Home Again Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

For once I did not grossly over pack. Came home with 2 clean tank tops, one clean pair of jeans, a new tshirt, one clean pair of underwear.....and all that means is I am doing a ****load of laundry today!

Just before we left I said to hubby - what are these shorts doin on the bed? To which he replied - oh, they need to go back in the drawer, I already packed all my shorts. I know all the ladies can see where this is going - yup, 1/2 way thru our trip we made a stop at K Mart to buy more shorts. Seems he only packed 2 pairs of shorts and left all the others home. And one of those pairs? Developed a potentially embarrassing hole in them....

Got in the house at 11:30 PM last night and we were wid awake by 6 AM today. Now I can barely keep my eyes open so am not the least bit able to download all the pix - those will come in a day or two!


Sharon said…
Oh that's funny. I always says jiggedy jig when we get back, and my grandkids have no idea what's that about. They don't have nursery rhymes anymore :(

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