Monday, April 13, 2009


Connor in our Easter Egg hunt
Jack mad at me for taking his photo

Jack checking out the eggs he found...

Big boy Luke!

Well, we really appreciate the purchase I made of the Kitchenaid stand mixer last year! And the outrageously priced pasta attachment we bought this year! It made making pierogies so much faster - maybe 3 hours compared to 8+ hours in the past!!!!!! So guess I wont be taking the attachment back after all....

So we were able to go watch t ball on Saturday and find a European deli which had excellant sausage (even I liked it!)
I took a photo of the table, with the Easter baskets, on top of my gorgeous 'new' tablecloth and somehow I must have deleted it! Found this gorgeous tablecloth and 6 nakpkins at the thrift shop for $20 - and turned into an Italian mama and put plastic over it and it was perfect for Easter. Looks like dozens of the same linen/embroidery (with flowers) hankies interspersed with lace squares and then a lace border. Will have to post a photo later.

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