Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bathroom Update

I am so excited! The upstairs bathroom is really coming together. And Tom is doing most of thw work. So the tilework and tub refurb is done....and we already painted. Got the new lighting fixture in place (which looked so much whiter in the store!) Tom laid the tile floor yesterday and I am surprisingly still pleased with the tile we chose - I am no interior decorator and making all these design choices is very stressful.

I am really so pleased with how the tub and surround look! And was so thrilled when the guy chose a shell dish to replace the broken soap dish. I mean, he didnt even ask and it is so perfect becuase the shower curtain has shells on it and beach scenes!

One of the people at work needed Wed afternoon/evening off. So I said I would work it for her - so she worked this morning for me. So we made a very expensive trip to Home Depot (should buy stock in that place!). Bought the pedistal sink and the new toilet...the baseboards...toilet paper roll and towel bar (although coming home I found I bought the wrong one so will have to take it back), shower curtain rod and rings...Still need some kind of "furniture" - AKA shelves or something to hold things! and realized that I will have another design decision to make soon...rug and towels!!! This, of course, is hoping that the shower curtain I bought really does go well with the room!

We need to repaint the mirror. Now that was the best find of all - free! We were driving down the street coming from breakfast one day and saw a pile of things in a driveway with a "FREE" sign on them. Tom spotted the mirror - I was sure it was plastic - but we went back to look anyway! And it was wood! Not a break or a crack or anything on it. Not sure why they were giving it away! And it has a sorta nautical theme on it already - it is already white but will need a coat of paint to brighten it up!

When we were away last weekend we did some of what I call "dumpster diving". Meaning, going to thrift shops and garage sales and all. I am still regretting passing up something at a garage sale. A lovely wooden round coffee table with marble top. Did have one stain on it. But it was a good buy and was quite lovely. Oh well. We went to the Coarsegold Peddler's Fair and I talked myself out of quite a bit there too. I am tired of being such a packrat and trying NOT to add any more - but it is hard! It was very easy to pass up the stuff at the Oakhurst Peddler's Fair - it was crap.

When we went to our first Oakhurst Peddler's Fair it was WONDERFUL! And entire street and all the parking lots filled with "antiques" and what they wanted you to believe were antiques! It was heavenly and it literally took hours to go thru. Then it moved to another parking lot area and was a mix of flea market junk and antiques. The last couple of years it has been in yet another area - and this year was the smallest I have seen. And yet they still have the audacity to charge $3 for parking! I think we were there for 30 minutes and that was only because we bought some edibles from the Root Family Farm People (they have the most awesome Golden Caramel Corn Nuggets - too easy to eat a whole bag of those myself!!). Next year we wont even waste the time there...

The last weekend I worked, we had 2 high school students with us for a couple of hours. From a Health? Science? Academy locally. Supposedly there becuase they were interested in nursing as a career. Well, as we talked with them we found out that neither one had ever even thought of nursing...they were thinking more a being a doctor. This week I recieved the lovliest of all thank you notes from one of them...thanking me for the time I spent with them and also for all the useful information I gave her about nursing and what a wonderful career it it - and that she was now looking into nursing as a career!!! I have that thank you note on my clipboard to look at on bad this last Friday was when I came home ready to look for another job.

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