The End of January - Already???!!!

We always taught our kids - to only leave footprints behind. What you pack in - you pack out. And it is pleasing to see this place we walk, Sycamore Grove, so clean.
My new hiking boots! And they come up above my ankles and give them GREAT support! Today we decided to break them in - just with a walk on pavement (staying out of all the mud!!). I did not take my new walking sticks tho....

This guy welcomed us to Sycamore Grove today when I started my 'training' for the Bras For The Cause Walk in May. I thought we would just go a mile in for a total of two miles. But it was a lovely day. The day started out foggy - but dry! And the fog slowly lifted. Started the day out slowly - wtaching South Pacific while I read the Sunday paper and ate the breakfast burritos that hubby made.

Kept hearing the noise - and saw all the holes in the trees - then I finally say this guy!

Hmmm, is he watching me?

You can barely see it - but that is a 2 on the we walked 2 miles in and 2 miles out. So much better than I planned on!

Trying to remember what kind of spider digs a hole and covers the entrance with a spider web. But it surely looked pretty with dew all over it!

I dont know - I see an alligator - what do you see?

He posed for me so I actually got quite a few shots. Guess he couldnt believe it wasnt raining either!


Kathy F said…
Is it a Trap Door spider? Love your photos.
PenCraft said…
Fantastic photos! What a wonderful place to walk.

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