Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I dont get it

I really dont.
I am not being judgemental - I just dont understand.

You have a baby who is born prematurily. And is in the hospital for about 2 months so far...

And yet the parents do not come everyday.
So ok, dad is back to work.
And maybe they only have one car.
And they have a 2 year old at home.
I understand that all that can make things complex.

But when the baby was born, there were *&%^LOADS of family visiting.
Most of whom live somewhere in the area.

And the other thing I really really dont get?
We gave you the direct phone number.
And it is not long distance - or in another country - and you rarely if ever call.

I cannot think of anything that explain that one. Cause we know you have a working phone. We have had to use it a few times.

I cannot imagine anything except illness that would keep me away from my baby. I would be there daily - somehow. Whether I had to ride a bus - or beg people to drive me. I would be there.

And when I could not be there?
I would be on the phone - daily - maybe twice daily.

I just dont understand...

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