Friday, April 17, 2009

Bras For The Cause

Boy - the time if flying by - Easter is over - it will soon be Mother's Day! And my Bras For the Cause Walk! Am decorating my bra ....and have seen photos of some people who have been doing this walk in SO CA for several years - and boy, are they creative!!!

If you make the photo larger - maybe you can read it - but this is exciting to see this banner!

I dont know - I keep reading the ticker that they are hoping to raise $100,000 and they are capping the walkers at 500!!! So they might not take any walk ins that evening.

We are doing a raffle at work - we have 5 baskets to raffle off - several of us put together different baskets for this raffle - and most of us have bought tickets cause we want each others baskets!

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