Saturday, May 3, 2014


Life has been changing and I guess it is time to share some of them.

Last month? NO, it was March I received an email from the director of the school I taught at. Basically, one of the instructors quit in the midst of a semester (hard to explain  since this is a school that goes year round) and there were 2 more modules to teach in a class I once taught. She buttered me up nicely telling me how well I had taught the class - which is a huge laugh because I struggled with this class and hated it so much.

So before I decided I went to the school and sat down with her. Explained how I was more than willing to help out but the issue I had right after I left was any time I offered my help - and it was accepted by the assistant - she would then mess around with dates and all which made it totally not doable for me since I work full time.

So basically this kind and desperate woman offered me carte blanche just about. So I have 3 dates I am working for them - one day in April, one in May, and one in June. And even tho I hate the class - I had fun going back! But what took me by surprise - because I had already forgotten this - was HOW EXHAUSTING it is to stand in front of a class and TALK all day!!!

The other big change well....lets start off with saying I was finally getting serious about finishing up putting the one bedroom together to hold all my junk. Bin-ing up all my yarn and labeling the bins. Cleaning up the books on the shelf and getting rid of ones I will never use or that are duplicates. Cleaning out and off the desk.

And then daughter and her family come home for Easter. That was a lovely time! She flew in from Houston and we picked her up from the airport and knew something was wrong. But she wouldn't talk about it. Her SO and kids drove up from Southern Ca. And we had a blast - exhausting and noisy with all 3 kids and extras (SO and girlfriend) and 5 grandkids - but it was great.

And then finally the day we were taking her back to the airport she started talking. Suffice to say that the promotion she has taken which is wonderful for her has put a strain on finances .... because of all the travel she has to do her SO couldn't hold on to his job. And altho they are so glad to be back in CA (even if it is Southern CA) it has proven to them how expensive it is to live in CA - and how much they miss TN.

Their plan has been ultimately to move to Northern CA but it didn't look as tho it was going to happen for a year or two. But with the latest promotion she is not really tied to any one building.....and they are opening a new building in Newark.

So we are madly cleaning out the upstairs because come June our house capacity will increase by 4 people and 2 more dogs. We are going to have to rent storage again - for some of our things and for their things. And it is going to be quite an adjustment for ALL of us. But they will be able to save money - he can look for a job because hubs and I can help with the kids, getting them to and from school and watching on weekends and holidays.

Gathering stuff together for at least one (if not more) big garage sale. When you HAVE to do it it is so much  easier than when you just want to do it......I have even pared all my purses down to just a two bedrooms are done - and we will be able to put them back together once we have a gathering place for the garage sale stuff. Put some pink curtains up in one and move some of the bedroom furniture around.

And hubs even talked about us going thru the garage so that I can put my bins of yarn out there (not my first choice!) because they would be more accessible than in storage! Hey - he is thinking of me! So the last room to go thru is the one I was putting together as my room.....that is going to be the hardest one of all because it has the most in it.....

I think Easter photos are on Facebook so will have to transfer some over here. But for now I need to go to the Farmer's market!

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