Friday, December 14, 2007

A lovely present from Australia!

Found an envelope on the porch this AM when I was leaving for a faculty meeting. It must have been delivered yesterday evening and our wonderful guard dog (HA!) didnt let us know!

Anyway - wish I could post some photos - but it was from Australia - a swap I participated in. Ozknitter sent me some lovely orange bamboo yarn (no Gracie, it did not have your name on it!) Eucalyptus bookmark...two ornaments, wooden koala bear and 'roo....a dark green handknit alapaca gift bag kept them safe all those miles in the post...a box of yummy shortbread cookies...a book of Australian recipes that is killing me cause everything looks so yummy! And an Australian made handkerchief - in the Bush Tucker Design by Julie Nabangardi Shedden.

And it was an especially lovely gift because I have been feeling so downright crappy this week!

Thank you!

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Jenny said...

Your swap package sounds just wonderful!