waikiki
 Makua and Kila....a children's story....beautiful art
 Father Damion
 I can well believe that spirits live here....this is on the Na Pali lookout....and area of important but very bloody history
 our last sunset on Oahu....on our way to a wonderful (HA!) dinner....I let hubs chose and so he chose a buffet in the Royal Hawaiian Center....beware of places that do not list prices....no alcohol because they were "renewing their liquor liscence and it takes a month to do so"....very small choices....the hot food wasn't....the cold food wasn't.....the only good thing to fill up on were the mini desserts.....we were seated alone in the very far back corner of the place (we were also the only white couple there)....underneath the speaker that was BLARING music the whole time. And this wonderful repast? Yeah, $48 PER PERSON....
 For my grandson!
 Do I need to say anything about this? I didn't think so....
 Sunset as seen from the plane
 Island pride
 Down near the docks
 What can I say - speaks to me!
 Love the name of this place!
The Duke....
 Saved my money and went to Hawaii planning to buy this Wave necklace (well, not this exact one, a less expensive version). I could buy it in CA from the same chain store....but I wanted to get it in Hawaii
The wonderful sales clerk showed me so many beautiful things - including jewelry made from antique mother of pearl gambling ships - and then she showed me this Waterfall....oh my.....which to buy????? I could not make up my mind!!!! So I can home with neither one!
 This house was near our hotel. The yard and roof covered with pigeons....and the inside was filled with bird cages too. Wonder if they just loved birds or if they raise them to eat?
 Our 2d day on the island we saw a rainbow....the day before we leave, another rainbow...
Surfing at Waikiki.....movies are made of this stuff!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boring Knitting Stuff

I am so frustrated with a project - something that everyone has said is easy and fun.....I just cant get it! And cant even find any tutorials online to help out. So it is set aside for right now.... but cant be for too long cause it is a Christmas present (cant say much more because I don't know if the recipient reads my blog!).

So  back to work on my Halloween socks altho I am tempted to stop and make a teddy bear.....but since I am on a flow with the sock....and maybe I could possibly (bwahhhahaha) get it done for this Halloween...

Now I am getting the bug to do a sweater. Yeah, me, make another sweater. A cardigan. But every time I find a pattern I like - I cant/wont/shouldn't afford the yarn!!! (see the AGATA pattern at www.knitty.com as an example of one that I love - but the yarn would cost between $200 - $300!!!)


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday

 This is a quote at the Bishop Museum that I loved!
 Sunset from the A'ma A'ma restaurant at Aulani
 Ok - the food was good - and expensive - but honestly not nearly as expensive as I expected. The wine was very expensive - but since it all has to be imported....I trusted the waitress on this choice - a deep sea fish called Machong - Ma Chon - something like that. It came out and I though oh wow - that is a huge piece of fish....yup....ate every bite of it! It was sooooooo good.  We split a dessert and I cannot believe that I did not get a photo of it. We ordered a guava/apple tart with ice cream. And we received a plate that was this huge mound of sticky, fluffy, pink stuff. COTTON CANDY! You lifted that off, and underneath was this little 3" -4" tart with maybe a large teaspoon of ice cream on it. Bleh.  So I let husband have that while I ate the cotton candy!

Thursday we decided to go to the Bishop Museum instead of the Polynesian Cultural Center. Didn't want to tie up a whole day. Anyway - there are about 5 buildings to explore, and really only one of them was worth it. The ports memorabilia was really only a short hall lined with some photos; the other building was going to have an interactive Lego thing in it - on the floor upstairs was a display about all the cultures that make up the islands....well, it was 98% Japanese - only a tiny bit islanders, and only 2 items about the Portugese. It was interesting but not what I expected. The last building was the science building, but almost 3/4 of the displays had signs on them that they were not working. So we spent a lot of time walking around things that were total waste....
 This is a refuse pot - throw your trash in this! And those white things??? Human teeth!
 Hey Lukie DUKIE - this is for you!

 I love this diamond bracelet - a gift for Queen Emma - years ago yet still looks modern
 Beautiful handcarving
Reading about the history of the Bishop Museum was also interesting - http://www.bishopmuseum.org/aboutus/
Isnt this display beautiful? Thought I wrote down the artist's name but apparently I did not....
Forgot to take photos of the most beautiful handmade purses in the gift shop - I drooled, but couldn't convince myself to spend $275!!!