Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Isnt this an awesome back pack? Know whats in it? My camera! Hubby was very very glacd to buy it for me this Christmas after my little episode in May!
Just read them...

This is the nurse I always wanted to be! I have not been a nurse long enough to actually have one of those awesome capes - if anyone ever finds one, let me know! Apparently my mom had one but it was stolen along with her nursing school pin and cap....anyway, I have always wanted to be this gorgeous nurse - but with the job at General Hospital! You know, where you stand at the nurses station (which does not have one lick of work on it!) and all you do is smile pretty and hand out mail to the docs.....still havent found that job...

The next generation learning how to make cioppino. Guess hubby's dad learned from his father in law - now hubby does it - no way son will ever do it - so it will just skip to grandson!

Fruits of summer time labor.....caps for Christmas! (Yes, we did have to buy them kazoo's....am sure daughter has already hid them!)
I knew he would wear the crazy hat.....he is a hat boy...the crazier the better....and it reminded me of one his mother made him wear as a baby!
Last but not least, our little elf in his cap...
Son gave me this beautiful antique ivory pin and earring set....Japanese....need to do some research on them - but they are beautiful!

Yes we have to give joke gifts. Saw the pet snuggli and got it for granddog - he is always cold. So then of course we had to get his 'dad' a matching snuggli!!!!

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MLJ1954 said...

Great, great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas.