Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Posting

First lesson learned: always save posting before you explore...

So here is my long decision finally made - I am going to try out a blog! what the heck - the worst thing that can happen is that I forget about it and consign it to blog purgatory right???

Have been procrastinating cleaning...after all, what a waste. Clean it and the dirt will come. Got some done but never as much as I envision.

But now I need to go run some errands, now that the guy from has left after working the miracle on the upstairs bath (and of course after I wrote out that check that hurt!). That room is starting to look better - and all we have is the re-done bath and painting so far! But boy - I wish I had taken before photos. From vintage robins egg blue and white tile surround and cruddy tub - it looks brand new with shiny white tile and shiny white tub!! So now to the next part of the project - the most daunting one so far...laying the tile floor.

I also need to be working on my fair entry. It is only due a week from Saturday. Ripped it out 4x so dont have quite 1/2 of it done yet. And I will still need to wash and block it. It is a feather and fan baby blanket. And I also plan to make matching baby socks.

Have been emailing our friends about the airline/car rental fares I have found out from my HS friend who now works at That is for our trip to Maui in September - can't wait!

And guess what! Have had my first 2 full days off in a row since, I dont know, January???? Of course, in all that time we took a wonderful weekend trip to Mendocino, and jsut now back from the Bass Lake/Oakhurst area. That weekend trip went by way too quickly.

But now I am going to email some of my friends this site and see if they will laugh at me! Will download some photos when I can find what my "darling" hubby has done with my cable.

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