Sunday, November 23, 2008

A lovely weekend off + catching up

We went down to Monterey to take care of hubby's family graves because we will not get another chance to get down there before Christmas.

Started off at our favorite donut place! And then we did some garage sales. Not too good a day - altho hubby is quite happy with his $3 wheelbarrow! And I am quite happy with my Longaberger bonanza! Went out to Pebble Beach for that one. Lovely house for sale on the golf course....they were moving because they didnt realize "how cold it is out here". Hello....northern California, on the coast! Fog and damp!! What did you think!! But when we saw what all they were getting rid of, and some very good prices on things, I think they were just trying to save face. After all, 4 complete Longaberger baskets for $50???? I think they were desperate to make some money!

Also found a lovely street fair in Carmel and did some shopping there too. Altho I did have to pass up the $10,000 dangling earring with cabachon emeralds and diamonds that I fell totally in love with at a vintage jewelry shop...even tho they do layaway!

Isnt this a beautiful sunset? So wierd that it is happening before 5 PM these days!!!!

After going to school in Monterey and eating lunch outside on the quad every day that wasnt raining....these are not my favorite dining partners. And so they are also the reason we choose NOT to eat outside when we are on the coast! Dont mind the attitude - just mind the fact they are not in the least little bit potty trained!

Arent these caps pretty? Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

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MLJ1954 said...

I love those baskets. I just can't afford them but four for $50 . . . I would definitely be buying those!!

Great caps.