Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching Up

I am not even sure the last night I blogged. So I do have some catching up to do - but there isnt much to write about. Today my oldest grandson officially started kindergarten! And , following his mother's footsteps, he was quite ready to do so! I guess he woke up a couple of times last night cause he was so excited - and after arriving at school he told his mother she could leave now! But she had to stay becuase the teacher wanted to meet with the parents...

I am not sure that starting kindergarten is as exciting as it use to be when not every single child seems to attend preschool. But it is a milestone still in my book - because he shouldnt be that old yet!

Below is a photo of our corn. Not sure if you can see it well, but one plant has one stalk of corn and the other has two! According to what I read, 1 -2 corn/stalk is the average! Now the next question will be (if we can keep the bugs and birds from it) - how will we know when to pick it???

The vacation is getting more and more official - we have a place to stay - and as of this morning we have our plane tickets! Now to work on car rental - but at least I wont have to listen to hubby complain about having to 'walk' to Hawaii any more!!!!!

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Aunt Kathy said...

When is vacation? I sure wish I was going to Hawaii

My grandson will start Kindergarten next year