Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Christmas Is All About

Here is proof that the end of Christmas Day is not the time to try to get a photo of all the kids together...even tho they all look so cute in their matching pj's ....

His auntie and uncle (who are both police officers) gave long haired Owen this Police officer get up...becuase they love hearing HIM say "Freeze hippy!"
Besides Kaia, who after all is only 3 months old, the only one to collapse into nap time was Jack...and this was AFTER his nap when he wasnt quite ready to join in the games again... Hubby's great-grandfather taught hubby's grandfather the family recipe for cioppino - and his grandfather taught it to hubby's father - who then taught hubby - well, our son hates it - so looks like it will skip a generation! Connor was at his side all day helping him cook! Even getting over his fear of touching a crab! And he then ate some shrimp and clams! A Christmas Cabbage Patch doll? Nope - a 3 month old Kaia all dressed up to party hearty with all the family! You know, it sounds like a cliche, but it really is all about family. And how could my Christmas have been any more perfect - I got to spend time with all my kids and grandkids!


emicat said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog :) To answer your question, the mini panetonne recipe was one I got from a Cooking Light issue.

Jane said...

OMG - Kaia is just adorable!!!! Just like a cabbage patch doll!