Photo catch up - Blogger finally cooperated!

These turkeys are smarter than I have ever been led to believe - they crossed a busy road in the cross walk ...ok, they didnt have a crossing light, but they still stayed in the cross walk. It was a flock of aout 6 or 7 of them.

Boys never grow up do they? Yup, hubby just had to play with hs food...

Not the est example, but the one I could get. There are some glorious trees out there right now - who says we dont get fall folliage in California????

A lovely hand crocheted doily or hot pad that a friend brought back from England

Isnt this a lovely tool box? All rusty and glorious? Got it for $1 - and it is now filled with plants

A tea party baby shower for one of the nicest people at work. Thought I got a photo of the tri level tray full of goodies but didnt....that 'pillow' was filled with sweet potatoe pie die for! Their cream scones were also delectable!Co workers at the tea party....there were about 5 or 6 tables full....

The same friend who brought me the crochetted goody from England, supported my Balleeck addiction with a belated birthday present - isnt it lovely?


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