Monday, May 10, 2010

Bras For The Cause Walk 2010

Busy Busy Weekend. And I am dragging today - which is better than what I was doing yesterday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend also. The walk was Sat evening. And guess what - I DID NOT trip!!!!!! YAY!
Walked with my son (the shy one!), my daughter, and a friend I made when her son stayed in the NICU with us a little over 2 years ago. It was an awesome night. But boy was I sore the next day - probably because I did not get much time to train due to all the rain.

Pleasanton is filled with these very realistic statues - and I think my son stopped at every one of them. Most of the pictures are on his camera tho.

This was the cutest couple! Sorry I didnt get both of them - but was trying to take photos quickly so that I could watch where I was walking!

The bra we walked under to start the walk! Glad it wasnt my bra....

It was so big I guess I wanted you to see it twice....

My shy son.....everyone loved him....he was the hit of the walk....with everyone! One family was sitting outside as we walked by and the matriarch (!!!) yelled to him "walk like you own it honey!!!!"
He discovered that the bra makes a great storage area!!!!
At the gathering after the walk, they talked about a person who had recently died from breast cancer and had been involved with the walk since its inception. And how she was an angel watching over us and cheering us on while we walked. Well, Sunday I found out a former co-worker who had fought a long and courageous battle with breast cancer died Saturday evening. I would like to think she was cheering us one too. God bless Chris....
Sunday was a lovely day - a brunch at my one daughter's house with her hubby, and their 3 sons, and her MIL and FIL. Then a quick trip to Costco. Home to veg on the couch - and feel how achy my thighs and lower back were. My ankle did great and even my feet didnt hurt past that night!
We went out for pizza and home in time to watch Tom Selleck on TV!!! This morning, well, I dont know how long the alarm was going off before I realized it was meant for me!! LOL. So I am tired, but no longer stiff and hurting!


MLJ1954 said...

Congratulations on a job well done.

I am so sorry about the loss of your co-worker. I am sure she was cheering you on and telling God about her special friends.

I did a light the night walk with my family one year. We really did have a great time although I vaguely remember driving home and singing at the tops of my lungs to stay awake. It is amazing how it hits you when you stop.

健豪 said...

世間唯一永恆的,就是改變 ....................................................