Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Nice weekend - even if it took days more for the wind to finally die down.

Went to some of the wineries around town yesterday for the Holiday Wine Tour, or whatever it is called. 'Bottled' 2 bottles of wine at the lovely El Sol winery for Christmas gifts....bought some fancy salts and some rub....and some more champagne splits - yum! - from Chouinard.

Today drove down to Monterey with oldest daughter and her 4 boys for hubby's family reunion - the Russo side - his grandfather's side. He learned some stories he had never heard before - and said he came away feeling old - cause now he is part of the older generation!

This is a barn out on Palomares Canyon Road that I always have wanted to photograph. Didnt have my good camera with me this time - but had the time. Also didnt get the best photos because of the dratted sun! LOL

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