Dropped off knives and a  pair of scissors at the Farmer's Market to be sharpened today (because we keep forgetting to take them on Saturday!) - and then drove over to the bimonthly opening of the

There were several things that I jsut could not (would not affford) or had room for (a lovely little chest of drawers/nightstand/endtable  with the most beautiful top; a beautiful wrought iron planter; and a pair of what were probably angel wings but since they were edged in green of course they are Eagles Wings today!).

So a few of the things I did NOT buy:
 I really should have gotten this bank - cause it says it all!!!
 They had 2 of these sweaters - small, medium, and large. 3 different yarns. Deceptively simple. Lovely. This one is the large - for $120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 These are the wings I really wanted - but they were $110! Angel wings were very popular in the store today - different sizes, different materials, different presentations.

And then what I did buy (except for the rocky road fudge for husband since he only fussed a little bit about me spending money!!)
 I am going to figure this out for a plantar. Thinking maybe a little ivy - it can come out the bottom and the sides - of a viney-succulent
 Had to buy this for a prototype. I love it. Perfect to clip wallet sized photos on. Or lists, or something. The back has one of those easel stands. Looks like maybe Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
 My husband said NO - several times! - to this but I just had to have it (I walked away from the table, the planter, and wings right????). Going to pot a small plant of some sort and place it inside and hand it on patio. It is sweet. And goes along with the bird themed hanging I have on the back fence!
And this guy says it all for today = FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of them - and am hoping/wishing/hoping.....(sorry Dad!)

Meanwhile BH has the chili cooking (oh my - it smells so good!!) and the brownies are in the oven (they smell good too!).....bottled coke in the fridge (we usually get a beer but never really drink it.....)


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