Oil companies are screwing us over

I know - its a no brainer. But how long do we let it go on? And how do those stockholders and management types sleep at night knowing that they money they are recieving is blood money?
And why cant we do something aout our politicians - who allow their hands to be tied when it comes to this?

I usually try to group all my errands but it is not always possible. Went out this morning and gas (the cheapest around and the lowest grade) had gone from $3.99/gal to $4.07/gallon. So I decided to top off my tank. This was at 11:00. So at 1:30 I had to go and pick up hubby's prescription refills - and the same gas station - same gas - is now $4.11/gallon!!!! 2.5 hours later!

The problem is - I do group my errands. So it would be hard to downgrade to the bike that I keep threatening to do. A lot of my errands could be done on the bike but not the grocery store. Still, I jsut might have to do it. Hubby says to have my bike brought up to speed would cost more than buying a new one...I think I will keep my eyes open!


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