Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day weekend Finds

It was not a great weekend for finds. Even Coarsegold Peddler's Fair was smaller than usual...
But we did find a few things.

Found the Mickey for grandkids. Not a good shot of the find I got - not sure what it is. A dough bowl on a stand....maybe a yarn bowl??? Very 50's.
Longaberger pottery for $1!!!

This was supposed to be a 2 pc set but could not find the 2d piece. It is pretty - those are black grapes and all on the little glass. This, and the mug, were from a Rummage Sale. Also got a daughter a wonderful French bread knife for 50 cents!!!

Great colander! And the bowl - I love this Fire King color. And most of the bowls I saw were $8 - $12 - smaller - and in worse shape. I got this one for $4!!!!

Homemade jams that are delicious. And I love this combo cake/pie carrier!
I also got a great vintage Cherry Ames book!!!
But none of the tools hubby was looking for.

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